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No Openings Available

Thank you for your interest in Tempesta Media. We have filled all of our contract writer openings at this time. Please be sure to check back regularly, as our company is rapidly growing. New openings become available regularly.

California and New York Contract Writers

Because of recently passed or pending legislation in California and New York, we no longer are accepting contract writers from these states. Our business is based on long-term relationships with both customers and contract writers. We believe these legislative changes go against our core business model and are harmful to both writers and businesses.

If you are located in either of these states and would like to learn more about legislation that may affect you, please be sure to click on the appropriate link here:

California’s new 35-story limit for freelancers

New York’s coming debate over Gig workers

Writers Who Do Not Have a Legal Right To Work in the United States

We do not accept any contract writers who do not have a legal right to work within the United States. There are no exceptions to this rule. Any contract writer who attempts to apply/write for Tempesta Media who does not have a legal right to work in the US will be terminated and have their earnings forfeited.

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