How to convince your boss that content marketing is important

Michael Marchese
February 22, 2019
How to convince your boss to invest in content marketing

How to convince your boss that content marketing is important

Michael Marchese
February 22, 2019

We all know how difficult it can be to convince your boss of something, especially when they are set in their ways. However, when there’s a business case, it’s really important to make sure you stick to the facts and talk about the return on investment. Content marketing is a perfect example of something they can be discussed using real statistics in your industry.

Start at the beginning about what content marketing is

Content marketing could be considered something new and revolutionary (even though it’s not new anymore :). So when you talk about your company’s current state of content marketing, don’t jump to where you want to be.

  • Explain what content marketing is.
  • Tie content marketing into your other marketing channels and your overall sales process.
  • Explain the difference in buying patterns today. Today buyers aren’t waiting for the phone to ring to learn more about your company, they are doing the research on their own to educate themselves about your industry, your business, your products. Keep in mind, they are also doing this for your competitors, so lets hope you have better content than they do!
  • Focus on your particular industry and don’t get lost in the weeds. 

    Examples of companies who are benefiting from content marketing

The examples provide a visual and practical solution for your boss to interpret. The examples are most practical if they can relate to your business and industry. When elaborating on these examples, explain the outcome after implementing a content marketing program. Some examples of great content marketing programs can be found here: 16 Companies Dominating the World With Content Marketing Campaigns.

Use numbers to explain the cost of not utilizing content marketing

CEO’s love numbers – especially when the numbers relate to increased sales, increased revenue, and increased leads. Here are a few ideas to demonstrate how content marketing is a strategic investment for your business.

  • Conversion rate – content marketing assets could improve your pipeline conversion rate – even by
  • 1%.
  • Nurturing program – calculate the number of dead leads you have and a 2% conversion rate per each nurturing email for the ROI of using content marketing for a nurturing campaign. Increased website traffic – use the cost per lead across a brand value for your company to demonstrate the impact.
We have a great resource for you: Infographic: Consequences of Not Using Content Marketing

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