Yes, the research is included in all the content that you order.

Your writing team will conduct the research for each article based on the assignment instructions and best practices. Any specific preferences regarding research best practices will be included within your Voice Profile.

Research according to assignment instructions

Examples of how to instruct the writer to conduct research according to assignment instructions are as follows:

  • Please find the top 10 mistakes companies make
  • Include a statistic and link to the source for each key point
  • Find the best sales podcasts and provide a brief overview of each one
  • Provide an example of a company who has a great contact form and include an explanation about why the form is great

Research according to best practices

Examples of research best practices include:

  • Current sources
  • Reliable sources – for example, Wikipedia is not considered a reliable source
  • Do not link to competitors

Research according to your specific preferences

Examples of research preferences include:

  • Sources to not include in any articles
  • Footnoting sources at the end or linking to a source within the article
  • Link to 2 internal blog articles within each new article

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