What are the time expectations when working with Tempesta Media?

As your content marketing vendor, we understand that you are looking to save time and wish to receive high quality blog article and content marketing assets. We feel the exact same way.
Great content doesn’t happen without a bit of work. The partnership requires your input and feedback, especially at the beginning. Here is some insight into how much time you should expect to spend when working with us.

Participation in the onboarding process

When you begin working with us the first thing we ask you to do is complete an online Voice Profile Questionnaire. Your answers are used as the starting point for your Voice Profile style guide. The questionnaire includes four pages and should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.
Once the questionnaire is completed, we will ask you to schedule a kick off call. The kick off call dives deeper into your target audience, combs through topics you’d like to discuss within your content marketing, and walks through how our partnership will operate. The kick off call will take one hour.
Key components of the onboarding process include development of your editorial calendar and your writer audition.
The writer audition allows you to analyze multiple different versions of the same article. Your feedback is imperative to fully optimizing your writer team. The better your feedback is, the better we will be able to optimize your writers. The feedback will take you no more than 30 minutes to provide. Keep in mind, each article will be relatively short.
How to provide feedback for your writer audition
Once you receive the editorial calendar, we ask for your approval so that we can begin scheduling out your content. Your calendar will include ten topics and outlines for you to review. Most people spend no more than 30 minutes reviewing and providing feedback on your editorial calendar.
The total amount of time during the onboarding process can be estimated at two and half hours. Hang tight, because the amount of time you will invest will continue to decrease dramatically.

Your first content orders

The magical moment arrives when you receive your first article. The article is typically ready about two weeks after your kick off call.
Keep in mind that it is very normal to request revisions for your first handful of articles with us. Your revisions help us optimize both your Voice Profile and your writing team. We learn what you like and don’t like about the content to improve the writing moving forward.
The time you invest at this point will involve reviewing the content (assume between 15-30 minutes per article).

Ongoing content marketing partnership

The partnership will continue to optimize as we write more articles on your behalf. You should expect to spend at least 15 minutes reviewing every article. When an article is ready for you to review, you will have seven days. After seven days, the article is auto-completed and you will be unable to request any revisions.
It is helpful to hop on a call with your account manager at least every 90 days to keep them informed about your content marketing goals and strategy. During this time we can provide recommendations to improve your content marketing. These calls typically last around 30 minutes.
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What happens if we don’t like the content that we order?

Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with the content that we create for you. We strive to make the sure the writing style, level of depth, insight, personality, and all the nuances of your brand are captured within the messaging.
If you’d like to request a revision, you are more than welcome to do so.

Everything you need to know about revisions

  • We always offer unlimited revisions to ensure that you are happy with the content that you order.
  • All revisions are revised by your writing team and editing again by our in-house editors.
  • There is no additional cost for revisions.
  • Revisions can easily be submitted by uploading a red lined Microsoft Word document or commenting within a text box inside your account on our content marketing platform.
  • You will have 7 days to review submitted content for revision. After 7 days, the content is auto-approved and can no longer be revised. 

We want to start, what are the next steps?

A content marketing service that makes it easy to get started

  1. Pick a content subscription
  2. Answer an online questionnaire to establish your voice
  3. We then conduct an interview to gain more knowledge about your company and voice.
  4. We use the insights gathered from the questionnaire and the interview to provide an editorial calendar with topics that will perform well for your company. At this point we help you order content on our platform.

Once you participate in the onboarding, we scale up your content marketing program

  • We create a team of writers for you based upon writers who have expertise in your industry and have a good culture fit with your company. Your account manager optimizes this team for you and because these writers continue to write for you on an ongoing basis the quality continues to improve.
  • We also optimize your voice profile, which is a writing style guide that captures your voice, personality and all of the other nuances to ensure that the writing matches your brand. The voice profile will also include details about your target audience and answer questions like “how much selling is required” and “how formal the writing should be”.
  • All content is written by your writing team, edited by our in-house editors and turned around in 5 business days.
  • Our editors review every single piece of content to make sure it is well written, matches your voice, and fulfills any guidelines that you have.

