Tempesta Media’s Performica™ Makes Content Marketing Accountable

The company’s managed service solution, Performica, holistically leverages content, social, and influencer marketing channels to drive more leads and revenue.

MICHIGAN CITY, IN, September 12, 2022 – Tempesta Media, the performance-based content marketing solutions company, has released v2 of its managed solution, Performica. Performica is a managed solution that combines a sophisticated technology platform, deep analytics, and strategy components to predictably drive incremental revenue for B2B companies.


Tempesta Media’s Performica™ now has over 30 modules, including: 

  • Prova™ – a comprehensive digital marketing analysis that assesses over 90 different areas of a company’s digital marketing program. 
  • Simple Social Share™ – leverages customer employees and stakeholders to amplify content marketing performance.
  • Vetted subject matter expert network – with over 27,000 vetted US industry experts, companies can secure experts from their industry for their content marketing programs.
  • Distributed publishing – whether a company’s website, social media profiles or other channels, Tempesta Media’s advanced publishing module makes it easy to distribute content.


Because of its breadth and depth, Perfomica is customizable to each company’s specific program objectives and KPIs.  

In addition, Performica can eliminate the expense of hiring, training, and supporting an internal, dedicated content, social, and influencer marketing team.

“It took me a while to decide to use Tempesta Media,” commented James Ashford, Oklahoma & Arkansas Sales Director at Vision Care Direct. “Tempesta Media is one of the best services we contract out. Their content, ease of business, and staff’s patience are top-notch. We have continued to add other Performica components as they have earned our trust. I recommend them to any business.”

By tightly integrating content marketing, social media, and influencer marketing capabilities into one seamless solution, Tempesta Media can uncover unique insights, reduce operational costs, and drive predictable, superior performance for its customers.

“It’s great to have customers rave about their Performica results,” commented Michael Marchese, CEO of Tempesta Media. “For too long, content marketing has been viewed as nothing more than a vehicle to drive awareness. Performica proves that it can drive real, tangible results.” 


Performica is now generally available to mid-sized B2B companies within the US.  To learn more, please visit www.TempestaMedia.com.


Created in 2011, Tempesta Media is a leading performance-based provider of digital marketing solutions that drives business revenue. Our managed service combines cutting-edge technology with our expertise and industry knowledge to drive leads and revenue for B2B companies. We serve B2B businesses across the US. Contact us at Sales@TempestaMedia.com.

Tempesta Media Is Cited as an Example of a Preferred Digital Marketing Approach

Howard Tullman explained well in Inc. Magazine the reasons why CEOs consider themselves great specialists in each business field, and waste their time and energy to showcase that and its consequences. Most importantly, he highlights the ways to overcome it, including an excellent case for outsourcing, including content marketing. This article named the benefits of Tempesta Media as a marketing managed service solution for businesses that deliver high ROI and ROT.

This blog post provided actionable recommendations on how founders easily can:

  • Have a greater focus on managing their core business tasks;
  • Stop attempting to do everything themselves; 
  • Refrain from wasting time and resources trying to produce effective content marketing programs that they could never do well in-house.

Learn this article to get more insights from Howard Tullman in Inc. Magazine.

Tempesta Media Awarded for Business Investment at EDCMC Silver Anniversary Gala & Investment Awards

Content-based marketing solutions company recognized for contributions at the Economic Development Corporation Michigan City’s 25th-anniversary celebration.

Michael Marchese at Tempesta Media Awarded for Business Investment at EDCMC Silver Anniversary Gala & Investment AwardsMICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2022 – Tempesta Media, the performance-based content marketing solutions company, today announced its recognition by the Economic Development Corporation Michigan City (EDCMC) with a Business Investment Award at its Silver Anniversary Gala.Tempesta Media was recognized with this award for economic contributions invested in Michigan City. This investment supported EDCMC’s mission to launch and develop local businesses in the Michigan City area. “We are happy to be a small part of Michigan City’s tremendous growth and revitalization,” commented Michael Marchese, Founder and CEO.

The 2022 gala was a historic event for the EDCMC, as attendees celebrated 25 years of community and economic development service to residents and local businesses in Michigan City. Over 500 business leaders from Michigan City, Laporte County, and Northwest Indiana attended this historic celebratory event.

