Content Marketing for Your Onboarding Process

Michael Marchese
January 23, 2020
content marketing

Content Marketing for Your Onboarding Process

Michael Marchese
January 23, 2020

With so much emphasis on content marketing for potential customers, it can be easy for organizations to forget that they still have to market to their new ones. That’s the time to impress customers and show them that they made the right choice by signing on with your company.

Not only do you have to pay attention to both target audiences, but you also must have a marketing program that engages new customers with a well-designed plan to turn them into loyal fans. Performing well most certainly does not stop once you gain a new customer. Here are a few tips to show your new customers that you value their commitment to you:

Right after closing the deal

Make sure that customers feel appreciated:

  • Say thank you! This should go without saying, of course, but it is very important. Thank them with an email, a great landing page or a personal phone call – just be sure to do it. It shows customers that you truly appreciate their business.
  • Offer instructions. If they need to follow an onboarding process, walk them through it in a nurturing manner. Check out how Etsy helps onboard new shop owners.
  • Create an information library. Customers should have access to easily searchable on-demand guides, videos and other materials.
  • Offer demos. Video is key. Offer resources like informational webinars to demonstrate how to get the most out of a product or service.

Throughout the customer experience

Don’t let the shine of a new customer fade. Check in regularly. A steady flow of useful, engaging content that educates and informs will make for long-term, happy customers:

  • Ask whether the customer is getting the most out of your product’s features.
  • Offer webinars that increase their knowledge.
  • Provide content that helps them become industry thought leaders.
  • Make things available on-demand, with the option of receiving a regular feed via email or by following a blog.
  • Send alerts about new products or features the customer may be interested in.

Companies that use content to improve customer onboarding

Canva is an online platform for people who aren’t designers. Once they sign up, their customers receive a guide to great designs, and they have the opportunity to participate in a beginner’s challenge.

Before Quora does anything else, they require new users to verify their email addresses. Then they figure out the organization’s interests so they’ll offer only the most relevant content.

Slack uses graphics to visually walk a new user through the process, and they thoroughly explain why they’re asking for certain information. Then they walk the user through the software, using a “jeeves” sort of character called “Slackbot.”

Quickbooks asks new users a very simple question: What would you like to do in Quickbooks? Then they provide up to eight choices and customize the experience based on the user’s choices.

If your organization is looking for a way to provide one-of-a-kind onboarding experiences that keep customers delighted for days, weeks and even years to come, contact Tempesta Media. We can help you create engaging, useful content marketing plan that ensures your customers that they are on the path to success with your company.

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