Why companies outsource their product description writing

Michael Marchese
April 3, 2019
Why companies outsource their product description writing

Why companies outsource their product description writing

Michael Marchese
April 3, 2019

Product descriptions are imperative to selling products online and increasing transactions. Given the impact that effective product descriptions have on your business, they can’t be overlooked. And to make matters even more complicated, product descriptions need to be targeted towards the audience and provide enough detail to truly increase conversion rates.
Many companies struggle to create new product descriptions to keep up with the new products that they sell. Let’s face it, hundreds of new products each season comes out to a lot of content. When you crunch the numbers, finding an outsourced partner to create new product descriptions makes a ton of sense. Here is why:

Scaling is pivotal to keeping up with demand

If your copy can’t be turned around in one week, and your existing infrastructure can’t meet the requirements to keep up with new product offerings – you aren’t built to scale. With Tempesta Media, we can increase your writing team to ensure that you can meet deadlines. Need product descriptions broken down by the category, style, and color – across hundreds of products? We’ve got you covered. We have the resources to meet your demands, plus, your account manager optimizes your voice and writing team to ensure that you are happy with the copy that is turned around.

Overhead makes in-house copywriters too costly

Hiring a full time employee is never just the cost of their salary, it also includes benefits, training, equipment, and time for the interview process and on boarding. Additionally, a full time employee has a limit to how much content that they can create. This limit means that turnaround time could be delayed and when products aren’t launched in a timely basis – you can lose out on revenue. If you only need product descriptions on a seasonal basis, hiring someone full time means they will not have a consistent workload. For example, they will be overloaded during seasonal launches and bored in between seasons when they don’t have enough work.

Freelancers are tough to manage and aren’t scaleable

Freelancers don’t come with the same overhead associated with full time employees, however, they eat up a lot more time. Freelancers are notorious for:

  • Ghosting – they are involved in a project, but when another project comes reaches a deadline, they go missing in action.
  • Unreliable turnaround times – it is hard to know if they will actually return the deliverable on time. This means you have to follow up multiple times to receive the deliverable and if they can’t meet the deadline, you might just be out of luck.
  • Taking a lot of time to manage – back and forth emails combined with answering questions, continuous recruitment, and diving into spreadsheets takes a lot of time. Some people end up spending so much time managing freelancers that it becomes a full time job.

Freelancers also aren’t scaleable because as your business grows, your requirement for more copy grows. An increase in copy means you will need more writers, and this takes time. It is difficult to find writers, train them and manage them. Would it be great if you had a partner that can scale with you?

SEO and editing ensure product descriptions bring results

Tempesta Media’s outsourced content writing solution provides SEO optimization and editing for every piece of content. The SEO and editing are included, meaning you save more time and the content will be higher quality.

Experienced product description writers

There is a nuanced approach when it comes to product descriptions that is different from long form content writing. Great product description writers need to be able to turn features into benefits while also appealing to the search engines. Tempesta Media creates a writing team for your business with writers who not only have experience in your industry, but are also experienced in writing product descriptions designed for eCommerce.
Ready to explore the possibility of an outsourced product description writer? Contact Tempesta Media today at sales@tempestamedia.com.

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