Our solution is designed to save you time and deliver high quality content that matches your voice.

What is the content ordering process like? How to order custom content at Tempesta Media

Editorial calendar at the beginning of your content marketing partnership

When you begin working with Tempesta Media we have a simple onboarding process. You will receive an editorial calendar with topics and outlines of topics that have been created for your company. Once we receive your approval, we will pre-schedule those topics for you within our platform and you will simply be notified when the content is ready.

Order content about a topic of your choosing

If you’d like to order content about a topic of your choosing, that option is always available to you. You can go ahead and log into the platform and order a brand new piece. Simply provide your writing team with a topic and key points that should be included within the content. You are welcome to include any calls to action, research pieces, or materials that should be referred to when creating the content. Once you click order, the funds are deducted from your account and your writing team gets busy writing!
The article is written and researched by your expert writing team, edited by our in-house editors, and returned to you within 5 business days. 
Now isn’t that better than hiring a new employee or going back and forth with freelancers in your inbox?

Learn exactly how to order custom content by watching here:

How to order content at Tempesta Media

Make the most of revision requests when ordering content

As a Tempesta Media partner, you are receiving access to a pool of highly vetted professional writers that has taken more than five years to build. The writers on your team have been selected because they are strong communicators who are experienced in your industry.

Requesting content revisions from your content provider

As you and your writing team begin working together, the initial content you receive likely will need a round or two of revisions before it is exactly what you want. This revision process enables you to identify things you want to change. Below are recommendations on making the content revision process both effective and clear for all parties:

Using Microsoft Word’s track changes feature

When you review content, you can download a .doc or .pdf version that can be shared with other people in your company. Using Word’s Track Changes and Comment features in documents is a great way to provide feedback for revisions. After you’ve added your comments to the document, you can quickly and easily upload it to your platform interface.

Recommendations for making your writer collaboration productive and effective

  • Be as specific as possible about what you want changed. Instead of saying “I don’t like the beginning of the article,” say specifically what you don’t like. Example: “The first paragraph
    should include statistics about how common this problem is,” “Start off with an example of the problem that we are trying to solve,” or “Make the first paragraph more active.”
  • Be constructive in your criticism. If you think there is a better way to say something in the content, offer a suggestion or an example that will help the writer understand what you want.
  • If you feel the writer has missed the point of the content, take a look at your assignment. Were the instructions clear and did they include enough detail to put the writer on the right path? If not, be conscious of this in providing your feedback.
  • If the general tone of the content is the issue, say so. For example: If you feel the writer is attempting to be too humorous throughout the article, just say that. Don’t point out every example of the humorous content. A couple of examples will get your point across and save you time.
  • Remember that you are working with professional writers and editors who are trying to give you what you want. Show them the same respect and courtesy you would show your coworkers. Comments that come off as overly judgmental, nitpicking, insulting or even abusive can diminish a writer’s enthusiasm for writing for you and likely lead them to quit your team.

Blog writing service where everyone wins

Remember, there are only a finite number of writers qualified to write in your industry, and they are paid based on their performance. By providing courteous and specific feedback, you will be able to get the quality and quantity of content that you want and build a loyal content team.

How many words will the articles be? Is there a minimum word count?

Each content subscription is associated with a number of words that can be used in whatever way is best for your business. The number of articles listed with each content subscription is just one example of how you can use this subscription.

Examples of how you can use the Monthly Enterprise Content Plan

  • 7 shorter blog articles OR
  • 1 white paper OR
  • 1 case study and 1 blog article OR
  • another combination of content to match your business needs

Examples of how you can use the Annual Essentials Content Plan

  • 34 shorter blog articles OR
  • 8-9 white papers OR
  • 2 case studies, 2 white papers, and 21 blog articles OR
  • another combination of content to match your business needs

What is the revision process at Tempesta Media?

For most forms of content, turnaround time is 5 business days. This amount of time gives our writers the time they need to provide quality, well-researched work, but it also allows our expert editorial team the opportunity to revise and edit articles before sending them on to you.

