The Value of a Blogging Service

Michael Marchese
February 21, 2020
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The Value of a Blogging Service

Michael Marchese
February 21, 2020

Teaming up with a blogging service may be the secret to scaling your content marketing efforts. Quality at scale is elusive but achievable, and outsourcing just may be the key to positive change. Framing success is a process that starts with delegation. As a matter of fact, managing the variables of growth in content marketing almost requires it.

The value of blogging in content marketing

Your business’s blog is one of the most critical elements in your content marketing efforts. It increases business visibility and promotes customer engagement by providing relevant, thoughtful information to your audience. However, your blog can only be successful if it reaches your intended audience and you maintain consistency.

Scaling your blog allows you to reach more people. However, to achieve maximum scale, you need to publish a regular stream of targeted high-value content. While content creation seems like a huge investment (both in time and resources), the initial costs are minimal when compared to the high value of return for quality at scale.

Why outsourcing your blogging is worth it

Investing in your content marketing strategy is the best way to propagate growth. More quality content means more visibility and more organic traffic. However, you must pay constant attention to your content marketing plan to maintain, update and promote it. Clearly, content creation needs to be priority for your business, but dozens of other tasks also require your attention.

Outsourcing content creation to a blogging service can free up your calendar for other profitable business activities. Keep in mind, though, that there are pros and cons to the process.

While delegating content creation can spark growth for your business, it does require an upfront investment. This can be challenging for those operating on a shoe-string budget. The good news is that the right investment can net big returns.

Choosing to outsource content creation mitigates the risk of investing thousands into hiring an in-house writer who may not perform up to par. On the other hand, a blogging service opens your business up to a bigger pool of talented candidates performing at a high level. Above all, the entire company is in the business of writing expert content for their customers.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the success of your marketing strategy, an outsourced content creation service can remove some of the financial and time constraints you deal with.

Things to consider when hiring a freelancer versus an agency

The value of content marketing lies in the content that you produce. Outsourcing it can give you an open stream of high-quality, on-brand content for your business. Ultimately, the decision to outsource content creation means choosing between a freelancer and an agency.

While it’s true that freelancers may cost less initially, the potential future losses outweigh the current economic savings incurred. Freelancers aren’t scalable, and you must constantly manage them. This negates the time-saving advantage of delegating the work. Even though they are not in-house employees, you must also train freelancers to mimic your company’s brand voice – another time commitment.

Teaming up with a blogging service gives you a steady stream of high-quality, on-brand content to propel your marketing efforts. The right service may be the solution to improving each stage of your production cycle while allowing your business to scale competitively.

If you’re looking for quality content at scale and you think it may be time to outsource your content creation, contact Tempesta Media to learn more.

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