What Is an Article Writing Service?

Michael Marchese
February 10, 2020

What Is an Article Writing Service?

Michael Marchese
February 10, 2020

Creating content is crucial to the success of your marketing strategy. Ultimately, this will also lead to the success of your business.

Content marketing, however, requires a commitment that not all companies can afford. Good thing there are article writing services that can take over those responsibilities.

An article writing service is a company that creates ghost-written, ready-to-be-published content for other businesses. This means that the customer has authorship and rights of the content.

“Content creation must have a balance of quality and scale.”

Why do I need to hire a provider?

There are over 50 tasks associated with creating and publishing content. Many businesses can accomplish many of them internally. However, the problem is they aren’t structured to be publishers.

You have to publish on a fairly frequent basis to see real results from your content marketing. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the resources (time, money, employees, technology, etc.) to do so.

That’s where a writing service can help. They can take over your content production so that you can be a successful publisher. You can then focus on the success of other parts of your business.

What benefits will I receive from a provider?

answer to content marketing headacheContent creation at scale

Content creation must have a balance of quality and scale. You may be able to create quality content, but not very often. You may even be able to publish multiple pieces every week, but the information isn’t very good.

A provider can consistently give you a large volume of high-quality content. They can also provide you with enough writers (and therefore enough content) to meet your specific scale requirements.

Various skills you may not have internally

You need to address multiple components for your content quality to reach its maximum potential. Unfortunately, your internal team might not have the knowledge in all required areas. Your provider, however, might have:

  • Expertise in your industry.
  • Knowledge of technology, readability and SEO optimization.
  • Experts in writing, editing and AP style (the standard writing style of mass business communications).

How do I pick the right provider?

There are four elements to look for when choosing your writing service provider.


It’s the Achilles’ heel for many article writing service companies. Look for their typical number of revisions per piece of content. Take note that the industry average is between three and four rounds of editing before the piece is approved.

At Tempesta Media, we saw this problem early on. We’ve developed our content marketing platform with quality as the focus. Our revision rate is about .30 to 10 times better than the industry average. Only three out of every 10 pieces come back for revision, not three rounds for every piece.

Industry expertise

Find a provider that knows just as much as your team does. A good article writing service needs to know the language of your industry. They should also recognize the problems your industry faces.

Tempesta Media has vetted over 25,000 writers with industry expertise in over 100 industries. Our four strongest industries are financial services, business services, manufacturing and real estate. We also have recently undertaken the CBD industry. Other prominent areas of focus are health care and education.

Technical expertise

Robust technology helps optimize your content for both readability and SEO. This is especially important if you are trying to outrank your competitors.

Easy-to-read articles (short paragraphs, simple words and relevancy) will better engage with your audience. Good links and appropriate keywords can also help your content to show up higher on search engine results. This means people will read your content over your competitors’.

At Tempesta Media, we have experts and integrated technology that analyze each assignment to best optimize your content.

Operational expertise

If your article writing service includes a content marketing platform, make sure you look into their operations process. It should be organized and simplify the content creation process.

Tempesta Media’s platform streamlines each stage of content creation. Our platform allows you to plan, order, manage, approve and publish your content in one place.

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Once you find a writing service that meets your criteria for the above components, you’ve found your provider. To learn more about the article writing services that Tempesta Media offers, contact us today.

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