About Tempesta Media

Founded in 2011, Tempesta Media is a leading performance-based provider of content, social, and influencer marketing solutions that drive revenue for businesses. Our managed service combines our cutting-edge technology with our world-class expertise and industry knowledge to drive leads and revenue for B2B companies. We serve businesses across North America in financial services, manufacturing, business services, technology, and trade services.
For more information, please contact us at Sales@TempestaMedia.com.

Tempesta Media Announces a $1K Digital Marketing Scholarship for Talented Third- and Fourth-Year Undergraduate Students

November 30, 2021, MICHIGAN CITY, IN: –Tempesta Media announces the launch of its scholarship program for talented third- and fourth-year undergraduate students who are majoring in journalism or marketing. The scholarship is for the field of digital marketing and is valued at $1,000, which will be given to one worthy student each year.

Scholarship overview

Tempesta Media’s scholarship program seeks upperclassmen undergraduate students (those entering their junior or senior years) who are majoring in journalism or marketing. They must be attending an accredited educational institution in the United States. Tempesta Media will provide $1,000 to a worthy students to help them pursue their interests and develop their skills towards their marketing career path.

What are the requirements and criteria?

Only one applicant will be awarded the scholarship annually. Candidates must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5, and a minimum major GPA of 3.75.

In addition to these objective requirements, the Tempesta Media review board will also consider candidates’ answers to a series of essay questions. The winning candidate will best display their passion for digital marketing and knowledge in their intended field. This subjective portion of the application process will enable students to express their interest and capabilities in their own words, showing Tempesta Media why they believe they are deserving of the scholarship.

Purpose of the scholarship

Tempesta Media’s company values

Tempesta Media’s culture is inspired by its core values. The team is passionate about quality digital marketing and is guided by these drivers. The winner’s values should align with Tempesta Media’s. They want to see in the winner an aspiring professional who exemplifies integrity, initiative, drive, and a willingness for constant self-improvement. These values are also key pillars of digital marketing, and Tempesta Media is looking for a candidate who they believe has the morals, goals, and enthusiasm to learn and excel in this field.

The company’s goals for the scholarship

Tempesta Media is an industry leader and pioneer in digital marketing. They are committed to the future of digital marketing and always aim to champion the young professionals in the industry. It is Tempesta Media’s goal to push the quality of the industry, and the team believes this is found in the hearts and minds of new digital marketers. They hope these students will continue to foster quality in their field. And as part of their commitment, Tempesta Media intends to open its doors and offer an ongoing internship as part of this program.

Tempesta Media prides itself on giving back to help ensure the digital marketing community will always strive for the highest quality. They believe this program will contribute to that quality.

Important dates to remember

Tempesta Media’s scholarship will be awarded for use during the fall 2022 semester:

  • Deadline to apply: April 30, 2022
  • Winner announcement: May 16, 2022

For more information or to apply, visit this page.

About Tempesta Media

Founded in 2011, Tempesta Media is a leading performance-based provider of content, social, and influencer marketing solutions that drive revenue for businesses. Our managed service brings together cutting-edge technology with world-class expertise and industry knowledge to drive leads and revenue for B2B companies. We serve businesses across North America in financial services, manufacturing, business services, technology, and trade services. For more information, please get in touch with us at (312) 371-0555 or Sales@TempestaMedia.com.

Merging Human Industry Expertise With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Tempesta Media and Craftly.AI partnership takes expert-driven content marketing to the next level.

September 15, 2021, MICHIGAN CITY, IN:Tempesta Media, a performance-based content marketing solutions leader, announces its partnership with Craftly.AI, an AI-powered copywriting assistant.

Tempesta Media will incorporate the Craftly.AI platform as part of its managed solution. The new capabilities will be made available to the company’s vetted industry experts. Craftly.AI’s AI-powered copywriting assistant will help them convert their extensive industry knowledge and subject matter expertise into magazine-quality content. The partnership will benefit writers by increasing productivity and benefit clients with enhanced customer satisfaction and better-optimized content that achieves results even faster.

Leveraging AI for better content

In a rapidly evolving digital marketing world, quality content matters. It remains one of the most effective tools for attracting new customers and converting leads into sales. The ability to continually adapt to the changing online algorithms and industry shifts gives companies an edge over the competition.

“After evaluating numerous solutions, we selected Craftly.AI because of the tangible value it will bring to our industry experts and our managed service clients,” commented Michael Marchese, Founder, and CEO of Tempesta Media. “This partnership further advances Tempesta Media’s leadership as the premier content marketing managed solution for financial services, healthcare, and business services companies.”

