Why not take advantage of a holiday to increase your open rates or blog traffic?

Seasonality is a great thing to take advantage of when it comes to marketing. It dramatically impacts your SEO – take a look at google search trends to see how seasonality effects your business.

Valentines Day is one of those holidays that you either hate or you love. Most people probably don’t like Valentine’s Day because it is corny and overrated. If you are looking to take advantage of the hype, here are some ideas.

Use a fun subject line

Here are a few play on words to help you start thinking of LOVE-ly subject lines:

  • Galentines Day
  • Sweet
  • Love
  • Be Mine
  • Roses are red…
  • XOXO

Author a blog with a partner

Use this time of year to create an article with one of your partners. It is a great way to “reignite the fire” with that partner while also doing something valuable for your marketing program.


Perhaps there is a short discount that can encourage people to sign up before love runs out! Keep in mind that discounts should never hurt your brand or lead to increased churn.

Random act of kindness for a customer or prospect

A small Starbucks gift card, a hand written note, a phone call just to say you’re thinking of them can go a long way! It makes you more personable.

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