How do you incorporate SEO into the content?

Michael Marchese
March 6, 2019
Tempesta Media optimizes your content for SEO

How do you incorporate SEO into the content?

Michael Marchese
March 6, 2019
Our customers extensively use Tempesta Media’s content and influencer marketing platform for SEO.  As you know, SEO performance is based on both on-site and off-site factors, like inbound links.  Companies that show examples claiming that content drove specific SEO results are not being factual with you.
For example, I could create a garbage piece of content, publish it to a large and established customer’s website, then spend a tremendous amount of money and time amplifying that content through inbound links, social posting, and much more.  Despite creating garbage content, it would still rank well, because I would be leveraging the SEO strength of their website, and my amplification efforts.
To be successful in driving results, not just ranking higher in the search engines, you need to create content that is optimized for BOTH the reader and the search engines.  That is where Tempesta Media excels.

How we optimize your content for SEO

Before the content even gets to you for review, a tremendous amount of work is done on your behalf, to optimize for BOTH SEO and the reader.  Here are just a couple of things that are done for you:
  • Editorial Calendar – Before we even write the first word of content for you, our content strategy team develops a thorough editorial calendar and content plan, which is based on your specific industry, your business objectives, competitive environment, seasonality, your target audience’s mindset, social and search trends, and much more.
  • Focus Keyword Phrase – Before content is written, a focus keyword phrase is selected.  The focus keyword phrase is used to drive the content and it meta information.
  • Content – Content is created in such a manner that it drives awareness, interest and action with the reader, while subtly intertwining key SEO best practices.  This includes focus-keyword driven content titles, sub-headers and more. 
  • Meta Information – We craft meta titles and keyword descriptions for each piece of content written.
  • Plagiarism Screening – We have sophisticated plagiarism screening, which builds upon and extends capabilities found from industry standard – Copyscape.  This protects your brand, and helps to prevent algorithmically-driven search engine penalties.
  • Deep Dive Editing – Having content that is spelling and grammar error free has a direct impact on how well it will resonate with your readers and the search engines.  Our in-house editing capabilities go well beyond proofreading.  Our editors work to ensure your voice, company culture, target audience and business objectives are accurately and consistently reflected in the content that we produce for you.
The bottom line is that to be successful in ranking with the search engines, you need a well-rounded SEO program that is supported by an effective and compelling content marketing program.  We’re your content marketing solution.

Our Mission

Tempesta Media is the performance-based content marketing solution specifically developed to drive revenue for your business.

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