Diversify your client's content marketing strategy

Michael Marchese
October 28, 2015
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Diversify your client's content marketing strategy

Michael Marchese
October 28, 2015

As the already crowded Web continues to grow, establishing an attractive piece of virtual real estate is a must. Many consumers turn straight to the Web when seeking information, and smart businesses want their brands to be front and center. Marketing is all about making the right impression.
If you’re providing content marketing services to your clients, you know how much effort goes into developing an interesting variety of material on a regular schedule. Diversifying the type of content you produce may seem like extra work, but mixing things up can help you keep fresh ideas flowing and give visitors a reason to return to your client’s site again and again.
Regular blog posts
If your client does not already have a blog integrated into his or her website, launch one. Blogs are a great way to increase web visitor interaction and provide a steady source of information. Blogs can be formal or informal and, once a format is established, it opens up all sorts of possibilities for publishing diversified content. And because blog posts are easily shared via social media, an interesting one can have a long life well beyond the day it’s published.
Infographics are an excellent addition to a diversified content strategy. Not only are they a very attractive type of content, they are in demand, too. For instance, statistics show search volume for inforgraphics has increased more than 800 percent since 2010. If that were not enough to consider the worthiness of infographics, the numbers also show traffic to a website increases by about 12 percent after an infographic is uploaded.
With today’s software options, infographics are relatively easy to create. Focus on making the graphics interesting and the text easy to digest. And always remember to make it mobile-friendly.
Creative and relevant images
Until recently, many websites did not invest much time in creating images to go with their content. Today you’ll rarely see a web page without at least one. In some cases a good photo can illustrate a concept or idea better than words. Consider taking relevant photos and adding a quote or caption to these in place of a traditional blog post from time to time. Or, alternatively, consider adding some photos taken within the organization to help tell the brand’s story.
Make a slideshow
Slideshows are an increasingly popular feature on business websites. The beauty of these is, as Entrepreneur notes, “you don’t even have to create them yourself.” Websites, such as SlideShare, have a variety of presentations that can be used either as a standalone or in conjunction with a blog post or other content.
Of course, creating a custom slideshow will provide the most value. Not only can you tell your client’s story or go into detail about its products or services; you may also find that other sites embed the slideshow, giving the brand even more exposure.
Add quizzes and polls
On the highly social Web, a good way to keep content fresh, interesting and interactive is to add quizzes and polls. Depending on the nature of the website or blog, these can be a little fun or completely serious. In some content strategies there may be some room to do a bit of both. As Business2Community points out, people like to share results with friends on social media — which is good for increased web visibility.
Create videos
If you have the resources, Web videos are a great way to reach an audience. Web readers are all about the visual and YouTube is the perfect outlet to get wider exposure. Agencies can either film a clip or create a medley of images with spoken content accompanying it to distribute information that might otherwise be presented as text. Statistics suggest 65 percent of viewers will visit a marketer’s website after watching a company video encountered elsewhere (such as on YouTube), providing a great opportunity to get your client’s brand in front of a new audience.
Other ideas to consider include podcasts, webinars, interviews (audio or video), curation of other related content from reliable sources or eBooks. With the various forms of digital information, the opportunities to broaden web content are many.
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