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Tempesta Media’s managed solution was developed to match the best professional writers with agencies and enterprises that want to inform, entertain and engage audiences.

Types of Content We Create

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Blog Posts

Blog posts should be concise, direct and brimming with personality and shareability. They typically provide an opportunity to interact with your target audience in a more casual manner than is common with other types of content, but can be written to match the unique style and tone of any blog. Blogs are the cornerstone of your content strategy and are typically between 400-750 words in length.

Case Studies

Case studies are very strategic pieces of content because they show potential customers why they should work with you. Analogous to word-of-mouth testimonials, this type of publication highlights a real world instance when your product made a customer happy. Potential customers are able to connect to real world success stories because there is a sense of trust and relatability between common consumers. Your company will increase credibility with a case study by providing prospects with proof of success. Case studies are typically between 1,000 – 2,000 words in length, depending on the amount of detail you wish to include about your solution.

White Papers

White papers prove to existing customers, potential customers and competitors that you are an authority in your industry. With its highly technical tone and in-depth research, white papers are a beneficial tool in fostering trust and asserting knowledge, which helps establish credibility within your niche. People who read your white papers will feel better towards your company and become more educated about your product. White Papers are typically at least 2,000 words in length.

Press Releases

Press releases are ideal for alerting your target audience and the news wires about your company, or for announcing a new product or service. When selecting this option, please be sure to include all the relevant pieces of information that you want highlighted for journalists. If the press release is to be published online, we recommend including at least 1 or 2 keyword phrases in the assignment to help your press release get picked up by a wider array of publications.

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions are used to provide more information about your product to customers. Product descriptions provide information about product specifications, use case scenarios, warranty, and any other information that would inspire prospects to make a transaction.

SEO Content

SEO Content is specially optimized to be picked up by the search engines through the strategic inclusion of keyword phrases. Ensuring that these keywords are spread out throughout the document helps to ensure articles are indexed by the search engines, helping to boost your search rankings and increase web traffic. In the early days of SEO, Google and other search engines tended to rank websites according to the quantity of keywords in the content, rather than the quality of the content itself – resulting in reams of awkward articles that were literally stuffed with keywords, able to game the search engines but unable to offer much actual value to human readers. Within the past few years, search engines have completely changed their algorithms and now penalize websites that do this. With this in mind, we recommend that SEO content contains 2-4 keyword phrases, each included 2-3 times, per 500 words.

eGuides & eBooks

eBooks and eGuides provide deep insight and actionable value to your target audience, establishing your business as a true thought leader in your industry. Many companies offer eBooks as products on their websites for a one-time purchase price, or make them available for free in exchange for filling out a lead form. They should be at least 2,000 words in length. While our writers do their own research for all types of content, because of the scope of these projects, we highly recommend offering a basic outline or recommended source list to give writers context and help them focus their research.

Email Copy and Social Media
Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is engaging and provides valuable information. Thought leadership (or long blog posts) foster favorable SEO rankings and give you a better chance to fully address a certain topic in the hopes of educating your target audience. These longer form pieces are often more effective in converting leads into customers, and they also separate you from your competition who may be posting short form articles. Lastly, thought leadership prove you are an authority in your industry and help keep customers on your site for longer. Thought leadership are longer blog posts and are typically 800 – 1,250 words in length.

Services We Provide

B2B Content Development
Custom Content Writing

We will write content from scratch that matches your unique Voice Profile. All content is written by your team of expert writers, edited by our in-house editors, and turned around in 5 business days. Tempesta Media’s full service content creation also includes SEO optimization, unlimited revisions, and plagiarism screening.

Topic Suggestions

If you are not sure what to write about, our platform makes it easy to order topic suggestions. When you order topics our content strategists research what is trending in your industry, what content topics you’ve already covered, as well as gaps in your competitor’s content strategy that you can take advantage of.

Editing Services

Proofreading and deep dive editing services to polish your existing content. Learn more about Tempesta Media’s editing solutions.

Competitor Analysis

Through our competitor analysis, we review one of your competitors and identify trends and gaps within their content strategy. After finding these gaps, we recommend strategies you can utilize to gain traction where your competitor is lacking. This report provides valuable insight into your competitor’s social media and content marketing channels, ultimately helping you form a more comprehensive content strategy.

Content Marketing Consulting

Do you need help with your content marketing campaigns? Examples of the content marketing consulting that we offer:

  • Development of a content marketing plan
  • Development of an editorial calendar
  • Phone consulting sessions
  • Article Interviews
  • Custom content management system integration
  • Content taxonomy
  • Screening existing content for plagiarism
  • New website content planning
  • eGuide/Whitepaper/eBook planning sessions
  • Much, much more

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