Best practices for creating a content marketing strategy designed for e-commerce

Michael Marchese
March 28, 2019
ecommerce content marketing strategy

Best practices for creating a content marketing strategy designed for e-commerce

Michael Marchese
March 28, 2019

An ecommerce content marketing strategy has so many different components. Learn more about some of the best practices so that you can set your company up for success… increased revenue.

All Content Marketing Should Start with a Strategy

Any good resource will recommend a strategy before implementation – we are no different. There are a lot of different elements and metrics to keep in mind when creating a content marketing strategy for your ecommerce campaign. Make sure to consider the goals you wish to achieve, the resources you have at hand as well as the resources you need to hire/outsource, and timing. Some companies like to master one component like blogging before moving to another. We recommend, a walk – jog – run strategy when it comes to making plans for your ecommerce content strategy. Consider starting with a low blog frequency say a few times per month, a minimal abandoned cart email campaign, and optimized product descriptions focusing on the category or brand level. At least this gives you a good baseline to start with so that you can begin taking advantage of potential revenue opportunities.

Ensure The Voice Matches Your Products

Content helps build a relationship with your buyers by making your brand more personable. Buyers enjoy being educated through content marketing and will find your brand more trustworthy. When you speak to your audience in a way that makes sense, it improves the effectiveness of the content. For example, if you sell clothing online that is geared towards edgy teenagers, your writing should be written in a way that sounds edgy and is easy for a teenage to digest.

Time Your Campaigns Around Key Promotions, Seasons, or Events

If you do the most sales on Cyber Monday, you’ll want to create content and campaigns to build hype before the holiday arrives. Your content marketing budget should be allocated accordingly so that you have more resources to create great content around these events. A mistake many companies make is waiting too long to prepare the campaigns around certain events, because with content marketing and SEO, results don’t operate the same way that an email campaign does… content marketing results aren’t necessarily instantaneous.

Create Product Descriptions that Help the Buyer

Product descriptions should inspire a transaction. People are more will to make a transaction if they are comfortable with the purchase. When online shopping was first becoming more popular – some were hesitant to pull the trigger (make the purchase) because they wanted to “touch and feel the items”. They would say things like, “Its hard to tell what the product will really be like in person”. Informative product descriptions provide enough detail so that the buyer knows exactly how they will wear the product, use the product, and care for the product. Descriptive language that can show the buyer how they will use it can ignite new ideas for them. Additionally, the description should be friendly and easy for the reader to digest. Formatting with proper headings and bullets makes it easier on the reader.

Use Email Campaigns to Convert Abandoned Carts or Reengage Past Customers

Write emails to prospects who have abandoned their online shopping carts. Ideas for the abandoned cart emails include:

  • A sense of loss – what will you end up wearing to that special party?
  • Promotion – purchase the items in your cart by this Friday to receive 20% off
  • Related items – recommendations of other items the customer may like based on the items in their cart
  • Recommendations – links to articles related to the item, such as upcoming events, how to guides, holiday ideas, and more

Your Ecommerce Content Strategy Must Focus on Quality

Rather than pushing out vague and generic posts on a frequent basis – create really creative and meaningful stories that can be repurposed in different ways. Whether that be one short video or a crisp eguide, create a story with the audience in mind, and share it across all your media platforms (social media, email campaigns, website, and more). Tie the story or message into some of your products so that the reader can easily navigate from the store to the items. Poor writing quality hurts your brand and trustworthiness. When your consumer loses trust in you – they are less willing to make the online purchase.

Use Data Driven Metrics to See What is Working

Understand what aspects of your content marketing strategy are working and what aspects aren’t working by measuring the results with real data. Your data points can include time spent on page, conversions, purchase size, bounce rate, and more.

Consider How You Will Implement the Content

Whether you hire someone full time or create the content yourself – copywriting takes a ton of time. Companies find it to be more cost effective and better results when they outsource the product description and content writing to Tempesta Media. You can learn more by visiting – Get in touch with Tempesta Media.

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