How to get the most from a marketing MSP for your business

Using a marketing MSP is a good choice if you are looking to have more control of your marketing program. No matter if you are a one-person marketing department or managing a big team, having an experienced professional take a fresh look at your marketing strategy and bring in new insights and expertise is always a good opportunity.

But how do you make sure you are using your marketing MSP at full potential? What should you keep in mind to streamline your cooperation the most efficient way?

What is a Marketing Managed Service Provider?

Marketing Managed Service Providers are agencies specializing in managing the marketing programs on all stages. The service usually includes:

  • strategy development, 
  • content production, 
  • publishing,
  • promotion, 
  • Analytics.

They fully take over the tactical aspects of the clients marketing program after setting the goals and the strategy in cooperation with the company.

Here are 3 main rules to follow for noticeable impact of marketing MSP for your businesses:

1. Set up your goals correctly

This will allow both your team and the marketing MSP to understand the business objectives. Furthermore, it will make sure that the tactics and every piece of content is aligned with the strategy. It’s important to set achievable and measurable goals and keep in mind that it takes some time for content marketing to start bringing value, but the results will be consistent and long term.

The ultimate metric that reflects your marketing effectiveness would be ROI. The return itself will take some time with content murketing, so you should set a wider range of KPI’s to track the performance in the meanwhile.

2. Only choose the marketing MSP that understands your business

You should think about your managed service provider as an enforcement  of your marketing team. This means you are hiring more than just freelance writers or advertising agencies – you’ll have an extra team of marketing professionals bringing you their experience. But will they be able to understand your audience and industry specifics? 

Most marketers need to involve employees from other departments to content creation which is not the best solution. Even if your expert can put words together, writing is usually time consuming and it’s better to dedicate it to the employees direct responsibilities.

Our managed service solutions offer you expert industry writers with extensive and unique professional experience in your industry and suitable for your writing skills and tone.

3. Communication is the key

Working with a managed service provider is almost the same as having one more CMO with a whole team. This means you and your MSP will have ongoing communication about your marketing performance. It’s important to keep your partners posted about all the changes in your business objectives. This way they can pivot their strategy and make sure it’s perfectly aligned with your needs.

Even if you fully trust your MSP it’s always better to stay hands-on and check the quality of your content. You usually have a dedicated account manager who is responsible for establishing the communication between your company and the MSP, and the success of your marketing campaigns, so you can always share your feedback with them.

Too many cooks spoil the broth, so we recommend defining one person responsible for communication with the MSP on your side to streamline this process. 


Marketing Managed Service Providers can help you gain more control of your results. Set clear goals, choose an MSP that understands your industry and communicate along the way. From here you can easily scale your content marketing.

We offer a Marketing Managed Service exclusively to results-oriented companies within the business services, financial services, and healthcare sectors to guarantee the achieving of financial results. 

Marketing Managed Services: What are the Benefits for your Business?

Time and money are of the essence, yet companies never have enough to spare for marketing. Luckily, marketing managed services can handle your program for you.

While investing in a digital marketing strategy may not seem like your highest priority, it’s really your best chance at survival. In fact, 14% of small companies go out of business because of poor marketing. Despite its importance, that doesn’t change the fact that many businesses just don’t have the time, money, or resources to allocate to a marketing program. That’s where a marketing managed services solution offers its value.

What is a marketing managed services solution?

Think of the different pillars of digital marketing – content, social media, SEO, email, and influencer. These aren’t silos. Rather, they work together, building off each other to create an advanced, connected strategy.

Marketing managed services takes all five pillars off your plate, driving better results by doing what so many companies don’t have the capacity to: create one unified program. With managed services, you still gain all of the benefits of an established digital marketing strategy, but you don’t have to manage anything internally.

Your managed services provider will handle everything from content planning and production to SEO optimization, from social media posts to industry influencer partnerships. By having one provider oversee each pillar, you get a cohesive program that leads to cost savings, better results, and more (while you still get to focus on your other business tasks).

What are the benefits of managed services?

While the advantages of a marketing managed services provider have a ripple effect throughout your company, these are some of the most prominent benefits you will see from that partnership.

Lower costs

The cost of a managed services solution is predictable. Subscription-based and scalable, this solution enables you to have both a more accurate budget and the flexibility to adapt to changes you need to make. Compared to an internal marketing program, where your team may fluctuate in their productivity levels and free time, a consistent solution leads to a more manageable budget.

