Tempesta Media Platform Series – What Is the Content Analytics Feature?

Kristan Manley
April 7, 2020
Tempesta Media Platform Series

Tempesta Media Platform Series – What Is the Content Analytics Feature?

Kristan Manley
April 7, 2020

Welcome to the second installment of our multi-part series on our content marketing platform features. Here, we cover our content analytics capabilities.

Content analytics basics

When many companies start out, they struggle to identify the best metrics that will assess how their content marketing program is performing.

To combat that, we have identified several key metrics at the beginning of a program’s life cycle that companies can use to measure the performance of their content marketing campaigns. These metrics fall under the term content analytics.

In the early stages, your content marketing program will drive your top-funnel metrics. In other words, these metrics generate awareness of your product or service and your company.

For example, top-funnel metrics would include the number of organic searches that arrive on your site. Other metrics include new visitors, time spent on site, bounce rate and more.

Additionally, as your content marketing program grows, you can define other metrics that are specific to your unique goals. Specifically, pay attention to content production metrics – these will help you determine whether you are meeting your content creation and delivery goals.

Furthermore, look at your publication schedule. Are you consistently publishing content? Are you publishing on the same days and at the same times? Moreover, which times produce more visitors or better engagement? With this information, you can alter your publication schedule to optimize your program and maximize results.

Tempesta Media’s content analytics feature

Tempesta Media’s content analytics feature focuses on an executive dashboard that covers top-funnel metrics. In fact, this gauges how your metrics are performing in real time and over a period of time.

As your program grows and you create more content, you’ll see your metrics improve. When you publish and share that content, our module is able to provide you these metrics in a simple and visual way. All you have to do is click the analytics button, view the custom dashboard screen and identify how they are performing.

These features and more are what we’ve created for our customers, and they are included in certain subscription levels and available as an add-on feature.

Get started today

If you have a content marketing program, or are planning one, download our ebook:  100 mistakes businesses make when starting, optimizing and scaling content marketing programs.  Learn from the mistakes of hundreds of other companies.  100 mistakes walks you through common and uncommon challenges that they faced with their content marketing programs.

For learning more about how our content analytics feature can help your business, please contact us today.

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