“I know that by combining Tempesta Media’s 27,000+ industry experts with Craftly.AI’s creative and original copywriting, we are bringing together the very best of human talent and revolutionary technology. This partnership will produce content that is far superior to either individual component. In the hands of a novice, Craftly can produce great content, but in the hands of a copywriting and industry expert the output can be amazing.” commented Iman Bashir, Founder of Craftly.AI

Click here to learn more about the combined solution.

About Tempesta Media

Founded in 2011, Tempesta Media is a leading performance-based provider of content, social, and influencer marketing solutions that drive revenue for businesses. Our managed service brings together cutting-edge technology with world-class expertise and industry knowledge to drive leads and revenue for B2B companies. We serve businesses across North America in financial services, manufacturing, business services, technology, and trade services. For more information, please get in touch with us at (312) 371-0555 or Sales@TempestaMedia.com.

About Craftly.AI

Craftly.AI is a web-based artificial intelligence copywriting assistant that generates original and high-performing content. By leveraging the largest neural network to date, the technology learns to flawlessly emulate unique communication styles while injecting the necessary formulas for success. Be it billion-dollar brands or freelance writers, Craftly.AI designs marketing tools with a data-driven approach to provide users all the options they need to generate copy for blogs, web, e-commerce, emails, or ideas in seconds. 

Tempesta Media CEO, Michael Marchese, shares insights for start-up CEOs

In celebration of Tempesta Media’s 10th anniversary, we sat down with founder and CEO Michael Marchese to answer a few questions and gain insight into the ideas and inspirations behind one of the fastest-growing companies in content marketing as well as offer advice to fellow start-up CEOs.

Can you tell me about the day you had the idea to start Tempesta Media?

Michael Marchese, Tempesta Media CEO

It’s interesting – it actually happened by accident. Over the 15 years prior to founding Tempesta Media, I had accumulated many valuable domain names.   

I was always looking for a better way to monetize them.  Ultimately, I developed a company called Pareto Media Networks in 2008. The whole point of that company was to develop these domains into full websites. We developed a pretty cool system that could turn these domains into websites pretty automatically, and all it needed was content fed into it.  That company became successful — we were a PITCHfest finalist at DOMAINfest. By the time the idea came upon me, we were already managing over 2,500 websites.

What ended up happening is we ran a test in the late summer of 2010 to see whether the domain name was what was bringing people to the site or the content. That test proved that content was what was driving not only the visitors but also revenue – much more so than the domain name. While that may seem obvious today, back then, it was revolutionary.

So I had to make a very difficult decision because I saw that content and content marketing were the future. Ultimately, I went back to some of my original investor and said, “You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I’m going to completely shut down the successful business that we have and move it into this completely unproven area. It’s going to take us a couple of years of no revenue or very little revenue while we go and build all this stuff out. But I think this is the future!”

Now, imagine going to your board or your investors and telling them that kind of thing. Clearly, it took some convincing to do.  In 2011, we formally started Tempesta Media, while using the month that we discovered the idea – August – as our Founder’s Day. We moved much of the technology we developed with Pareto Media Networks, and the rest is history.

So you decided to take a risk when you started Tempesta Media?

It was a huge risk. Can you imagine having a successful and growing product and all of a sudden saying, “You know, we’re done. We’re not doing this.” And it was actually incredibly fortuitous that we did make the leap. A lot of people thought I was crazy at the beginning!

That decision was the right decision because what ended up happening was Google moved into the marketplace and started offering their own domain parking service. And then probably two years after we started Tempesta Media, Google shut down their whole domain parking business and essentially killed the entire industry. So, they eliminated all the competitors. They became the number-one dominant competitor, like they are here in search today, and then they just shut it down. So imagine the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that were lost across the industry because the industry died. If we hadn’t made that move, we would have been dead.

What did content marketing look like when you started Tempesta Media?

Content marketing didn’t exist, as we know it today, when we started Tempesta Media. We were one of the pioneers that helped get it started, at least digital content marketing. There was offline stuff that was happening for years before that.

I remember that when we said that this [digital content marketing industry] was going to be one of the trends, one of the things that we looked at was millennials. At that time, they were the new generation that was just entering the workforce, and I had observed that millennials did not actively work with what’s called push-based advertising.