Not only is marketing managed services predictable, but it also costs less as a whole. In fact, with the right partner, like Tempesta Media, you can achieve reliable results at up to 80% less cost than keeping marketing in-house. Indeed, you don’t have to worry about dedicating a full-time team (their time and salary) to digital marketing (planning, writing, optimizing, publishing, promoting, updating, and more).

Expert team

Instead of hunting for the right digital marketing pro, social media specialist, SEO whiz, and expert writers and editors, marketing managed services providers already have experienced and prepared professionals trained to manage your program effectively. From the beginning stages of planning all the way through amplification, providers have the experts who can craft industry-specific content that appeals to your audience.

Updated tools, tech, and techniques

If you have ever managed an internal digital marketing program, you know that there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye. Fortunately, managed services solutions have access to the tools and technology needed to make a real impression:

  • Latest best practices in SEO optimization.
  • Newest trends in social media and influencer marketing.
  • Content marketing integrations for easy publication and tracking.
  • Tools and tech for the seamless creation of email campaigns.
  • Streamlined platforms to easily manage programs in one place.
  • And more.

Without a marketing managed services partner, you are left to handle the associated time, energy, and costs that go into a comprehensive program like this.

Streamlined program

As briefly mentioned above, managed services providers have the technology to host primary aspects of a digital marketing program in one streamlined platform, making for a process that runs equally as smooth. In fact, marketing managed services providers often establish service-level agreements, holding them to certain standards of quality to meet the needs of their clients and encourage simple yet effective processes.

With a platform like Tempesta Media’s, it’s a hub for everything a successful program needs, like assignment scheduling, analytics and social media integrations, and a comprehensive list of content for easy organization. On one platform, you can see a piece of content progress from its creation all the way through publication, saving time and promoting ease of use.

More qualified leads

With a marketing managed services provider, you can rest assured that your digital marketing program will never lag, dwindle, or die out. Your partner will treat everything from content creation to social media posting to search engine optimization with the utmost importance.

What does this mean for you? You benefit from a consistent program that steadily captures leads and brings them down the sales funnel. Let’s take content marketing as an example.

Without a partner to advocate the importance of content, it’s likely that the program would become stagnant, ending with your team haphazardly publishing content whenever they find the time out of their busy schedules. This irregular frequency doesn’t leave your audience with much of a journey to follow, leaving countless qualified leads stuck halfway through the sales pipe.

But with a managed services provider, your content won’t ever see a gap, and your audience will be smooth-sailing down the pipeline.

Marketing managed services can give you better results

With the help of a managed services partner, you can watch your digital marketing tactics transform into a program that saves money, simplifies processes, and creates more qualified leads. All the while, you and your team can focus on other business-critical tasks without any sacrifice.

Need help?

Tempesta Media offers marketing managed services to companies in the business services, financial services, and healthcare industries. As mentioned above, we can provide up to 80% cost savings in your content, social media, and influencer marketing programs compared to an internal team.

With our proprietary platform, qualified team of industry experts, and knowledge of the latest trends and best practices, Tempesta Media can drive exceptional results and create quality content at scale.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our managed services and see how we can generate success for your business!

To discover other ways to optimize your marketing programs, download our e-book, 100 Mistakes Businesses Make When Starting, Optimizing, and Scaling Content Marketing Programs.

Top Content Marketing Solutions for Scaling Business Services

Leveraging content marketing solutions can help you scale your online presence. Here are some strategies to explore to increase the outreach of your business services.

Business services need a strong online profile to connect with audiences. Decision-makers consume digital content before making any purchasing decisions, so being a part of that journey gives you a competitive advantage.

However, producing content and promoting it can be time-consuming. As you keep growing, the following content marketing solutions will become a necessity to help you scale your online presence.

Content marketing development

Content marketing development is all about strategic approach. The point is to turn content marketing into a process. It’s a key practice for publishing fresh content regularly, which helps SEO rankings and provides your audience with the best available information on any given topic.

Approaching content marketing as a process is the first step of scaling up. With the help of a partner, you can:

  • Put together a content strategy targeting your main style guide(s). Automate the production of outlines for blogs, social media, videos, and so on.
  • Use an editorial calendar. Your calendar helps you set topics in advance and follow a schedule.
  • Outsource writing, editing, and preparing content for publication. This allows you to focus on other tasks, and if needed, you can easily order more content to scale up.

