Tempesta Media’s MSP Bullseye Effect™ Increased Marketing Leads for Raiven by 255%

Turnkey digital marketing solution exceeded business goals for leads, users and domain authority

MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA, US, April 10, 2023 – Through its managed service, Tempesta Media increased marketing leads for Raiven by 255% over the past two years. Raiven is a leading purchasing platform that helps businesses make smarter sourcing and procurement decisions.

The platform transformed its revenue growth by utilizing Tempesta Media’s Bullseye Effect, which is part of its managed service provider (MSP). The MSP solution drives revenue growth for clients through expert content.

“Tempesta Media’s Bullseye Effect solution is the key to our marketing strategy,” said Brett Knox, CEO of Raiven. “Our revenue has grown by securing more leads in new and innovative ways.”

Tempesta Media’s managed service solution removes the cost of hiring content, influencer, and social media marketing specialists and helps businesses exceed their ROI goals and create timely content.

Over the past two years, Raiven’s digital marketing goals were surpassed by using Tempesta Media Bullseye Effect. Raiven’s increased revenue was driven by:

  • marketing leads up 230% in total:
          ○ direct leads increased by 175%,
          ○ referral by 125%,
          ○ organic by 100%
  • users up 971%
  • domain authority up 3,000%

Tempesta Media’s Managed Service provider (MSP) uses these marketing tactics to achieve its results:

  • Prova™ 90-point assessment
  • CoreForm™ platform
  • a team of subject matter experts
  • Simple Social Share™
  • influencer marketing
  • a team for customer success

“Our Tempesta Media’s Managed Service provider (MSP) through its Bullseye Effect helps marketers leverage organic content for high ROI, lead generation, and revenue, and is tailored for marketing results in financial services, healthcare and technology,” said Michael Marchese, CEO, and Founder of Tempesta Media.


Tempesta Media is the leading performance-based provider of digital marketing solutions that drives revenue. Using our targeted approach to digital marketing, Bullseye Effect ™ , we efficiently maximize results and ROI. Tempesta Media helps businesses become industry leaders. Contact us at Sales@TempestaMedia.com.


Raiven is a leading purchasing, procurement, and supply chain management platform enabling contractors and facility managers to digitally transform their procurement process and obtain significant discounts on their most purchased items. Raiven’s cloud-based procurement platform helps businesses purchase smarter and more efficiently through patent-pending AI algorithms that find in-stock products at the lowest prices. Learn more about Raiven at www.raiven.com and on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Top Channels and Strategies MSP Marketing Services Leverage to Yield Results

A sound marketing strategy is more important than ever. As businesses face challenges linked to shrinking profit margins and heightened competition, generating a steady stream of leads and forming strong connections with prospects and customers can create a path forward.

For many organizations, in-house capabilities aren’t always a good match for the challenges linked to developing a digital marketing strategy. As a result, outsourcing marketing to managed service providers is on the rise.

What do these vendors do? Learn more about MSP marketing services, how these partners can develop customized strategies, and what the main benefits of working with an MSP are.

What is an MSP?

Outsourcing is on the rise. For many businesses, COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation and resulted in new workflows that facilitate working with remote partners.

A majority of small businesses plan on outsourcing some tasks this year, and 24% are planning to outsource marketing.

The traditional agency model isn’t always a good fit for these small and medium organizations. As more SMBs seek digital marketing services packages, the MSP model emerges as a solution.

Managed service providers appeared in the late 1990s in the IT field. These businesses offered a subscription model with a monthly fee for a variety of IT services. One of the advantages is to have access to a flexible offering with different service tiers or customizable packages.

This model translates well to marketing. Between the rise of the omnichannel model and innovations in analytics, many marketers find that they need a flexible partner who can take a customized approach.

content marketing strategy

What do MSP marketing services do?

MSPs typically have a flexible model where customers can build digital marketing services packages with different elements. The services can vary from one vendor to another, but most MSPs offer these core building blocks.


Search engine optimization can get technical with practices like managing redirects or adding no-follow tags to your links. A successful SEO campaign requires skills and a thorough understanding of the signals search engines use to rank pages.

You also have to find the right balance between optimizing your content and developing copy that remains engaging and easy to read. It’s crucial to keep up with the latest trends, such as mobile-friendliness or Google’s recent helpful content update.

