Building a content creator career the right way

Michael Marchese
December 11, 2018

Building a content creator career the right way

Michael Marchese
December 11, 2018

Making a comfortable living writing content does not have to be as hard as it is today
Every professional content creator knows that writing, as a career, can be a never-ending hustle. You hustle to market yourself. You hustle to identify, pitch and win new customers. You hustle to write high-quality content in a time-efficient manner while developing your craft. It’s not easy trying to do all three well.
Few writers are adept in all three of these areas. Most know how to write high-quality content but struggle with marketing themselves and pitching new customers. It’s not an easy or fast task. In fact, most freelancers spend more than 7 hours per week trying to land gigs. Compared to the nearly 30 hours per week most freelancers spend working, it’s no wonder why many burn out and run to full-time, W-2 positions.

Introducing paid customer auditions

There is a better way. Tempesta Media’s Article Document recently launched its paid customer audition capability. This new feature is only available to registered freelance writers who have completed Tempesta Media’s rigorous vetting process and have qualified as an expert in one or more industry segments.
Under the program, writers who meet a customer’s industry expertise are invited to audition. Unlike other content marketing platforms, Tempesta Media pays the writers for their audition.
The audition can require the writer to either answer a question in depth or write on a specific topic. This process is used to validate the writer’s expertise and demonstrate their unique writing style. After the customer audition, if the writer is selected, they become a member of the customer’s writing team. Becoming a member of the team means steady, ongoing work.

Steady, freelance work – no longer an oxymoron

Freelance writers can continue to audition for additional customer writing teams until they have maximized their weekly workload. This innovative approach is invaluable for talented writers who are not sales and marketing oriented or who do not want to spend valuable time prospecting for new customers but instead want to focus on perfecting their craft.
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