You can get more value from your content marketing solutions if you have control over the variables involved.

Social media

Did you know that there are 63 million decision-makers on LinkedIn?

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with B2B buyers. You can use it to establish your business services company as a thought leader. Moreover, shares can help you scale up by reaching out to a broader audience.

Content marketing solutions can help you produce content that will generate shares, clicks, and engagement. Besides, you can get help with growing an online community.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO helps you get more from existing content. You can scale up and get more traffic by optimizing new publications.

Content marketing solutions can help with on-page SEO optimization by:

  • Auditing your existing content and updating it to improve how it ranks.
  • Conducting keyword opportunity research to identify new trends.
  • Optimizing navigation to facilitate content discovery.
  • Crafting SEO-friendly titles, headers, tags, and more to tell search engines what your content is about.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO can bring more traffic to your site. It signals that you have quality content that deserves a spot among the top search results.

Content marketing solutions can develop inbound link campaigns. The goal is to get more relevant pages to link to you. Quality content will result in more inbound links, but you can also use guest posts. In addition, business services get a fast track to scaling from free PR provided by republished articles – anything from interview requests to direct client referrals.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a crucial channel for business services. In fact, 87% of B2B marketers use email for nurturing leads.

The B2B journey tends to be longer and more complex, and email tends to hold attention for longer. It’s direct and personal, often providing specific information that is relevant to the receiver.

Besides connecting with new prospects, you can use emails to boost repeat sales from existing clients. A managed services provider can help run your email campaigns and get better results.

Influencer marketing

Scale your online presence by working with B2B influencers. These partnerships can increase awareness for your business and give you more credibility. Some influencers have quite considerable followings among entrepreneurs and decision-makers, giving you access to new growth opportunities.

However, finding the right partners in your specific business services niche can be challenging. Choose content marketing solutions that can connect you to the right influencers for your goals.

Final thoughts on content marketing solutions

It’s possible to scale up your online presence by leveraging the right solutions. Look for a provider with a holistic approach to combine content marketing, SEO, social media, and other strategies.

Tempesta Media is a managed services provider that can help with content development, SEO, and the other areas mentioned above. Get in touch with us to learn more, or download our 100 mistakes e-book to learn more about how to develop an efficient content marketing program.

Social Media Content Ideas That Perform Best for Healthcare

Trust is crucial in healthcare. Without it, you’ll have trouble connecting with your audience and gaining new patients. These proven social media content ideas can help your healthcare organization build trust with your patients.

Social media platforms are a great way to reach an audience. Facebook — the most-used social media site — has more than 2.7 billion monthly active users. About two-thirds of those users log on to the site daily. Other platforms like Instagram and Twitter are close behind. Healthcare marketers and providers need to understand how to use them to:

  • Promote positive health behaviors.
  • Establish your organization as a trusted source.
  • Engage patients in their care.
  • Highlight your successes.

These social media content ideas perform best online and can help you build your audience.

Preventive care news

In Dr. Raina M. Merchant’s recent study, “Evaluating the Potential Role of Social Media in Preventive Health Care,” she looks at the way information is created and shared on social media among every age and demographic group. However, social media is also a place where misinformation spreads quickly. You can combat this by publishing good information from sources like the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

This is especially important when preventive care recommendations change. For example, the USPSTF recently recommended adults age 50 to 80 who currently smoke or have smoked within the past 15 years to get an annual lung cancer screening using a CT scan. Publish this information on social media and make it easy to share online. This helps patients sort through confusing (and sometimes incorrect) information.

Educational content

People go online to find information about symptoms, diseases, and treatment options. A study published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE found that about 20% of online searches were health-related.

That presents many opportunities for healthcare organizations, but it also has some pitfalls for patients. Remember, not all information online is accurate, and sometimes it’s hard to sort through what’s good and bad.

You can make this easier for patients by sharing educational content on social media. Create this content from scratch, or republish information from reputable sources. The best are government sites, educational sites, and non-profit scientific or medical research societies.

Raise awareness for events and new treatments

The internet is a great place to promote what’s happening in your organization. Some social media content ideas for events and information to post include:

  • New and innovative treatments.
  • New service lines, new specialty areas of treatment, and new physicians.
  • Events to promote health, such as health fairs and screenings.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Job fairs to hire new staff.
  • Classes to help patients live healthy lives, manage disease, or understand treatment options.