Visibility in search results has become a major differentiator. Competing with in-house resources is often not realistic. Plus, implementing SEO in-house means you’ll have to go through a trial-and-error process to figure out which strategies yield results.

Outsourcing SEO to an MSP makes sense:

  • MSPs have SEO experts on staff. These professionals have years of experience and will know right away which on-page and off-site strategies are relevant to your goals.
  • An MSP can improve your ROI by taking a strategic approach. Experts can analyze what your competitors are doing and keep track of search trends for your niche to focus on the most profitable SEO strategies.
  • Having the same team work on your SEO campaign and other aspects of your marketing strategy means that you’ll get more out of your marketing budget as content creation or social media linking practices support your SEO strategy.

Content creation and publication

Prioritizing content creation is more important than ever:

  • Google’s latest update favors quality content that delivers value to users.
  • The buying journey is becoming increasingly digital and self-directed. Content plays a crucial role in supporting a wide range of buying tasks.
  • With the end of third-party cookie support, a content-first strategy can replace retargeting campaigns.

It’s no surprise that 71% of the most successful businesses describe their content creation strategy as mature while only 5% of the least successful organizations have a mature content strategy.

Like many other aspects of your digital marketing plan, managing content creation in-house can be challenging. On average, it can take five hours to create an 800-word blog post. This process involves multiple employees and takes up valuable time.

An MSP can complement your team’s ability to write, or take over the entire content creation program:

  • MSP marketing services give you access to talented writers who use their industry knowledge and writing skills to create content that supports conversions, a top content marketing goal for 65% of brands.
  • Editors can oversee your campaigns and make sure content is consistent with your branding preferences. They will also ensure that content meets spelling, grammatical, and readability requirements.
  • SEO experts can optimize your content to generate more organic traffic.

Beyond writing and editing, an MSP can help with publication:

  • You can work with your MSP to create a content creation schedule. The MSP will deliver fresh content regularly to keep your audience engaged and support your SEO efforts.
  • A steady stream of content will help you stay active on channels like social media or email.
  • Publishing content regularly makes it easier to establish your brand as a thought leader by discussing the latest trends.
  • An MSP can use data to identify the best channels for content publication based on your target audience’s preferences and behaviors.

social media

Social media

Social media users now exceed 58% of the world’s population. Social media usage keeps growing with the user base increasing by 10% between 2021 and 2022.

These platforms have changed the way we communicate. They’re also shaping our buying habits. Consumers are likely to turn to social media to discover new products or find reviews, but social media is also important for the B2B niche. LinkedIn is now a top platform for 40% of B2B marketers.

Managing social media in-house is time-consuming. Tracking results is challenging since vanity metrics can reduce visibility over your ROI. Plus, managing some aspects like paid ads or analytics can be technical.

MSP marketing services can help:

  • Social media marketing experts can develop a strategic approach and identify the right platforms and content formats.
  • These experts can also optimize your posts for engagement with engaging copy, hashtags, or images.
  • They can even track engagement and determine the best time of day to post.
  • You can work with an MSP to develop guidelines employees can follow when interacting with social media users for branding purposes.
  • An MSP can track results and uncover your social media ROI by focusing on meaningful KPIs.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has an average ROI of $5.78 for each dollar spent. Over 90% of marketers are now using influencer marketing, and this fast-growing channel goes beyond consumer products. There is an emerging market for B2B influencers who can make a difference by using their industry expertise to endorse products.

Launching an influencer marketing campaign can yield drastic results. Tempesta Media was able to increase leads by more than 300% for a customer by leveraging a mix of content creation, social media marketing, and influencer marketing strategies.

Getting started with influencer marketing can be intimidating. Finding the right influencers, managing these partnerships, and developing guidelines for content creation and endorsement requires some experience with this channel.

Reaching out to an MSP will ensure that you get the most out of influencer marketing. A vendor can help you leverage this trend by using data to identify the right influencers, vetting these partners, and tracking results.

Email marketing

Branded emails remain an effective way of keeping prospects and customers engaged. Delivering the right email at the right time can help a prospect move along their buying journey or cement a long-term relationship with a customer.

Email marketing spending is up. While only 50% of marketers described their email strategy as aligned with their other marketing practices in 2020, this percentage was up to 95% in 2021. A growing number of marketers are taking a deliberate and strategic approach to nurturing leads via email.

