How to be a better freelance writer

Michael Marchese
April 11, 2019
improve writing as a freelancer

How to be a better freelance writer

Michael Marchese
April 11, 2019

Improve your writing quality as a freelance writer

Tempesta Media takes pride in having quality freelance writers who meet and exceed expectations as industry experts. As writing for Tempesta Media is a competitive endeavor, we strive to help develop skills by providing learning and training resources that will set you up for success.
Here are five specific and actionable recommendations that can help you improve your writing quality fast.

Follow grammar rules:

To be clear: The most conscientious writers dutifully learn the rules. The best writers know when to break those grammar rules. The most successful writers follow the rules. To thrive in the writing business, you must pay attention to the basic principles of grammar, punctuation, usage and composition.

Use a style guide

Ensure that the writing is consistent across the brand. The messaging should reflect the brand’s value and capture all the tiny nuances of what makes that company special. Maintaining that style improves the quality and overall satisfaction across Tempesta Media customers.
It always helps to follow a set of standards for writing and formatting content. At Tempesta Media, we use the Associated Press Stylebook. You need to familiarize yourself with AP’s or the customer’s preferred word usage, spelling, capitalization and punctuation. Not only will you make fewer errors, but you will also achieve consistency – two things that will make editing your article a lot easier. Remember, the time it takes to edit your article affects your rating

Research provides great insights

Your article should be both informative and insightful. Be sure to always conduct thorough research when writing for a content provider. Make sure to back up any claims made in your article by linking to credible outside sources. Proper attribution of statistical data, study findings and quotations will build trust and credibility with your readers.

Optimize your content to improve results

Optimize your content for your audience and search engines. To keep up in a digital marketplace, your content needs a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Use relevant and effective keywords or keyword phrases, know where to place them in your article and aim for the ideal keyword density percentage.

Provide value to the reader

Write engaging blog posts and thought leadership pieces. Grab readers’ attention with a catchy title. Your headline should be clear, concise and information-rich. It should adequately summarize the article in five words or fewer.
You have more control over what you are paid than you realize. Creating high-quality, error-free content, which closely aligns with a customer’s voice, tone, style and culture, is the key to maximizing your writing pay rate.

Our Mission

Tempesta Media is the performance-based content marketing solution specifically developed to drive revenue for your business.

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