Incorporate A Focus Keyword Phrase as a Part of Your Content Marketing Plan

Michael Marchese
July 8, 2020
Incorporate A Focus Keyword Phrase

Incorporate A Focus Keyword Phrase as a Part of Your Content Marketing Plan

Michael Marchese
July 8, 2020

You should incorporate a focus keyword phrase into your content marketing plan for maximum SEO visibility.

Your content marketing plan must be built and targeted for two audiences: your readers and the search engines. Omitting either one can hurt the overall program. To meet the nuanced requirements of search engines and expand your visibility, include a focus keyword phrase in your content plan and in each individual piece you create.

How to choose the right keywordsHow to choose the right keywords

Selecting the keywords for a content marketing campaign is easier than most companies realize. First, you need to understand the type of company you are and how your prospective customers are searching for solutions like yours.
For example, if you own a tax and accounting firm, keywords that describe your company (at a high level) would include:

  • Tax preparation.
  • Bookkeeping service.
  • Accounting service.

After identifying these high-level keyword phrases, you can then use Google’s keyword planner to develop full keyword lists.
identifying high-level keyword phrasesThis tool provides the estimated number of search queries for each focus keyword phrase along with the price advertisers pay to advertise each one. The higher the bid price, the more competitive the keyword phrase is.
With this data, you can identify keyword phrases that have significant search volume but little competition. While this approach doesn’t take into account the competitors creating content specifically targeting the keyword phrase, it serves as a good start.
Tempesta Media customers don’t have to worry about identifying the right keywords for their content. We do it for them in their editorial calendar order.

developing keyword listWhat has changed with focus keyword phrase optimization?

As recently as a few years ago, search queries would be only a couple of words in length. For example, if you were looking for a credit card, you might just type in credit card. However, searches have gotten much more sophisticated.
Search queries are now much longer in length. Searches that were originally one or two words are now five, six, seven or more words. As a result, search engines are moving towards topic clusters and grouping these highly specialized search terms together under them.
Therefore, when developing your keyword list, you should focus more on the topics that you’re trying to rank for. Additionally, you should use the keyword list as a supporting feature to identify relevant keyword phrases around that cluster.

keywords in a content marketing planWhat is the importance of keywords in a content marketing plan?

You should include focus keyword phrases in each piece of content that you create. More specifically, within each piece of content, you should identify at least one keyword phrase optimized for SEO.
When developing a content marketing plan, one of the starting components is an editorial calendar. Besides the topic, outline and publication date, the editorial calendar should also identify a keyword that’s associated with the piece.
Then once the writer receives the outline, they know to incorporate that specific keyword phrase into the content itself. As a result, they optimize the content for SEO, enabling you to enjoy the benefits that come with it, including:

  • Wider visibility.
  • Increased credibility.
  • A higher chance at more web traffic.

In summary

keyword phrase as part of editorial calendar and contentWhen creating a content marketing plan, you really have to think about both your audience and the search engines. If you don’t incorporate a focus keyword phrase as part of your editorial calendar and your content, you’re losing out on a valuable opportunity to optimize that content for SEO and drive many more visitors to your site.

Need help?

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