Give Your Managed Service Provider Access to These Accounts to Ensure Success

Kristan Manley
June 15, 2021
managed service provider

Give Your Managed Service Provider Access to These Accounts to Ensure Success

Kristan Manley
June 15, 2021

To start your partnership off right, your managed service provider needs access to your accounts so they can streamline your content marketing program easily.

You have made the tactical decision to hire a managed service provider to assist in your content marketing efforts. What information should you provide them with to ensure they have everything they need to get to work right away? You may have hundreds of files relating to your marketing program, so which information is the most important and insightful?

Starting the relationship with your managed service provider

Here at Tempesta Media, all of our managed service customers begin their journey with a simple kick-off call. This happpens before we get into the heavy details of which metrics we should start improving. The purpose of this call (and the most important thing) is getting to know your company’s voice and goals. Every company is different! While there are metrics that should be improved across the board, the way around it will always differ.

In addition, when first starting your partnership, you should establish who in your company will be the internal point person. If multiple sources give feedback to the provider, it can lead to confusion – and vice versa. Therefore, you should also identify a point of contact on the provider’s side.

Additionally, be sure that your provider knows your company. Sitting down and talking with your team allows the provider’s team of content experts to fully understand your mission. Knowing the characteristics of your target audience and the depth of your business objectives enables your provider to do detailed research on matters like:

  • Which social media platforms to focus heavily on.
  • Which keywords to target.
  • How effective an email nurture campaign would be.
  • What makes your company stand out.
  • How to establish your company as an expert in your industry.

Key platform analytics to share

Once you and your provider grow familiar with each other and have established a solid foundation, it’s time to focus on content marketing.

While your managed service provider should have their own extensive research tools, there are certain metrics that are only accessible with your permission. Platforms like Google Analytics can provide details that only the site owners can see, like the conversion rate for your form submissions. The types of details that you share with them should revolve around where you would like to grow and where you need assistance.

Google Analytics

Your managed service provider should already have a way to integrate your Google Analytics account into their platform. This type of integration is a way for you to view your analytics in a simpler way than what Google Analytics presents.

If you have an agent or account manager who works specifically with your company, it is essential to give their email address view-only permissions to your Google Analytics account. This will allow them to view any important information needed for your campaign research while still restricting their access to make changes.

Google Search Console

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, your Google Search Console is a critical tool to share with your agent. The sharing process is similar to Google Analytics, as you can give the agent view-only access.

Website host

If you need help posting your website content once it is approved, your managed service provider should have the capability to do this. Whether you use HubSpot or WordPress to host your website, the process of adding a user seat is simple. Once you add a seat for your account manager, they can consistently post and manage your content based on the schedule you set.

Email provider

If you need help with your website campaigns, talk with your email provider to add a seat for your agent. This will allow them to work with you in creating campaigns and sending emails. Doing this will also give them access to your email metrics. This provides invaluable information to optimize the campaigns for greater success.

Get the help you need

A successful partnership starts with a provider who values your success, communicates well, and knows what access they need to improve your marketing initiatives. Be transparent and proactive in the initial stages of the partnership. This way you can help to ensure your provider has every tool they need and to prevent delays down the line.

Tempesta Media is a managed service provider dedicated to helping you reach your business goals with a platform designed to improve the way you manage your content marketing. We offer various integrations you and your appointed customer success manager can utilize to optimize your program and streamline your management.

To learn more about how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

Kristan Manley

Kristan Manley

Kristan Manley is the Director of Customer Success for Tempesta Media. She has been crafting messages and content for just over a decade and has been in the Customer Success business for 15+ years. She is the mother of 4 beautiful children (and 3 cats) and is an avid book nerd.

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