Small and mid-sized B2B companies can maximize profits through a content creation agency. Unlike freelancers, an agency will create a style guide that is tailored to your company’s personality, provide quicker turnaround times, and track KPIs.

A good content creator can act as your marketing team, potentially being one of the most vital assets to your company. They are the brains behind the operation and make your brand appealing to consumers. But how do you choose between hiring a content creation agency and a freelancer?

Discover how a content creation agency can scale your business faster and better than freelancers.

Creating content that is on-brand with your company’s voice and style

A freelancer often doesn’t have much experience with various industries, making it unlikely they’ll be an expert in yours. As a result, your content can appear off-brand or fake.

For example, a financial services company needs a writer who has industry experience in corporate lending and merchant services (among other niche categories) as well as an understanding of the services your firm offers. A freelancer might not have experience in this area. This would mean that this person wouldn’t have a clue how to write for the correct audience.

A content marketing agency, on the other hand, will create a style guide that includes specifications on your company’s unique:

  • Brand value and offerings.
  • Style and personality.
  • Formatting and SEO (search engine optimization) preferences.
  • Tags and attributions.
  • Target audience.

With the right information on your company and industry, the agency’s writer can perform to the best of their abilities and provide you with higher-quality content.

Tempesta Media’s managed services solution for financial services companies takes the agency’s approach to a style guide and further extends it. Our proprietary Voice ProfileTM goes beyond style. We start with your business objectives, crafting the guide so that our content creators understand the business intent of the content, not just the style.

company growthEnabling faster turnaround times for quicker company growth

Freelancers tend to have slower content creation processes because they are independent contractors. Therefore, they do not have a team or the technology infrastructure to support them. As a result, it may take a freelancer more time to complete a single piece of content.

Slow turnaround times can affect your company’s ability to maximize SEO, create consistency, and establish other cost-effective digital marketing tactics. Agencies can help manage the content creation process for you.

Agency challenges with the content marketing technology stack affect you

If optimizing content production is your sole objective, a content creation agency is a good solution for you. However, if your objective is to achieve specific financial, operational, or strategic objectives, a managed service is more appropriate.

To deliver on these objectives, you need to leverage a seamless integration of technologies, proven proprietary operational processes, and pre-vetted expert content creators from your industry.

Most agencies struggle with the technology stack and content creators. Nearly all agencies utilize third-party technology to implement their content marketing solution. The challenge with that is the solution delivered to you can’t achieve the level of performance seen with a native technology stack that was purpose-built to achieve financial objectives through content, social media, and influencer marketing.

The other issue lies in the cost of having to license so many third-party apps. The more apps that are needed for delivering their solution, the more the price increases to you.

Using freelance writers, the situation is worse. There is no formal technology stack. Will the freelancer use spell check and other tools? The good ones will. However, beyond that, there is little in the way of technology that they bring to the table to ensure that their content is going to perform. They are simply creating the words.

resultsA managed service delivers better results and value to your financial services company

Agencies can excel at creating content at scale. However, lacking their own technology stack and vetted content creators from your industry increases costs to you and reduces content quality. Combined, these shortfalls directly impact your program’s performance, return on time (ROT), and financial results.

Tempesta Media’s managed services seamlessly incorporate content, social media, and influencer marketing to drive revenue for you at less cost than a typical agency.

Who should you choose?

While content creation agencies and freelancers each have their strengths, neither may be sufficient for you to achieve your objectives. Managed services, like Tempesta Media, are proving to be a better option for most companies in the financial services, healthcare, and business services industries.

If you would like to learn more about how Tempesta Media’s managed services can help companies like you achieve success, schedule a call with us.

Alexandra is Tempesta Media's Content Creator and Influencer Community Manager. Her main focus is on helping the Content creators to not only have all the tools and instruments they need but also know how to find and use them. After studying linguistics and pedagogics, career path brought her to nurturing and educating customers on an e-commerce platform before it became mainstream in marketing.

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