They didn’t like advertising pushed on them, like television commercials and banner ads. Instead, they wanted to grab the information they needed themselves – when they wanted it and how they wanted it. That concept’s called pull-based advertising, and content marketing is the cornerstone of that.

So, we noticed that trend, and that’s when we really started to define the industry. We rolled out some of the first content style guides, now called Voice ProfilesTM that we trademark and own, and a lot of other innovations that really separated us.

In fact, I could say today that the revision rate for content at Tempesta Media is 90% better than anything in the industry. And that just goes to show that when you lead and you’re early on within the industry, you can do some innovative things years before other people.

Would you say you were a pioneer in the content marketing field? The first to move into this niche?

Yes, we were one of the first ones. There was a cluster of companies at that time that rolled out all within 36 months of each other.

What were the main challenges for the company at that time, and how did you overcome them?

It was pretty funny – because the industry wasn’t defined, we had to define the industry. So that meant developing the messaging, the business model, the financial model, and the pricing model for a new industry where there were no references.

As an example, we were one of the first ones to roll out subscription pricing for customers. We were one of the first company to put out research on how this new industry was doing. I remember probably the biggest challenge that we had early on was working with venture capitalists about our industry.

Ninety-nine out of the 100 VCs that we talked to had no clue whatsoever what content marketing was. They couldn’t understand it, they couldn’t grasp it, and therefore, it was very difficult for them to find a reason to invest in the company.

Fortunately, because of the relationships I had established over my career, I was able to turn to angel investors to be able to help fund the company early on.

As a first mover, if you were to compare the time when you moved to the industry and today, how has the world of digital marketing changed over these 10 years, and how has the company changed?

The industry has changed dramatically.

First, there is no longer the issue of whether or not content marketing works or is a viable channel. It absolutely is. In fact, with B2B companies that do content marketing, over 40% of their digital marketing budget is now spent on content marketing. That’s up from practically zero 10 years ago. So that’s a great acknowledgment and validates that this is the industry to be in.

I think that another big change for the industry is that there has been that shift that I predicted – where we’d move from push-based advertising to pull-based advertising.

You mentioned the shift from push-based advertising to pull-based. Can you explain a little bit more about that?

Sure, so imagine the world in the year 2000. The internet as we know it today had only existed for about 6-7 years. So, from when Netcom© rolled out NetCruiser©, which was the first internet browser in 1993, to 2000, it was all about growth of internet users and usage of the internet. Advertising was very much a secondary function up until about 1994. Actually, I was with a company that later became Monster.com, and we launched one of the first banner advertisements.

The reason I’m giving that backdrop is that at that time, consumers were accustomed to having advertising put right in front of their face, whether they wanted it or not. So if you think about a magazine: You opened up the magazine, and there were advertisements right there. If you looked at a television program, you had commercials interrupting your viewing. On the internet, you had banner advertisements blocking what you wanted to see or riding along with what you wanted, whether you wanted to see them or not. That’s called push advertising.

At around 2000, millennials began to come onto the scene. They were quickly starting to enter the consumer marketplace. They had grown up in an internet-immersed world, and they started to become blind to advertising that was pushed upon them. More importantly, just because of the nature of that generation, they were more interested in seeking what they wanted rather than having that information pushed to them.

That whole concept of seeking the information or seeking the marketing or seeking the brand is what you would call pull-based advertising because the consumer is pulling it to them versus the advertiser pushing it to them. That’s the difference between the two.

Now let’s focus more on Tempesta Media itself. What are its greatest developments or achievements in the past 10 years?

10 years anniversary of Tempesta Media

I think there’s a lot. We have served, across our different products and services, well over 10,000 companies. We have also vetted over 25,000 expert writers in the United States. And so, by far, we have one of the most comprehensive writer networks in the industry.

We’ve had multiple awards. I mean, just last month, we were named one of the Top 24 content marketing companies in Indiana, and we’re number four.

We were named by FUND conference – over several hundred other startups – one of the top 10 best startups in the industry at that time [2018].

We’ve been nominated multiple times for awards from the Chicago Innovation Awards.

But I think the most flattering or biggest achievement we can say is how our customers, how our writers, and how our employees feel. And based on Net Promoter Score® surveys, as well as internal satisfaction surveys, we have never been in a better position than we are today.

