What Is a Content Marketing Platform?

Kristan Manley
February 7, 2020
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What Is a Content Marketing Platform?

Kristan Manley
February 7, 2020

Successful content marketing involves a lot more than just good content. To be the most efficient, businesses can utilize a software system that streamlines the content creation, management and publication processes.

What is a content marketing platform?

In short, a content marketing platform is a unified system that has everything your company needs to manage your content production.

Content marketing platforms enable marketing professionals to create targeted and tailored messages. They also allow for the distribution of that material.

The purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by not only creating but also curating relevant content. A content marketing platform helps to streamline your marketing processes to achieve that goal. It does this by creating a centralized location for all your content creation tasks, from planning all the way to publishing.

A content marketing platform will save you time by keeping things organized. This is a shared system where you and your content marketing provider can work together using the same information. The collaboration improves the quality and efficiency of your content creation, which will help to enhance the effectiveness of your results. Better-quality content produced at an efficient rate will help you achieve your marketing goals, whether that be to establish yourself as a thought leader or to gain more leads in your pipeline.

Benefits of a content marketing platform

A content marketing platform helps you create more content at a higher level. It allows you to spend more time exceeding KPIs and less time monitoring workflows. More benefits of a content marketing platform include:

  • Streamlined content and collaboration.
  • Seamless integration with your software.
  • ROI data and actionable insights.

Tempesta Media’s content marketing platform

Tempesta Media’s platform brings a wave of improvements focused on innovation. In our other posts, we discuss how outsourcing your content marketing can help your company meet deadlines – even if you’re in a tricky regulated industry. Tempesta Media’s platform makes it easier to keep track of those deadlines.

Our content marketing platform allows you to schedule future content. You can have unique, industry-specific articles ready to go. You just tell us what topics you want us to cover and when you want the finished content in your possession. We’ll do the rest. You’ll be able to keep track of due dates using the platform’s calendar, too. This way, you can plan out other aspects of your marketing strategy based on the completion dates.

To keep our processes efficient, you or your account manager will receive notifications within the platform to approve finished content. You won’t need to constantly check whether you have new content. You’ll know when it’s ready for your approval minutes after it’s sent from the editors.

Your own team of expert writers

Whether you’re bringing your own internal writer or managing our writers, Tempesta Media’s platform can help you organize your content creation with ease. If you already have an internal writer, our editing-only services provide you the benefits of our experienced editors. Your content will still transfer to the platform just as all your other content does.

If you are partnering with us to use the industry-specific knowledge of one of our writers, you can do so by ordering a writer audition. With this, you can hand-pick the ones who most closely match your voice. This unique feature lets you assess up to 10 different writers to determine who you want to continuously write for you. The writer audition is the first step in establishing a consistent, knowledgeable voice throughout each piece of content. This is because your selected writers will continue to learn how to better adapt to your style and voice as they write more content for you.

Other platform features

  • Your account information. Your company’s goals and unique industry value, as well as your payment/billing information, are available and can be updated if your needs change.
  • Interactive comments and redlined revision requests. You can make edits to your content and send them back to our editors. We’ll make as many changes necessary until you are satisfied with the results.
  • Editorial calendars. Whenever you need more content, you can order a personalized outline with topics you request. One of your writers can create an outline based on your suggestions.
  • Your Voice Profile™. This is a unique style guide for your company’s content. It includes information about your company, target audience and content goals. You can update this at any time to ensure any messages, improvements and stylistic preferences are consistent throughout all future content.

Get started today

Tempesta Media delivers quality @ scale. This means growing your content marketing without sacrificing quality. Tempesta Media is designed to provide exceptional content that is written by industry experts, with faster turnaround times – all built around an industry-leading content marketing platform. Contact us today to learn more.

Kristan Manley

Kristan Manley

Kristan Manley is the Director of Customer Success for Tempesta Media. She has been crafting messages and content for just over a decade and has been in the Customer Success business for 15+ years. She is the mother of 4 beautiful children (and 3 cats) and is an avid book nerd.

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