How finance companies can achieve better search engine rankings

Michael Marchese
November 10, 2017

How finance companies can achieve better search engine rankings

Michael Marchese
November 10, 2017

Being the top in search engine rankings is a highly important factor when it comes to marketing. This is because only 8.5 percent of online users click on the second page of Google or other search engines. Therefore, it is essential to know how long it should take to rank higher on the search engines. And what steps can companies take to ensure they ascend quickly?

The length of time it takes to rank high on Google

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of acquiring traffic from organic, natural or editorial search results on search engines like Google and Bing. Companies, developers and marketers spend a great deal of time making sure their pages rank high on Google’s first page of search results. However, this doesn’t happen overnight. Even after a website earns Google’s trust, it can still take up to six months to rank on top of the search engine’s first page. There are several reasons why some websites soar to the top of rankings while others seem mired in the mud. A company that has good, usable and up-to-date content paired with a strong title remains the most powerful relevance signal to Google. It also helps if the company has the essential terms and phrases that are used on a web page.
If a finance company has a low quality website or content that hasn’t been updated, it may take it longer to rise to the top. If a company’s site has been penalized in the past because of duplicate content, links from sites in another language, excessive reciprocal links or any number of algorithmic penalties, they must submit a reconsideration request to re-establish themselves in search rankings.

The steps a finance company can take to rise faster in search results

Competitors are not standing still when marketing their sites. Therefore, a company or other business need not only to match their online marketing efforts, but surpass them. A persistent, relentless plan to improve a finance company’s ranking is imperative.

  • Google’s top tip for rising faster in search engine results is keyword phrases, or the words users are most likely to type into a search engine to find the desired result. A company’s essential keyword phrases should appear in the first paragraph of content on a company site.
  • How often a keyword appears – known as keyword density – is also important. But, companies shouldn’t try tricking a search engine by using the same word repeatedly because it doesn’t work and the search engine may ban the website. A strong opening paragraph that plainly states what the page is about will help search engines find the company page.
  • An “untitled” link won’t receive clicks, so using a page’s keyword phrase in the title is an essential step. For example, if a finance company sells annuities, then annuities should be in the title.
  • Pay attention to links, both to and from a company’s website. Google looks at the words a company uses to determine the content of a company page. One way to improve page rank is to exchange links with other relevant sites. A company does not feel a standard number of links per page. However, most marketers will agree links should appear naturally rather than appear stacked.
  • Content on social networks should match a company’s brand and style. Although social networking’s effect on ranking is unclear, images and terrific content on social networks can help.
  • Making graphics search friendly on computers and mobile devices is vital. Give images attributes, which offer the opportunity to place relevant keywords where Google sees them. Making content mobile-friendly makes a good user experience and will help a website rank higher.

Steps to take when a finance company’s site isn’t rising fast enough

There are several reasons why websites don’t rise as quickly as desired. A finance company may depend on flash animation – rather than just great content – on their homepage. A company’s landing page that has no keyword phrases in the first paragraph of copy won’t rank as high. A company may also experience low rankings if it doesn’t produce text that can be indexed or is embedding text inside flash content.
If a finance company depends on photos or images to attract visitors or is heavily dependent on JavaScript, search engines may not be able to determine what the site is all about. For a search engine to know the details about a company’s products or services, they must produce quality content. If no other site links to a company’s website, Google or another search engine may not bother to index the site.
In conclusion, ranking high on Google’s first page doesn’t matter if a company is targeting the wrong audience. It doesn’t matter if a company gets the right audience if they can’t convert the audience into customers. The best way for a company to serve their audience is by creating unique and valuable content. They can also serve their audience by devising a branding and customer-centric campaign.
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