Quality editing saves time and increases quality for valued customers

Michael Marchese
May 28, 2019
editing service to improve your content marketing

Quality editing saves time and increases quality for valued customers

Michael Marchese
May 28, 2019

Immaculate grammar still matters in content marketing today. Now more than ever, no grammatical error is too small to ignore if you are using content to build your brand. That is why it’s important to turn to the experts whose quality editing process can hit two birds – form and substance – with one stone.

Industry expert writers create custom content

Tempesta Media leaves no stone unturned to make sure that only the most qualified people will handle its partners’ content.
A stringent vetting process ensures that only professional writers who have real industry experience and know the rules of grammar, punctuation, usage and composition by heart can write content for Tempesta Media customers. Editors need to pass an even stricter recruitment and onboarding process. For starters, they have to achieve an exemplary score above the passing standard in one of the country’s most difficult tests for professional editors.

Editing that goes the extra mile

What kind of editing can Tempesta Media’s partners expect for the custom content that the company provides?
Once the piece of content that is ordered is submitted to a Tempesta Media editor, the customer receives full editing for their content. This includes general proofreading and deep-dive editing. Editors will look for three things: technical proficiency, research and insights.

General proofreading

The editing that Tempesta Media provides begins with the most basic level – proofreading. Editors will fix small to glaring grammatical errors, typos and formatting inconsistencies to ensure overall copy cleanliness. This involves making sure the verb agrees with the subject, words are spelled correctly and punctuation marks are properly used, among other things. Delivering error-free content is crucial because even the smallest of mistakes can diminish the quality and credibility of a content piece and the associated brand. In content marketing, forgetting to dot the i’s and cross the t’s can mean not only earning the ire of pedants but also losing the trust of a discerning audience.

Plagiarism screening

Tempesta Media regularly updates its proprietary content marketing platform, Article Document, to stay ahead of the curve. This means the company’s writers and editors have access to tools and resources that help make them efficient and successful.
The platform has an advanced, built-in plagiarism detector that prevents writers from submitting duplicate content. Editors make the most of available resources and provide a second layer of screening for everyone’s peace of mind.

Deep-dive editing

Tempesta Media stays miles ahead of the competition when it comes to deep-dive editing thanks to its proprietary Voice Profile solution. Each customer is asked to fill out a Voice Profile® questionnaire, which describes their brand. With this Voice Profile®, their Tempesta Media account manager, writing team and editors will ensure that their content accurately aligns with their organization’s culture and business objectives. Each piece of content will be edited for grammatical correctness; clarity, organization and flow of ideas; compliance with the assignment instructions; and components such as tone, style and overall message.
Tempesta Media is committed to providing expertly written and professionally edited custom content that meets its partners’ content marketing needs. The company builds trust with its partners from the very beginning of the relationship, and the fastidious editing process that goes into content creation demonstrates how much it values the partnership.

Our Mission

Tempesta Media is the performance-based content marketing solution specifically developed to drive revenue for your business.

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