Michael, can you describe what Tempesta Media means to you on a personal level?

Well, the name Tempesta is actually an Italian word, and it means storm or tornado – “tempest.” I always felt that what we were doing was very much acting as the bad boy on the street or the black sheep and going against everyone to do the right thing. You know, do something, make things better.

Because you have to remember: When we started the company, part of why we came up with the name Tempesta was that the current business environment at that time was not in the best interest of writers or small businesses. Small businesses were going out of business left and right because all the traditional forms of marketing that they relied on – newspaper advertising, magazines, direct mail – they were all disappearing.

And they were getting stuck with a choice of Facebook or Google and nothing else. And with the costs of Facebook and Google, which are still rising, they didn’t even have the expertise to deal with it. And so they were going out of business just because they couldn’t figure out how to adapt to this whole new environment.

At the same time, journalists all across the country, here in the US, were getting laid off nonstop because the newspaper and magazine model didn’t work anymore. So when I said Tempesta Media would be a thing I hold most personally, it’s like, “Man, you know what? You get up every day and can make millions of dollars doing other stuff, but I get up every day knowing that what we’re doing is actually helping people. It’s making the world a better place.” Do something that matters!

You mentioned that Tempesta in Italian means storm. Why did you decide to choose an Italian word? Was it your idea or someone else’s?

Tempesta Media – 2011 “Storm” Logo

Sono Italiano. I’m Italian. My family is originally from Italy. My parents are not native Americans. They are naturalized Americans. And so obviously, I grew up in an Italian household where both English and Italian were fluently spoken.

When we were starting the company, we faced challenges trying to get prospective investors to believe that the world of journalism and small business marketing could be changed.  I felt that we really needed to sweep away this antiquated way of thinking.

I still remember to this day there was one venture capitalist that told us, “You know, what you’re trying to do has been attempted multiple times, and no one has ever succeeded. And they’ve had tens of millions of dollars to do it, and you’re trying to do it with a fraction of that. So it just can’t be done.”

I said, “Well, why can’t it be done?” And they said that it’s just the way it is. And that just pissed me off – you have no idea – and I said, “You know what, these people – the whole table – just need to be cleared, and something new needs to come in.” And that’s where Tempesta Media was. If you think about a tornado, it clears everything in its path.

Can you talk a little bit about the future? Can you share some of the plans and goals for Tempesta Media in the next 10 years? What can we expect?

I guess let’s start off with the industry as a whole. It’s my belief that content marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing will all merge together under one common solution. So as it is today, companies typically have to use multiple systems, teams, and platforms in order to execute a cohesive content, social, and influencer marketing campaign. I feel that that’s going to all consolidate into one solution, which, by the way, we are rapidly moving in that direction.

And I think also, you’re going to see the average writer essentially become a cyborg. And you’re probably saying, “What do you mean cyborg? Half-human, half-writer?” In one sense, yes. I think artificial intelligence, combined with smart algorithms and an excellent writer with deep expertise, will make that writer so much better. If they do not have all those capabilities enmeshed within the content that they write, they’re not going to be able to compete.

So we’re going to lead the path on marrying the best of technology and the best of writers’ creativity together into one solution. That’s the second thing I see happening and where we’re going to lead.

To conclude our interview, from your personal experience, what lessons would you want other founders to take away from Tempesta Media’s 10-year history?

That’s a good question. We made a million mistakes to get to this point, and every mistake was a learning experience. So there’s a couple of things that I would recommend.

First off, leverage the cloud. And by that I mean many providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Azure – they provide all kinds of support, credits, and everything else to get you cloud-based. If you are developing a solution that is not cloud-based, you are losing out.

The second thing is venture capital is not the only way to success. It’s not the only path to get there. Many people will tell you to go and spend money on a whole bunch of different things, and at the end of the day, you don’t need them. There is no reason, for example, to hire a PR firm anymore, until you’ve gotten to at least the million or $2 million of revenue. Content marketing has replaced a portion of PR, so there’s really not a need to do that.

Another recommendation that I’d have is hire the very best people that you can financially afford. If you have to reduce even your compensation or go without compensation to get the very best people – do it, because many entrepreneurs think they can just do it themselves, and it is the number-one mistake. What an entrepreneur is supposed to do is really get the very best people, give them all the resources that are necessary for them to succeed, and get the hell out of the way. That’s, I think, a lot of the reason why small businesses and startups don’t scale.

