Editing Services

Have you ever had a piece of content produced internally that you needed edited and polished, but you didn’t have access to a professional editor? Tempesta Media’s editing services are the solution for you!

Deep Dive Editing Service

After you provide us with your content, you’ll receive full editing.

On the most basic level, we conduct general proofreading where we edit for:

  • Grammar errors.
  • Typos.
  • Formatting inconsistencies.
  • Overall copy cleanliness.

Additionally, we will ask that you fill out our Voice ProfileTM questionnaire, which describes your brand. With this Voice Profile, we will ensure your content accurately aligns with your company’s vision.

This deep dive layer of editing includes components such as:

  • Tone.
  • Style.
  • Overall message.

This complete advanced editing solution costs $0.10/word.

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