Content marketing trends, insights, and predictions.

Content marketing industry resources

Content marketing continues to be a critical component for corporate growth, so education is key to making sure that you are using the best practices. Listed below are several industry resources. They provide great insight on everything you need to know about...

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How much to spend on your content marketing program

The percentage of your budget that is spent on content marketing must reflect the split between brand based marketing and the direct response based marketing. "Most marketers are allocating anywhere between 25 and 49 percent of their marketing budget towards content...

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How do we work with your account manager?

Think of your Tempesta Media account manager as the quarterback of your content marketing team. Instead of going back and forth with writers, communicate with one designated person. Your account manager will optimize your writing team, your voice profile, and make...

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How to update old blog posts for better SEO

Getting the most out of your SEO program is all about creating new content on a consistent basis. Or is it? Creating new content is necessary, and as you know, it takes a great deal of time. That's why it's also important that you take care of quicker tasks that will...

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What happens if we don’t like the content that we order?

Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with the content that we create for you. We strive to make the sure the writing style, level of depth, insight, personality, and all the nuances of your brand are captured within the messaging. If you'd like to request a...

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