Content Marketing for Business-to-Business Enterprises

Michael Marchese
February 26, 2020
Content Marketing for Business

Content Marketing for Business-to-Business Enterprises

Michael Marchese
February 26, 2020

As a business-to-business enterprise (or B2B enterprise), you’ve likely already learned the value of content in implementing a successful marketing strategy. Without consistent, quality content, it’s difficult to attract new leads, keep your audience engaged and stay competitive. Because of this, content marketing is a critical part of your business’s success. However, as with all other aspects of running a business, sometimes you have too much on your plate.

If you find yourself struggling to maintain content production, don’t worry. There are plenty of options that can help strengthen your content marketing program.

Types of content services

Depending on the frequency and quantity of content you want to post, you first must decide whether a freelancer or a content service will best fit your needs:

Freelance writers

Freelancers are contract writers who can usually produce one or two articles per week. There are ghostwritten and credited options available. In general, freelance writers are well-suited for smaller, short-term projects as opposed to ongoing content marketing programs. With the high demand of enterprise-level content, you should consider one of the other remaining services below.

Content marketing companies

Content marketing companies can also provide ghostwritten content. However, they can handle other marketing-related tasks as well. Specifically, these companies provide editorial and strategic services required to carry out a content marketing campaign. In other words, these companies provide their clients with a more complete solution.

Content marketing platforms

Notably, an even more complete solution is content marketing platforms. If you find a content marketing company that offers a platform, we recommend looking into their services. Platforms have all the tools and technology necessary to create, optimize and scale a content marketing program. When paired with the strategic and writing expertise of a content marketing company, you can achieve high quality content consistently.

Obviously, not all enterprises require complete outsourcing. Accordingly, many platforms offer various subscription levels so you can find a solution that will best benefit your company and meet your budget. Tempesta Media offers multiple platform subscriptions and additional services to help you create a personalized content plan. We cover everything from plagiarism to SEO optimization and more.

B2B companies and content marketing platforms

If you are specifically a B2B enterprise, chances are you would benefit greatly from a content marketing platform. You’re selling something specifically created for a certain niche industry. As a result, your customer base usually does thorough research before deciding what company to buy from. Ultimately, they’re looking for a complete solution to their problem, so they won’t buy on impulse.

Believe it or not, your blog can be one of the selling points for your potential customers. In fact, keeping a consistently updated blog shows dedication and leadership, and it helps establish trust. Seeing that you take the time to write and share information you think they’d benefit from, your audience will realize that you know what you’re talking about.  You wouldn’t post your thoughts on something you don’t have any knowledge on, would you?

Consistent blog posts also promote audience engagement. With a blog, your website offers more to your customers than just a sales pitch. You offer relevant information that your audience can use outside of their relationship with your company.

Keep in mind that blogs aren’t your only choice of content. Here at Tempesta Media, we offer nine different content types so you can create a content marketing program for every marketing goal and every level of the sales funnel. From blogs to white papers, from social media posts to SEO content, we can help you achieve quality content at scale.

If you want to learn more about how our streamlined platform and content services can benefit your B2B enterprise, contact us today to schedule an appointment or receive writing samples tailored to your specific industry.

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