The final thing and the most important thing: Ignore what everyone else tells you. Listen to what your customers tell you and what your employees are telling you based on their experiences with the customers as well. Go and talk to your customers who cancel. Find out why they cancel. Directly. Hear it yourself as the founder and CEO. If you do the things that I’ve outlined, it will save you hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost capital, and it will get you to scale much quicker.

And finally, one other important thing: balance. Entrepreneurs like myself, and I’ll be the first to admit it, we are very much passionate about what we do. However, too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. Make time for life outside of your company. Even if it is a couple of hours on a Thursday night, do it. You’ll quickly find that if you dial back the number of hours that you work, the hours that you do work will be more productive and impactful.

Tempesta Media Celebrates 10 Years as a Content Marketing Pioneer

The company has served thousands of customers and writers during this time.

August 9, 2021, MICHIGAN CITY, IN: Leading digital marketing company, Tempesta Media, celebrates its 10th anniversary. A decade ago, the company started with a mission to rapidly change the world of digital marketing. The company’s name and logo, meaning “storm” in Italian, symbolizes this goal. In the ten years since its founding, Tempesta Media has helped pioneer the content marketing industry.

Background and accomplishments                                                                          

The company’s founder and CEO, Michael Marchese, started Tempesta Media in 2011, launching the first version of its content marketing platform.

Over the next decade, its platform and managed service would rapidly expand to serve over 10,000 companies. Among its many achievements, Tempesta Media was:

  • Part of the first group of 1871 incubation companies.
  • A Chicago PitchFEST finalist.
  • Named by the FUND Conference as one of the top ten fastest-growing companies.

In 2019, the company moved its headquarters from Chicago to Michigan City, Indiana. “Three years ago, when we were considering where to relocate the company’s headquarters, Northwest Indiana kept coming up at the top of our list of options. There was and continues to be strong momentum and growth,” stated Marchese, himself a graduate of Munster High School and Indiana University.

Tempesta Media today

Not resting on its past successes, the company continues to innovate. Recently, it launched a major addition to its platform, Simple Social Share™, which gives businesses the ability to tightly integrate their content and social media marketing programs together.

Business leaders agree that Tempesta Media continues to innovate with advanced B2B solutions. Jennifer Ratcliff, Director of Digital Media at MNI, commented, “What started out as a basic content management platform 10 years ago has transformed into an end-to-end digital marketing solution that drives revenue and results for B2B companies.”

Powered by a world-class team

Tempesta Media’s team has been a critical part of its success. As Kristan Manley, Director of Service Delivery at Tempesta Media, revealed, “People are the most valuable asset of any business. It’s great to be able to work at a company and in an environment with talented, passionate people.”

When powerful technology is coupled with a strong team, customers see the results. “Tempesta Media continues to lead the content marketing industry with innovative solutions,” commented Jason Wadler, former Co-CEO at JiMMYBAR.

As part of its 10-year anniversary, Tempesta Media is offering several promotions, exclusive to B2B businesses throughout Northwest Indiana. Promotions are available at TempestaMedia.com.

About us

Founded in 2011, Tempesta Media is a leading performance-based provider of content, social, and influencer marketing solutions that drive revenue for businesses. Our managed service brings together our cutting-edge technology with our world-class expertise and industry knowledge to drive leads and revenue for B2B companies. We serve businesses across North America in financial services, manufacturing, business services, technology, and trade services. For more information, please contact us at (312) 371-0555 or Sales@TempestaMedia.com.

Simple Social Share™

Simple Social Share is your complete social media management solution.

Getting results from social media marketing requires consistency and focus. It also means tight organization and management. Whether it is amplifying your blog posts, developing curated social posts, or managing a publication schedule across multiple networks, Simple Social Share is your solution. 

Social media management is tightly integrated with content marketing

As part of the Tempesta Media platform, you can create, schedule, publish, and optimize social media posts, blog posts, and more from one unified dashboard.

Simple Social Share can quickly and easily manage your company’s created posts, those created by your Tempesta Media writing team, and those from freelancers that you hire.

Simple Social Share recommendations and alerts help guide you toward creating social posts that drive engagement, amplify your message, and align with your industry and brand.

