How to Create Content for a Niche Industry

Michael Marchese
February 15, 2019
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How to Create Content for a Niche Industry

Michael Marchese
February 15, 2019

Few businesses, if any, can be all things to all people. In fact, it can be an extremely effective strategy for companies of all sizes to recognize and narrowly define their niche market. Targeting a smaller audience and taking steps to dominate their market via a focused content marketing strategy is key to generating leads and positioning a company as a leader in their niche market.
Although a company may think that it’s best to reach a very broad market, focusing their content on a smaller target audience is a great way to ensure that the content is relevant to the reader. It may seem way too time-consuming to consistently create content for each of your various target audiences, however, with the right partner, this can be executed effectively at scale.

Define your target audience

  • Zero in on one key audience segment – Most companies are uncertain about what defines an actual target audience. Many companies will target multiple audiences in hopes to flesh out which one makes more sense for their business. Most content marketers will advise against pursuing more than one audience within a content marketing campaign as the relevance and performance will decrease.
  • Focus on a demographic range – Narrow the audience based on who will be making the majority of the purchasing decisions regarding your product or service. Demographics such as age, income levels and geographic location can be used to appeal to the readers.
  • Pain points – Define what the pain points are for your target audience. The content should help to solve some of the struggles that this audience faces. Develop a content strategy with topics that reflect this audiences’ daily job responsibility, education level and decision-making process.
  • Reflect proper timing – Time your content marketing campaign to match the seasonality and buying process of your audience. Ensure that your content marketing assets and campaigns are ready and launched with enough time to meet increased demand.

Industry expertise

The content must provide valuable information to the reader. Content without substance won’t provide the results necessary to generate more leads and establish your company as a thought leader. Tempesta Media has thousands of writers across hundreds of industries with real-world expertise in your field. They go through a stringent vetting process and have to qualify for industry expertise by writing for Tempesta Media in that industry before writing for any customers. The writing team is optimized based on this industry expertise and who is the best cultural fit. Because the same writers write for your company on an ongoing basis, the quality continues to improve.
By ensuring that your writing team has proper industry expertise, the quality is extremely high and saves customers the time it would take to write the content themselves.
To successfully target and create a content plan for a niche market, many companies choose to employ the expertise, knowledge and experience of a comprehensive content and marketing solution provider. They will create content for many niche industries and employ vetted writers with real-world industry experience. If a company doesn’t have a clear content strategy, the in-house staff will perform the time-extensive tasks of creating content for a niche market, SEO and lead generation, competitor analysis, editing services, voice profile, and so much more.
Tempesta Media is a leader in developing and delivering content for niche industries and driving accountable results for customers. In fact, our writer vetting process is so effective that editing and revisions average less than 0.5 per content piece across all the content that we create!
Because results matter, our comprehensive content marketing solution saves companies up to 80 percent compared to in-house alternatives. In addition, you’ll be assigned a personal account manager who will work with you throughout the entire process and manage the voice, style and final outcome of your content.

Our Mission

Tempesta Media is the performance-based content marketing solution specifically developed to drive revenue for your business.

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