Staff highlights and accomplishments

When your staff is dedicated to your mission, they make patients feel comfortable about coming in for care. Highlight the great things your staff does by creating social media spotlights of them.

These can be as simple as a “get to know you” post with a picture of a friendly face from your clinic. You can also use video to your advantage here, letting the staff member introduce themselves and talk about why they love the work they do. It doesn’t require advanced video editing skills, just a smartphone and a room with good lighting.

User-generated content

One of the biggest misconceptions about social media content is that you have to create everything you post. Many successful organizations encourage users to create content they can post online. For example, CaringBridge is a non-profit that helps people create websites to update family and friends about their healthcare journey. They frequently ask followers to share information and ideas on their Facebook page about various topics related to healthcare and overcoming illness.

However, there is one important caveat to sharing consumer content in the healthcare industry.

Patient privacy laws (HIPAA) protect patients from having medical information shared without permission. Sharing protected health information without the patient’s written consent can get you in legal trouble and cost you a lot in fines. Anyone can comment or share information on your social media sites on their own without you worrying about HIPAA violations, but if you plan to share something about a patient, make sure you have their written permission to do so.

The bottom line

You should be using social media as a tool to share healthcare information. These social media content ideas are a great place to start. When used well, it can build trust with your audience and bring in new patients. Find out how Tempesta Media can help you outline a strategy to improve your social media presence and create effective content to post online.

While you’re at it, take a look at our e-book on 100 mistakes companies make when implementing their content marketing programs to discover a few strategies for social media and content marketing success.

Google Algorithm Update 2021 – Guide for Business Services Companies

Google will release an algorithm update in May 2021 to add Page Experience as a ranking factor. Business services companies can prepare for this Google algorithm update 2021 by reviewing their SEO best practices.

Google is about to implement a major change to its algorithm. The search engine will release an update in May to introduce a new factor called Page Experience. Is this Google algorithm update 2021 going to change your rankings? Business services companies can continue to rank high for relevant searches by preparing for this change.

What are the main components of this algorithm update?

Google currently uses an algorithm that looks at hundreds of factors when determining which web pages to show first, and Page Experience will soon be one of the hundreds.

Google launched its Web Vitals tool to help you measure Page Experience. This tool looks at three of the parameters that make up your Page Experience score:

  • Does your website load quickly?
  • Is there a fast response when users click on an element?
  • Are there unexpected movements of your page content?

Page Experience includes other factors, like:

  • Is your website mobile-friendly?
  • Do you offer a safe browsing experience?
  • Does your site use the HTTPS protocol?
  • Do users have to close intrusive interstitials?

Google has revealed that Page Experience is a factor that can make a difference when comparing pages that are equally relevant for a query.

How business services companies can prepare for the Google algorithm update 2021

Don’t let this new update set you back. You still have plenty of time to fix Page Experience issues before Google rolls out this algorithm change.

Improve website health for a better Page Experience

Because safe browsing is one of the criteria Google will look at to assess Page Experience, a website with hacked pages, malware, and other issues will get a low safe browsing score.

For instance, a weak, broken, or outdated authentication system can put your clients at risk for account takeover. Attackers can inject malicious scripts that launch attacks when a user visits the compromised webpage.

Thus, safe browsing is crucial for business services companies – you need to come across as trustworthy and reliable. Start from offering a safe website. You can use Google’s Security Issues report to check for problematic pages and improve your website health.

Showcase your expertise with quality content

Remember that Page Experience will only come into play when comparing pages with similar quality and relevancy. So, although the Google algorithm update 2021 is adding a new factor, quality content will continue to remain one of the determining factors for your rankings.

Business service leaders can position themselves as thought leaders by creating niche content that supports B2B buyers in their journey. Focusing on thought leadership allows you to develop the kind of sophisticated content that brings value to your audience while crafting a professional image for your brand.

Showcasing your expertise through quality content will help you move from a push to a pull strategy. Instead of pushing your products, your content will pull the right audience in with valuable information that reflects the concerns B2B buyers have in the current stage of their journey.

Optimize your business services website with these SEO strategies

Audit your existing content to look for ways to optimize it. You should also review your best SEO practices for the content you develop in the future.

Here are different SEO strategies you can use to prepare for the Google algorithm update 2021.

Create a keyword sitemap

A keyword sitemap is a document that assigns a target keyword to each page. It helps you create a logical structure for a better navigation experience. Also, it allows you to use more relevant keywords in your URLs.

