Consolidate Your Content Marketing Software Vendors to Improve Your Team’s Performance

Anastasiia Lavrinenko
March 31, 2021
consolidate your content marketing efforts

Consolidate Your Content Marketing Software Vendors to Improve Your Team’s Performance

Anastasiia Lavrinenko
March 31, 2021

Content marketing software comes in all shapes and sizes. You can find tools designed to fulfill your exact task, but there is such a thing as too many tools. Instead, you need to consolidate your vendors.

Content marketing software can be extremely useful and bring incredible value to your business, but less so if you have 120 subscriptions to handle and pay for when you’re only publishing 8-10 articles every month. 

Instead of fighting this battle, take a critical approach to choosing tools and software for your content marketing program. Divide your process into steps, and consolidate the tools you need for each of those stages in one place.

Tempesta Media’s content marketing platform is a software solution that centralizes all upstream marketing processes – from planning to distribution to analysis.

Strategy stage

At the strategy stage specifically, we can offer you the following solutions to drive growth.

Content marketing consulting 

We can establish marketing goals and provide you with a fresh, critical look at your existing content to make sure you’re on the right path towards reaching your objectives.

In a typical content marketing consultation, we offer:

  • Content marketing plan development.
  • Editorial calendar development.
  • Article interviews.
  • Custom content management system integration.
  • Content taxonomy.
  • Plagiarism screening for existing content.
  • New website content planning.
  • E-guide/white paper/e-book planning sessions.
  • Much, much more.

Competitor analysis

We perform comprehensive SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) research to analyze your competitors and identify trends and gaps within their content. We then recommend strategies you can utilize to gain traction where your competitors are lacking. 

This report provides valuable insight into your competitors’ social media and content marketing channels, ultimately helping you form a more comprehensive content strategy.

Planning stage

After setting your goals, you can start thinking about how to accomplish them. At the planning stage, the Tempesta Media platform can support your endeavors with the following solutions.

Writer audition

We have vetted over 27,000 professional writers to give you access to the best industry experts to choose from. During a writer audition, a handful of writers (usually around 6) in your industry will create a short blog article on the topic of your choosing. You can pick the writers who best match your Voice Profile™ requirements to create your content consistently throughout your partnership.

Dynamic content calendar

This Tempesta Media tool allows you to plan your content marketing program and easily:

  • Choose a topic to write about.
  • Assign it to your expert writer.
  • Track progress.
  • Schedule publication dates for your blog or social media platforms.

This dynamic calendar helps you keep up with the recommended posting frequency for blogs. It also helps you identify the days you don’t have any content scheduled for publishing and fill in the gaps. 

Editorial calendars

An editorial calendar allows you to create a detailed content roadmap to help you establish a schedule. It includes individual content outlines, recommended assignment release dates, and more.

Our expert writers and content strategists will analyze your industry’s best practices and research trending topics to help you cover the most relevant and interesting ideas for your audience. 

After approving these outlines, you can schedule their release and publication dates to give you a more firm grasp on publication frequency.

We mean it when we say our platform helps you automate and streamline your content creation process. After this step, you can sit back and watch your content marketing perform. 

Once you’ve determined your plan and entered the content creation phase, your contribution should be minimal. You have the plan and the team to produce your content, and you only need to complete a final review and approve your content.

Content creation and management stages

Content ordering 

Place your orders right from your editorial calendar or use our content templates to automate the production process. 

Our platform helps ensure that your content aligns with your audience preferences and SEO targets, and it automatically checks the content for readability and plagiarism issues.

However, creating amazing content is not the ultimate goal of content marketing. Without distribution, even the most insightful content will be as useless as a pair of suit pants is to a remote worker. Take a look at the Tempesta Media capabilities to streamline the distribution process.

Simple Social Share™ 

Plan, order, schedule, and publish social media posts right from your Tempesta Media platform. Like we mentioned before, you can use the dynamic editorial calendar to do it after setting the integration with your social media accounts. 

We offer both curated content for thought leadership and social post add-ons to your blog articles. This dynamic option gives you flexibility and control over what you post on social media so you can provide extended value and create stronger relationships with your audience.


To truly present a streamlined content marketing solution, your vendor should have a multitude of integrations available. After all, it’s always handier to control and analyze the data from different channels all in one place. Create the most effective workflows for your content marketing program with our integrations.

Here is the list of integrations available right now:

  • WordPress – Schedule and publish your blogs from your Tempesta Media account.
  • Social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) – Plan and create your posts to save time and increase your social media brand presence.
  • Google Analytics – Connect with the most powerful web analytics tool to gain insights into your content. 
  • HubSpot – Save your completed assignments as drafts in your HubSpot account and publish them with only a few clicks.
  • Google Drive – Always keep your content archive available for your whole organization.

In summary

The Tempesta Media platform can help you consolidate your team, processes, and tools in one place to make sure you gain the most out of your content marketing efforts. Our team of professionals can bring the expertise and experience to your marketing program and help you achieve your business goals. 

Contact us to learn more and download our e-book on 100 mistakes businesses often make with their content marketing programs to learn how to best manage your strategy.

Anastasiia Lavrinenko

Anastasiia Lavrinenko

Anastasia is in charge of corporate brand strategy at Tempesta Media. Her non-stop devouring of various pieces of training content focused on PR, SEO, content marketing, SMM, and email marketing continues to inspire her to develop and master new fields of marketing. She is an enthusiastic person who loves to travel and takes an interest in new languages and cultures.

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