How Simple Social Share helps your business

Simple Social Share is designed to help you seamlessly integrate your content and social media marketing programs together, improving return on investment and return on time. You can benefit from:

  • Connectivity -Work with social media platforms that businesses use most.
  • Dynamic triggers – Conditionally publish social content immediately after your blog post is published on your website.
  • Content integration – Selectively add social posts to blogs and other content.
  • Auto embed – Automatically embed hashtags and images within each post.
  • Curated social posts – Add posts based on the latest industry events or research.
  • Engagement improver – Optimize social media posts for maximum visibility and virality.
  • Managed social media service option – Have your social media program managed for you.

Learn how Simple Social Share can help your company

Simple Social Share is available as a part of the Enterprise platform subscription and is a component of Tempesta Media’s managed service solution for companies in the financial services, healthcare, and business services sectors.

If you are interested in learning more about Tempesta Media’s managed service solutions, please contact us today.

Tempesta Media Platform Integrations

Tempesta Media offers many different integrations that allow you to use our platform as a cornerstone of your content marketing efforts. Using Tempesta Media as an extension of your digital marketing team allows you to spend valuable time on growing your company. You can view our integrations here.

Google Analytics

Being able to track your content metrics is crucial for every single digital marketing endeavor. Failing to have this insight can be detrimental when it comes to learning and optimizing your content to perform the best that it possibly can.

Integrating your Google Analytics gives you the ability to see all of your important insights from the Content Analytics tab on your dashboard.

Having easy access to the following metrics is vital when it comes to optimizing your content for SEO:

  • Bounce rate.
  • Organic searches.
  • Average session durations.
  • New users.

Additionally, it gives your customer success manager access to the same data. This means that (depending on your subscription level) you can get additional insights and suggestions from our SEO experts.

WordPress and HubSpot

When you order articles from Tempesta Media, your writer also does the formatting, meta information, and anything else requested in your Voice Profile. Integrating your WordPress and HubSpot allows you to instantly publish their completed content as a draft onto your website. All you have to do is review the draft and post it to your blog. This facilitates consistent and quality content that search engines love.

Social media

Tempesta Media allows integrations with your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter into our platform. You can order and schedule three types of social media posts to your website:

  1. Posts written by you and your team.
  2. Ordered in bulk and written by our experts.
  3. Posts ordered with your blog articles to promote the content.

Having full control over and visibility into your social media is essential to a successful content marketing campaign. Once your content has been posted, everyone on your team is notified via email. The email contains a link to the post so you and your team can easily click, review, and promote your content.

Content marketing and search engine optimization don’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, or confusing. The ability to consistently post quality content that is optimized specifically for your company’s marketing goals does not have to be exclusive to large corporations. Content marketing in this age is more important than ever. Therefore, ensuring that you are using Tempesta Media to its fullest potential is just as important.

Competitive Analysis

Having deep knowledge of your competitors’ content and social media marketing programs can mean the difference between the success and failure of your own program. Competitive analysis is a critical component of your strategic planning process and give you visibility into your competitive environment. 

What’s included in Tempesta Media’s competitive analysis?

Our analysis will examine your designated competitors’ content and social media marketing programs in order to identify areas of strength, weakness, and opportunity for your company. 

These insights can also help you avoid many of your competitors’ mistakes. Below is a small sampling of what our competitor analysis can do: 

  • Measure your program’s progress against your competition. Establish internal benchmarks for success.
  • Identify areas where you are doing well and where your program has hidden gaps. Modify your strategy to exploit opportunities. 
  • Uncover secrets that your competitors are employing to obtain an advantage over you. Develop programs to neutralize their power.
  • Receive specific, actionable recommendations that can drive results quickly and cost-effectively.

Tempesta Media’s competitive analysis sets you up for success

Unlike tools available from other companies, Tempesta Media’s competitive analysis goes further.  As part of our managed solution, the analysis provides you with data, insights and actionable recommendations:

  • Parallel analyses across your top competitors.
  • Evaluation of the data by our content marketing strategists to uncover hidden value.
  • One-on-one consultation to walk you through findings and suggestions.
  • Recommendations for ROI (return on investment) hurdles.
  • Recommendations aligned with your overall strategy and objectives.

Learn how our managed service can be the solution for you

Tempesta Media offers a comprehensive managed solution for companies in the financial services, business services, and healthcare sectors. If your company is looking for a way to drive ROI from content, social media, and influencer marketing, our managed service solution may be a fit for you. Learn more about our managed service.