What you need to know about onboarding with Hubspot

Michael Marchese
June 28, 2019
What you need to know about onboarding with Hubspot

What you need to know about onboarding with Hubspot

Michael Marchese
June 28, 2019

If your organization recently decided to use Hubspot for its marketing automation needs, congratulations on a solid choice. But, there’s a lot to do to get ready for the transition.
First, determine how much content the the organizatioin has to work with, whether there is enough to generate the traffic and results necessary to get the most out of Hubspot.

Before Onboarding

Onboarding requires a detailed plan for migrating from the current customer relationship management (CRM) tool to Hubspot:

  • Identify who’ll be using Hubspot. Will it be marketing team, sales, customer service or a combination? The answer will determine how much help is needed from Hubspot to onboard team members and developing processes.
  • Get data in order. Ensure a clean migration of all leads and other customer data by cleaning up and organizing digital records.
  • Educate the team. All applicable staff members who stand to benefit from Hubspot should understand how their work day will change and how to use the system. Hubspot will provide a customer touchpoint to help the teams.

Onboarding Marketing

Onboarding the marketing processes into Hubspot requires a significant amount of groundwork before launch.

  • Import data (make sure it’s clean and relevant).
  • Set up automation triggers.
  • Install customer personas.

Your marketing onboarding plan with Hubspot should address the following areas:

  • Email – Hubspot’s marketing email templates can be difficult to set up, so rely on dits customer relationship manager.
  • Web-to-lead forms – Know how to use Hubspot forms on the website, and how they’ll replace current forms on the site.
  • Nurture campaigns – There’s no A/B testing with Hubspot, so work with the rep to set up campaigns properly.
  • Blog articles – Have a plan for how Hubspot handles blog articles. It can automatically scale and prep posts for proper optimization and performance.

Sales Onboarding

Once marketing efforts are generating a steady pipeline of potential business for sales, another aspect of Hubspot can kick in. To make sure the sales team is ready, have the Hubspot customer success manager go over setting up:

  • Templates
  • Sequences
  • Signatures
  • Calendar meetings

It’s also be crucial to set up the stages of the sales pipeline, to focus your sales efforts and properly measure success most effectively.

Pros and Cons


Hubspot’s knowledge base is second to none, with a great support system online and off. The training program is extremely informative and makes use of video and other interactives to make it engaging and easier to follow.


The year 2019 hasn’t been Hubspot’s best. with a major failure in its infrastructure causing an outage that left us scrambling at the end of the quarter.
Further, several features in the platform aren’t quite functional.
Despite those setbacks, the onboarding process is straightforward, with great support along the way. How successful the onboarding process is depends on how quickly the organization rallies staff to participate in lining up the information.
To know whether there is enough content for Hubspot implementation, contact Tempesta Media. We can help with content needs and ensure smooth transitions.

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