Content marketing trends, insights, and predictions.

How Writers Can Improve Their Writing

Writers often ask, “How can I get paid more for the content that I create?” In order to learn the answer to that question, you have to understand the cost components that go into creating and publishing a piece of content. Only then can you understand the key levers...

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How to Create Content for a Niche Industry

Few businesses, if any, can be all things to all people. In fact, it can be an extremely effective strategy for companies of all sizes to recognize and narrowly define their niche market. Targeting a smaller audience and taking steps to dominate their market via a...

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Marketing ideas to be productive when working from home

In Chicago, the weather has turned completely frigid and is reaching record lows. Record negative temperatures means schools are closed and many people in the Midwest are stuck working at home. Working from home can be a huge luxury, many employers list it is a perk...

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Content marketing for startups

A lot of startup companies are driven by people with deep technology expertise, for example, programmers or engineers, who had a great idea about a product or service. They started developing a product or service in the hopes of ultimately being able to serve their...

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