Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Anastasiia Lavrinenko
March 5, 2020
Why Is Content Marketing Important

Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Anastasiia Lavrinenko
March 5, 2020

Content marketing is more than just the occasional blog post or news blurb. Of course, it certainly should include some of these items. However, the content you create should be carefully crafted as part of a comprehensive strategy to deliver useful and valuable information to your audience.

A strategic plan will help boost your leads and conversion rates. In fact, statistics indicate content influences more than 60% of consumers. Furthermore, content marketing costs approximately 41% less per lead than traditional paid marketing initiatives. As such, content marketing is a smart investment.

A good content marketing strategy, therefore, is crucial to your company’s success in several ways.

Content demonstrates your thought leadership

A strong content marketing strategy establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. If you continually produce relevant information and share it with your customers, it demonstrates you know your industry and understand your audience. When creating thought leadership pieces, focus on:

  • Using your knowledge to educate your audience on interesting subjects.
  • Writing about current events, new company features or products, and general industry topics.
  • Sharing DIY or other helpful solutions to problems your audience may be having.

With a steady stream of great content, your audience will view you as a trusted authority and engage in a stronger relationship with your company.

It increases outreach to your audience

A strong content marketing strategy can help you increase your outreach, especially if you consistently deliver interesting information. Essentially, the content you publish enables you to:

  • Directly connect with your audience.
  • Increase your brand visibility.
  • Build your viewership and make new connections.

Ultimately, the content you deliver enables you to grow the number of customers in your pipeline.

 It builds better relationships with your customers

Today’s consumers aren’t interested in mass sales tactics or one-way advertising where they can’t ask questions or share opinions. On the contrary, they are interested in communication they can engage in. With this in mind, statistics indicate businesses can do better at creating engaging material. In fact, 54% of customers believe businesses “need to fundamentally transform” the way they engage.

Again, the content you share can help build trust with your customers. Notably though, it has to be relevant, interesting and provide an opportunity for further interaction. Indeed, this type of content shows you care enough about your audience to keep them updated, educated or informed about ways to solve their problems. Additionally, with a call to action at the end (even just a mild “To learn more, contact us”), you provide your readers with the opportunity to further interact with your company and establish clear lines of communication.

Moreover, the content you create demonstrates that you value your audience’s contributions – both as a paying customer and as a part of your community.

Content keeps you competitive and relevant

Digital marketing is an initiative no business, regardless of size, can afford to ignore. Indeed, millennials already have strong purchasing power, and Gen Z is right behind them. These two generations largely communicate and seek information online. Consequently, if your business isn’t part of the digital age, you’ll quickly become irrelevant to technically savvy audiences. The bottom line: Successful marketing is impossible without delivering great content.

The average reader spends about 37 seconds reading a blog post or article. Wouldn’t it be great if they spent two minutes reading? Five minutes? What about if they share your content on social media with family, friends and colleagues?

If you want to remain competitive and relevant, you need to discover ways to excite your readers. As a result, you’ll capture their attention and keep them interested. Your content marketing strategy can effectively help you to accomplish this goal.

Content marketing is at the center of successful digital marketing initiatives. To learn more about how Tempesta can support your content marketing strategy with our streamlined platform, contact us today.

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