How to promote FAQ articles and why they'll improve your website

Michael Marchese
May 9, 2019
how to promote FAQ articles

How to promote FAQ articles and why they'll improve your website

Michael Marchese
May 9, 2019

Last month we received such great feedback about our article “Why FAQs are a good idea for your content strategy” that we’ve created more content to aid in your development of FAQ articles.

How to promote and share FAQ articles

Build an FAQ section on your website with dedicated pages for each Q&A. By structuring your FAQ section so that each query is hyperlinked to a separate page, each answer becomes searchable in both your site and Google.
Incorporate your FAQ articles into your site’s knowledge base. Some marketing tools have great knowledge bases, for example, HubSpot’s service hubCustomers and prospects should also be able to easily spot it on the Home page and the navigation menu. 

FAQ articles will also be useful in areas where visitors go when they need assistance, such as the Contact Us page.
Chatbots have become much more advanced thanks to artificial intelligence. The chatbot can open with a helpful Q/A based on a users action on your website. Or you can trigger the chatbot to respond to specific questions with helpful articles. This helps the customer by providing a quick and prompt answer. It also saves your team time by not having to answer each question individually. 

New features and platform updates are best accompanied with helpful articles to ensure that users will be able to help themselves.

Why is FAQ content a great strategy to incorporate?

When done right, FAQ articles can provide real value to both your business and your readers. 

Visitors will see it as a demonstration of your expertise as it relates to your product or service and business model.

By directly addressing their concerns and removing any purchase obstacles, you also show more value to your customers and prospects.
As an SEO strategy, FAQ articles increase the frequency you publish new content as these pieces are typically easier to create and there are many opportunities to add new responses. FAQs improve your website performance as they typically increase the number of pages visited per session and improve bounce rates. 

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