While all content marketing programs and pieces differ, you can create stronger articles by following a standard structure.

Being a good writer can be exhausting, even if you are a top industry expert. When writing for your own blog, you can take a break or put a topic on pause to do more research or simply think about it longer. As a professional content marketing writer, you cannot afford that.

Your assignments have deadlines that customers expect to be met, and missing one can lead to big issues with the company’s content plan and even their overall marketing strategy implementation.

The good news? Content marketing is not exactly celebrated literature, so you can pay more attention to skills and expertise than inspiration and creativity. Knowing what makes a good piece will help you write one, so let’s try to figure it out.

What makes a good article?

There is no standard definition of a good article. It will vary for different companies, but knowing your client’s audience and business goals will help tremendously. Even though the best-performing blogs are unique, here are some common features:

1.    One content marketing topic and solution

It is a lot easier to keep your reader’s focus when you don’t lose it yourself. Stick to one core topic. Even if it’s a complex one, keep the core theme in line and don’t dig too far into sub-topic details.

2.    The flow

One sentence should lead to another, and paragraphs should flow in a sequence that makes sense. For example, if you are describing a pancake recipe, first describe the ingredients. After that, you can talk about step-by-step directions and mixing and swiping techniques.

SEO3.    SEO optimization

Don’t miss an opportunity to display your content and rank with search engines. Optimize your content marketing pieces for SEO by including metadata and keywords.

4.    Clear structure

The content of your blog must be informative but also easily understandable. Shorten your sentences and avoid confusing grammar constructions where possible.

Jane Rosenzweig recommends:

“Make sure people are doing things in your sentences, unless you don’t want them to be doing things.

Consider the difference between these two sentences:

All managers should approve and submit expense reports by Friday at noon.

Expense reports should be approved and submitted by Friday at noon.”

You can also help readers follow your thoughts simply by organizing and formatting your text in a logical order.

What is the standard content marketing blog post structure?

1.    Headline

This is the part of your article that determines whether readers will even give it a chance. It must grab their attention and provoke them to click on it. However, make sure you’re click-baiting in a responsible way – you must deliver on the promise you made in your title.

2.    Opening (introduction) and lede

Here is where you describe the problem and lead to the topic. This part offers more interest, hinting at the areas of discussion in the full article. This first section doesn’t speak to the solution (or else people wouldn’t read the whole piece!). So, it’s important to keep it sharp, catchy and short.

Optimizing meta titles and meta descriptions plays a powerful role in your SEO.3.    Body

This is the main part of your article where you provide information. Don’t drop everything in one paragraph, though – structure the text using subheaders and lists.

4.    Conclusion

The main reason you started writing is not just to share valuable information. It’s because the company expects to achieve certain business goals with what you write. Whether it’s encouraging a specific action, leading readers to the next article or just wanting them to take a minute to reflect on the topic, you want the reader to stay for a bit longer. Make sure your conclusion speaks to the ultimate business goal of the piece.

In summary

Driving better results from content is a lot easier if you not only know what to write about but also how to write it. Learning the basics of copywriting and marketing will allow you to create content better and faster.

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