Look at how keywords are connected to create keyword clusters. For instance, let’s say you offer training services to businesses. One of your products is a customer service training program.

Some users will look for the service you offer with a keyword like “customer service training.” Others will use different wording, like “customer satisfaction training.” You might even see more precise searches for “customer service training online class” or users who are looking for a solution with a search like “how to increase customer satisfaction index.”

Instead of creating four different pieces that could end up competing against each other, consolidate all these keywords into a cluster and develop a long-form guide that goes over the benefits of your program while explaining how it works.

Developing longer articles based on keyword clusters will pay off. Indeed, articles over 3,000 words get three times more traffic, four times more shares, and 3.5 times more backlinks compared to shorter pieces.

Focus on local SEO

With 46% of Google searches asking for local information, you need to reach out to local B2B buyers with the following strategies:

  • Optimize your Google My Business listing.
  • Use social media to get traffic from local users.
  • Participate in local business events for online mentions and backlinks.
  • Add location-specific keywords to your content.

Identify long-tail keywords

The B2B buyer journey is becoming longer and more complex. A Gartner study found that 77% of B2B buyers considered their latest purchase to be very complex.

Users are more likely to issue very specific queries that are more sophisticated as they progress in this journey. Long-tail keywords allow you to capture these searches and target users with a precise intent.

Consider the frequency of long-tail keywords, the level of competition, and their relevancy to identify content creation opportunities.

For instance, “IT support” is a short-tail keyword that leads to broad results. B2B buyers will likely refine their search with long-tail keywords like “IT support cost comparison,” “why should I outsource IT support,” or “what to look for in an IT support provider.”

Optimize page content and metadata

You can boost your rankings by auditing existing pages and following a few simple strategies to optimize them. Proper optimization will give you a competitive edge and help you target the right B2B users by indicating what your content is about.

Here’s how you can optimize page content and metadata to prepare your business for the Google algorithm update 2021:

  • Create descriptive page titles with keywords.
  • Keep your URLs short and descriptive.
  • Add title tags with keywords.
  • Write compelling meta descriptions that will increase clicks.
  • Use alt tags to describe your images.
  • Break up your content with headings that use supporting keywords.
  • Keep the keyword density natural in your copy.

Nurture your network of backlinks

B2B marketers who have blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t. So, nurturing a network of backlinks for your blog is perhaps the most important thing business services should focus on, with guest posting and other strategies that get your content more visible.

Developing strong partnerships will drive traffic to your site from qualified leads and contribute to establishing your business as a thought leader.

We recommend seeking the following opportunities to nurture your network of backlinks:

  • Launch a backlink campaign to get more links to your content.
  • Publish quality content that brings new ideas to the table.
  • Invest in market research so other sites can link to your statistics.
  • Participate in local events to get backlinks from local news sources and organizations.
  • Identify key professional publications for your niche and write for them.
  • Target news publications with content that discusses the latest trends in your niche.
  • Partner with influencers to build links on social media.
  • Leverage your professional network to exchange backlinks with your connections.
  • Partner with popular business podcasts or YouTube channels to explore other formats and get backlinks.
  • Use analytics to identify your most valuable backlinks and look for ways to get similar ones.

Final thoughts on the Google algorithm update 2021

Business services companies should prepare for the upcoming Google algorithm change. Things like website health and quality content are important, and you can maintain or improve your rankings with proper optimization.

Tempesta Media is a managed services provider that focuses on performance. We have experience with business services companies and can help you prepare for this Google algorithm update 2021. Get in touch with us to learn more!

And while you’re at it, download our e-book on 100 mistakes companies make in their content marketing programs to further optimize your strategies.

Consolidate Your Content Marketing Software Vendors to Improve Your Team’s Performance

Content marketing software comes in all shapes and sizes. You can find tools designed to fulfill your exact task, but there is such a thing as too many tools. Instead, you need to consolidate your vendors.

Content marketing software can be extremely useful and bring incredible value to your business, but less so if you have 120 subscriptions to handle and pay for when you’re only publishing 8-10 articles every month. 

Instead of fighting this battle, take a critical approach to choosing tools and software for your content marketing program. Divide your process into steps, and consolidate the tools you need for each of those stages in one place.

Tempesta Media’s content marketing platform is a software solution that centralizes all upstream marketing processes – from planning to distribution to analysis.

Strategy stage

At the strategy stage specifically, we can offer you the following solutions to drive growth.

