Four Reasons to Use a Content Marketing Platform

Anastasiia Lavrinenko
January 5, 2021
Four Reasons to Use a Content Marketing Platform

Four Reasons to Use a Content Marketing Platform

Anastasiia Lavrinenko
January 5, 2021

Using a content marketing platform can help you scale up your program fast.

Your internal content marketing team needs the right tools to produce and publish quality content. Fortunately, a content marketing platform can make a difference by providing your team with a centralized tool they can use to adopt a more streamlined workflow and manage different aspects of the content creation process.

Manage your workflow from draft to publication

With in-house content production, marketers often use emails as their primary method of communication. However, it can take a lot of back and forth to develop content, edit it and get it approved.
As a matter of fact, several challenges can slow down this process, including tracking different versions of a piece or collaborating with different team members.
With Tempesta Media’s content marketing platform, your team will have access to built-in workflow management capabilities. Plus, you can add as many users as you need. And your team will follow a clear path from the initial idea to publication.

Scale up your content marketing program by identifying bottlenecks

Among B2B marketers, only 49% consider their content marketing program as sophisticated and mature. Before your program can reach this stage, you need to identify the bottlenecks that might slow down your workflow.
Our content marketing platform will give you an overview of your entire process and help you identify problematic areas. You’ll be able to address these issues to create a more streamlined program and never miss another publication deadline again. You can then work on scaling up content production more efficiently.

how your content performs after publicationGain insight into how your content performs after publication

Multiplying publication channels allows you to reach out to a wider audience. But it can also make monitoring content performance more challenging. By centralizing data, you can get an accurate overview of KPIs like traffic and engagement.
This type of data can inform your decisions regarding the topics you want to discuss or channels you use for publication in the future. It’s a factor that can boost the ROI and ROT of your program.
Our content marketing platform supports integration with Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You will get access to data from these different channels once you publish a piece of content.

Optimize your content with built-in SEO tools

For 67% of marketers, SEO is the most efficient content marketing tactic to implement. However, doing so is a challenge.
You can increase the outreach of your content by integrating SEO throughout the content creation process. For example, research keywords, identify topics your audience is interested in and create optimized copy.
Our platform includes built-in tools for SEO and readability optimization. With these tools, you can meet your goals while ensuring that your content remains natural and easy to read.

What’s next?

A content marketing platform is a centralized tool that allows your team to collaborate and consistently deliver quality content via a streamlined workflow. From getting rid of bottlenecks to optimizing your content for SEO purposes and gathering analytics from different publication channels, you will be able to address common issues and make better decisions for the future of your program.
To identify other common problems businesses often face when implementing their programs, download our e-book and schedule a call with us.

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