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Our Story

Founded in 2011, Tempesta Media is a content and influencer marketing platform delivered as managed service for digital agencies and enterprises.  We are pioneers in performance content and ROI-driven influencer marketing programs.

  • Content Marketing 80%
  • Influencer Marketing 60%
  • SEO & Lead Generation 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

The Tempesta Media Team

Content Experts

We eat, breathe and sleep content marketing. Our expertise spans across industries.

Forward Thinking

As innovators in content marketing, we are always at the forefront of new trends.

Problem Solvers

We are eager to help and bend over backwords to ensure our partners achieve success.

Enthusiastic to Learn

We are on a mission to think outside the box and change the world of digital marketing.

Superior content quality

We work with thousands of companies across the United States to deliver custom-written content by vetted experts from dozens of industries.  Our writer vetting process is by far one of the deepest and most extensive that you’ll come across. The combination of our writer vetting process and proprietary Voice Profile technology provides our customers with unparalleled content quality.  At fewer than 0.31 revisions per piece of content produced, the results speak for themselves.

Predictive influencer marketing

Our revolutionary influencer solutions drive accountable results for our customers. By using our proprietary brand value technology, we can accurately and predictably measure each influencer’s ability to drive engagement and action before a single dollar is spent by our customers.  The result is a micro-influencer program that drives prospects deeper into the sales funnel.

Results that matter

Our comprehensive content and influencer marketing platform drives business results cost-effectively.  In fact, our solution can save enterprises and agencies up to 80% compared to in-house alternatives.


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