Content marketing consulting 

We can establish marketing goals and provide you with a fresh, critical look at your existing content to make sure you’re on the right path towards reaching your objectives.

In a typical content marketing consultation, we offer:

  • Content marketing plan development.
  • Editorial calendar development.
  • Article interviews.
  • Custom content management system integration.
  • Content taxonomy.
  • Plagiarism screening for existing content.
  • New website content planning.
  • E-guide/white paper/e-book planning sessions.
  • Much, much more.

Competitor analysis

We perform comprehensive SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) research to analyze your competitors and identify trends and gaps within their content. We then recommend strategies you can utilize to gain traction where your competitors are lacking. 

This report provides valuable insight into your competitors’ social media and content marketing channels, ultimately helping you form a more comprehensive content strategy.

Planning stage

After setting your goals, you can start thinking about how to accomplish them. At the planning stage, the Tempesta Media platform can support your endeavors with the following solutions.

Writer audition

We have vetted over 27,000 professional writers to give you access to the best industry experts to choose from. During a writer audition, a handful of writers (usually around 6) in your industry will create a short blog article on the topic of your choosing. You can pick the writers who best match your Voice Profile™ requirements to create your content consistently throughout your partnership.

Dynamic content calendar

This Tempesta Media tool allows you to plan your content marketing program and easily:

  • Choose a topic to write about.
  • Assign it to your expert writer.
  • Track progress.
  • Schedule publication dates for your blog or social media platforms.

This dynamic calendar helps you keep up with the recommended posting frequency for blogs. It also helps you identify the days you don’t have any content scheduled for publishing and fill in the gaps. 

Editorial calendars

An editorial calendar allows you to create a detailed content roadmap to help you establish a schedule. It includes individual content outlines, recommended assignment release dates, and more.

Our expert writers and content strategists will analyze your industry’s best practices and research trending topics to help you cover the most relevant and interesting ideas for your audience. 

After approving these outlines, you can schedule their release and publication dates to give you a more firm grasp on publication frequency.

We mean it when we say our platform helps you automate and streamline your content creation process. After this step, you can sit back and watch your content marketing perform. 

Once you’ve determined your plan and entered the content creation phase, your contribution should be minimal. You have the plan and the team to produce your content, and you only need to complete a final review and approve your content.

Content creation and management stages

Content ordering 

Place your orders right from your editorial calendar or use our content templates to automate the production process. 

Our platform helps ensure that your content aligns with your audience preferences and SEO targets, and it automatically checks the content for readability and plagiarism issues.

However, creating amazing content is not the ultimate goal of content marketing. Without distribution, even the most insightful content will be as useless as a pair of suit pants is to a remote worker. Take a look at the Tempesta Media capabilities to streamline the distribution process.

Simple Social Share™ 

Plan, order, schedule, and publish social media posts right from your Tempesta Media platform. Like we mentioned before, you can use the dynamic editorial calendar to do it after setting the integration with your social media accounts. 

We offer both curated content for thought leadership and social post add-ons to your blog articles. This dynamic option gives you flexibility and control over what you post on social media so you can provide extended value and create stronger relationships with your audience.


To truly present a streamlined content marketing solution, your vendor should have a multitude of integrations available. After all, it’s always handier to control and analyze the data from different channels all in one place. Create the most effective workflows for your content marketing program with our integrations.

Here is the list of integrations available right now:

  • WordPress – Schedule and publish your blogs from your Tempesta Media account.
  • Social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) – Plan and create your posts to save time and increase your social media brand presence.
  • Google Analytics – Connect with the most powerful web analytics tool to gain insights into your content. 
  • HubSpot – Save your completed assignments as drafts in your HubSpot account and publish them with only a few clicks.
  • Google Drive – Always keep your content archive available for your whole organization.

In summary

The Tempesta Media platform can help you consolidate your team, processes, and tools in one place to make sure you gain the most out of your content marketing efforts. Our team of professionals can bring the expertise and experience to your marketing program and help you achieve your business goals. 

Contact us to learn more and download our e-book on 100 mistakes businesses often make with their content marketing programs to learn how to best manage your strategy.

How Financial Services Companies Can Prepare Themselves for the Google Algorithm Update 2021

Google is about to release an important update to its search algorithm. This Google algorithm update 2021 will target page experience with signals like loading speed and safe browsing.