  • Unhappy with a piece of content? No problem! You are entitled to unlimited revisions. We won’t stop until you’re satisfied.
  • When we send you a piece of content for review, you have 7 days to either approve it or send it back for revisions. At the end of that 7 day period, our system will automatically approve the article.
  • During the initial onboarding process, expect 2-3 rounds of revisions for each content piece, while we work to optimize your writing team.
  • Once we have your optimal writing team in place and your Voice Profile fine-tuned, your revision rate will steadily drop. Post pilot, we have an average of <0.3 revisions per article.

How much information is required when ordering content?

When placing an order, your writers are already experts in your industry so they won’t require a great deal of hand holding. However, we recommend you include the topic and the key points you want included within the article. For white papers, a general outline including the subsections and key points is recommended. 
If you utilize the editorial calendar that we provide for you, the editorial calendar will include topics and outlines of each topic so that they can be ordered once we receive your approval.
For more information – check out this great guide: How to provide your writers with a clear direction

Does Tempesta Media write Tweets?

Tempesta Media is happy to develop a variety of different types of content. One of the formats that we offer is social media in the form of tweets that can be utilized for your twitter.
For Twitter posts, there are several different ways you can go about this:
  • Order bundles of tweets: These tweets include links to relevant articles in your industry and the text to use alongside the post. Companies typically use the tweets and schedule them within their twitter account using something like BufferHubspot or Hootsuite.
  • Order tweets along with each individual content order: When ordering a blog article, you can also order a hook or snippet for the blog article, which can be used when promoting the blog article across social media channels. In this case, the tweet will be a short summary of the article to promote it on Twitter.

Enjoy all the time it would take to find relevant articles to share or to develop a witty post to promote your new article.

How do you incorporate SEO into the content?

Our customers extensively use Tempesta Media’s content and influencer marketing platform for SEO.  As you know, SEO performance is based on both on-site and off-site factors, like inbound links.  Companies that show examples claiming that content drove specific SEO results are not being factual with you.
For example, I could create a garbage piece of content, publish it to a large and established customer’s website, then spend a tremendous amount of money and time amplifying that content through inbound links, social posting, and much more.  Despite creating garbage content, it would still rank well, because I would be leveraging the SEO strength of their website, and my amplification efforts.
To be successful in driving results, not just ranking higher in the search engines, you need to create content that is optimized for BOTH the reader and the search engines.  That is where Tempesta Media excels.

How we optimize your content for SEO

Before the content even gets to you for review, a tremendous amount of work is done on your behalf, to optimize for BOTH SEO and the reader.  Here are just a couple of things that are done for you:
  • Editorial Calendar – Before we even write the first word of content for you, our content strategy team develops a thorough editorial calendar and content plan, which is based on your specific industry, your business objectives, competitive environment, seasonality, your target audience’s mindset, social and search trends, and much more.
  • Focus Keyword Phrase – Before content is written, a focus keyword phrase is selected.  The focus keyword phrase is used to drive the content and it meta information.
  • Content – Content is created in such a manner that it drives awareness, interest and action with the reader, while subtly intertwining key SEO best practices.  This includes focus-keyword driven content titles, sub-headers and more. 
  • Meta Information – We craft meta titles and keyword descriptions for each piece of content written.
  • Plagiarism Screening – We have sophisticated plagiarism screening, which builds upon and extends capabilities found from industry standard – Copyscape.  This protects your brand, and helps to prevent algorithmically-driven search engine penalties.
  • Deep Dive Editing – Having content that is spelling and grammar error free has a direct impact on how well it will resonate with your readers and the search engines.  Our in-house editing capabilities go well beyond proofreading.  Our editors work to ensure your voice, company culture, target audience and business objectives are accurately and consistently reflected in the content that we produce for you.
The bottom line is that to be successful in ranking with the search engines, you need a well-rounded SEO program that is supported by an effective and compelling content marketing program.  We’re your content marketing solution.
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