If there is one piece of timeless SEO advice, it’s that you need to keep up with Google’s algorithm updates. The search engine giant regularly improves the way it ranks pages to put quality content in front of users by using an ever-growing list of page ranking factors. As a financial services company looking to rank higher, here’s what you need to know to take advantage of the new update.

Which factors will the Google algorithm update 2021 target?

The Google Page Experience update will be released in May 2021. This update will add new factors for page rankings, including a mix of signals that Google already uses like mobile-friendliness, HTTPS protocol, the presence of intrusive pop-ups, and safe browsing.

It will also add Core Web Vitals like loading speed, visual stability (the movements of page content when it loads), and interactivity (how quickly elements respond when a user clicks or taps).

In 2020, consumers turned to the internet to research personal finance topics like down payments on homes, cash-back credit cards, car insurance discounts for low miles, and ethical investing. These trends reflect as many starting points in online journeys that are becoming increasingly complex.

Keeping up with this new algorithm update ensures that your content continues to rank high to capture relevant searches and provide users with solutions to their problems.

How can financial service professionals prepare for this new update?

You can prepare for the Google algorithm update 2021 by optimizing the following aspects of your site:

Page experience and website health

Your website health score is an important indicator for safe browsing. Poor website health doesn’t reflect the kind of trustworthiness search engines and consumers look for in financial services. You can assess this metric by looking at the number of pages with errors and comparing it to the ratio of healthy pages.

Google’s Security Issues report tool can help you diagnose issues that send negative signals for safe browsing, like hacked content or malware.

Publish quality content

Google explained that the pages with the best information will continue to rank higher. Page experience is one of the many factors that come into play when ranking content that is equally relevant.

Financial topics call for higher levels of expertise in Google’s quality standards. So, publish quality content that showcases your expertise, and add information about your credentials.

Make your site fast and mobile-friendly

According to Google, mobile searches related to financial planning have increased by 70% between 2016 and 2018. It’s more important than ever to offer a seamless experience for mobile users.

Ideally, your pages should load in 2.5 seconds or faster. Here’s how you can improve loading speed:

  • Use effective image formats like WebP, and size your images properly.
  • Get rid of unused code, unnecessary characters, and comments.
  • Avoid redirects when possible.
  • Take advantage of browser caching so that repeat visitors don’t have to load pages from scratch.

Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to analyze your webpages and get recommendations for improving loading speed.

Fast loading speeds will make your website more friendly for mobile users, but there are additional steps you can take:

  • Pick a mobile responsive theme that adapts to the device screen size.
  • Get rid of interstitials.
  • Optimize items like font size and button placement.
  • Rethink navigation to make information easier to access for mobile users.

Top keyword research for the finance industry

Preparing your website for the Google algorithm update 2021 is an opportunity to freshen up the focus keyword phrases you target.

Here are a few current topics to explore:

  • A new generation of investors is emerging. These DIY investors are between 25 and 34 and are interested in ethical investing.
  • Markets like blockchain technology, the cannabis industry, and AI are appealing to investors who seek growth.
  • There are new areas where your expertise is needed, like possible upcoming tax changes.

You should also consider semantics and use keywords that sound more like human speech. Voice search is on the rise thanks to digital assistants, and users are more likely to issue longer queries that feel more natural.

Find keywords related to these topics and more with Google’s Keyword Planner tool.

Optimize titles, headings, and content for top keywords

Once you know the top keywords you want to target, use them to optimize the following elements for the Google algorithm update 2021:

  • Page titles. Use keywords to create a short and accurate description of your content.
  • Meta descriptions. Your keywords will appear in bold if they match the search terms.
  • Headings. Structure your content with optimized headings and draw attention to different subtopics with LSI keywords. Adding an FAQ to a page is a great way to introduce more keyword-rich headings while answering common questions users might have when researching financial topics.
  • Copy. Keywords should occur naturally in your copy. Aim for a keyword density of .5-2%.

Create and optimize your Google My Business page

Local SEO is crucial for bringing foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar location. Even though consumers want perks like digital resources and video calls, many still look for financial service professionals at a local level with tools like Google Maps.

Claim your Google My Business listing so you can optimize the information displayed for these results. If you don’t claim your listing, Google will display an auto-generated result block that might be inaccurate or look incomplete.

Besides, Google displays reviews in these result blocks. Among 18 to 34-years-old, 91% of users trust reviews, a key demographic for growth in the financial industry.

Complete your directory and social media listings

Claim your business listings on popular directories like Yelp or Yellow Pages and sign up for industry-specific directories like CPA Finder or BrightScope. Having listings allows you to update your business information, including NAP (Name, Address, Phone), which needs to be consistent for local SEO rankings.

During the pandemic, 74% of financial advisors used social media for new client acquisition. Social media will continue to be a valuable channel for connecting with your audience. With these pages appearing in search results, they could become an important source of organic traffic and lead generation.

Optimize images and video content on your site

Even though 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, financial service professionals tend to lag behind in this area. Developing visual content helps users absorb complex information, and optimizing images and videos sends a strong signal that your pages have plenty of relevant content. Because search engines can’t analyze this content, you need to use the following techniques:

  • Create descriptive titles that use keywords.
  • Optimize file names with keywords.
  • Describe images with alt tags.
  • Add short captions to your images.
  • Think about adding a transcript for content like videos and podcasts.
  • Pick appealing thumbnails and use unique images over stock images since this content can appear in SERPs.

Closing remarks on the Google algorithm update 2021

Focus on improving page loading speed, making your content mobile-friendly, and delivering a safe browsing experience. You should also continue using other tried and true SEO techniques to consolidate your page rankings.

Tempesta Media can help you prepare for the Google algorithm update 2021. We offer managed services with capabilities like on- and off-page SEO optimization for better performance and a faster approval and publication process.

In fact, our platform can improve the performance of your content marketing team by 30% with features like a seamless content workflow and integration of content and social media. Contact us today to learn more! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to download our e-book on 100 mistakes businesses make in their content marketing programs to ensure your financial services company runs the most effective program possible.

5 Ways Editing Services Can Enhance Your Content

When you assumed your current role at your company, the plan was to spend hours every week writing and editing web content, right?
Or maybe it wasn’t, but that’s how things have turned out. You’ve come to realize that amid the masses of content being produced online, it’s tough to consistently churn out exceptional content without expending a lot of time and energy. To meet that goal, you need the help of expert editing services. Professional editors can enhance your content in five major ways.

1. Expel errors

Correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes is the most obvious difference pro editors can make, but don’t underestimate its importance. Sloppy business writing tells potential customers you don’t care about the details. And don’t rely on automated spelling and grammar checkers—they’re often wrong and can’t replace a seasoned proofreader.

2. Promote readability

Beyond the minutiae of technical correctness, a lot goes into ensuring content is enjoyable from the reader’s perspective. Not every reader can pinpoint what’s wrong with a piece of content, but readers notice when your content is substandard, and it turns them off.
Conversely, with great editing, readers don’t notice anything but your message. Editors fly under the radar, but make your company look brilliant. While writers work for your business, editors work for the reader; their goal is to maximize readability. A top editing service can polish your writing so it’s concise, reads smoothly and is easy to understand.

outline will help you stay on point3. Standardize formatting and language

Consistency is one of the trickiest aspects of editing, which is why style guides exist. For example, you may not notice when a word is hyphenated or capitalized in one part of a piece and not elsewhere, but readers can be distracted by it. Editors, who root out subtle inconsistencies all day, are likely to find them better and faster than someone who would rather be focusing on business concerns.

4. Zoom in on brand image and voice

Your marketing team and leadership have defined the image they’d like the company to project. But when multiple writers are producing content, it can be hard to present your brand voice uniformly. Editing services focus on these aspects of writing, as well as on SEO and audience targeting, so you can show prospective customers who you are reliably and earn their trust.

5. Streamline production

There’s nothing like timely and constructive feedback to inspire higher performance. Editors are writing specialists, so they can put their finger on the ways your content is falling short, explain them clearly and offer helpful suggestions without interrupting business processes. Outsourcing editing results in greater efficiency in the long run, saving time and money.

Editing services for the win

No one should edit their own writing, and that includes business writers. When you need a second look from an objective observer, editing services are not only unbiased but eminently knowledgeable. By procuring the assistance of professional editors, you can prevent content production failures that cost your company money, bolster its efficiency, free your staff to do business rather than write, and give customers first-rate content—all at the same time.

Need help?

If you have a content marketing program or are planning one, download our eBook 100 Mistakes Businesses Make When Starting, Optimizing and Scaling Content Marketing Programs.
This eBook will walk you through the mistakes of hundreds of other companies and the challenges they faced in implementing their content marketing programs. To learn more about how Tempesta Media can help you streamline your content creation process and deliver quality content at scale, contact us today.

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