Nurturing email has the potential of becoming a cornerstone of your marketing plan. It’s a channel that allows you to engage and nurture leads while delivering personalized content that meets the expectations of your audience.

However, managing email marketing in-house includes a few challenges:

  • Implementing segmentation and other personalization techniques can be difficult.
  • You’ll get more out of your email marketing efforts if you rely on software designed to help you track results, automate tasks, and more. Choosing and learning to use the right email marketing software is a potential barrier.
  • Tracking your open rate, click-through rate, and other KPIs will help you make better decisions for your email campaigns. However, implementing an analytics campaign represents an investment of time and resources.
  • Coordinating your email marketing efforts with your overall content marketing strategy and other channels can be challenging.

MSP marketing services can help you get more out of your email campaigns. You’ll get to work with experienced professionals who can design and implement successful campaigns:

  • Your MSP can take steps to improve your email deliverability rate and avoid spam folders and filters.
  • A vendor with a strong data strategy can leverage analytics to improve your open rate and boost engagement.
  • Outsourcing content production means you’ll get a steady stream of fresh content for your email list.
  • You can also count on your MSP to optimize email series and turn this channel into a reliable qualified lead generation tool.
  • An MSP partner can also help you keep up with the latest privacy trends and best practices for sending emails.

Paid ads

Half of the marketing budgets don’t invest enough to maximize ROI. Marketers are turning this trend around by increasing spending, and social advertising and paid search are emerging as the top spending categories.

Paid ads are an opportunity to improve visibility in search, reach out to specific audience segments, and more. However, several obstacles can prevent you from optimizing an in-house paid advertisement campaign:

  • The bidding process can be technical. A sound bidding strategy ensures that you’re not overspending on ads while delivering the best ROI possible.
  • Third-party cookie support is coming to an end. For many marketers, switching to a strategy that relies on first-party data can be a challenge.
  • A successful paid ad strategy needs to account for your SEO efforts and other organic strategies. Failing to coordinate your efforts can result in unnecessary competition between your different pages or ads.
  • It’s also important to analyze how your competitors use paid ads. Once you know more about the channels or keywords used, you can adapt your approach to limit direct competition.
  • Paid advertising is a long-term commitment. You need to invest time and resources to test strategies, track results, and optimize campaigns.

Due to the technical nature of paid ads, MSP marketing services can make a difference thanks to their expertise. Paid advertisement is an area where an MSP can deliver measurable results and help you maximize your ROI by targeting the right keywords, creating compelling ads, and actively optimizing your campaigns.



Repetition is crucial for awareness and information retention. With the average internet user seeing thousands of ads every day, it’s easy to develop ad blindness and ignore branded content.

Remarketing helps users remember and notice your brand. It increases awareness by creating a series of connections with a user.

Remarketing isn’t about showing the same content repeatedly. Instead, a sound remarketing strategy should deliver value and promote engagement by following the user through the different stages of the buying journey.

Once you combine your remarketing strategy with your sales funnel model, you can create meaningful touchpoints at different stages of the user’s journey. Each touchpoint can deliver a memorable experience or provide the user with the information they need to move to the next stage. Creating a succession of touchpoints helps users remember your brand. It also establishes your business as a trusted source of information.

With the end of third-party cookie support planned for 2024, there is a strong need to take a new approach to remarketing that prioritizes first-party data.

MSP marketing services can help you plan a successful transition to first-party data. You can also work with an MSP to uncover valuable insights into the buying journey to identify the best touchpoints for remarketing. Plus, digital marketing services packages that include content marketing will result in a more organic experience as your content marketing strategy supports remarketing at different stages of the buying journey.

developing content marketing strategy

Fully customized digital marketing packages

There is no one-size-fits-all in marketing. With MSP marketing services, you can expect a flexible and highly customized approach.

The offering will vary from one vendor to another, but MSPs stand out thanks to their fully customized solutions. You’ll typically work with a professional who acts as an account manager. This expert will get to know your organization, goals, and challenges.

Your go-to person will develop a customized package with marketing services and service tiers that make sense for your goals and budget.

In most cases, MSPs complete audits or assessments to learn more about your current marketing efforts. They will look at your current results, the audience you’re targeting, and the channels you use. They can also analyze your market and competitors.

This initial assessment is a strong baseline for building a marketing plan that addresses your unique goals and challenges. Your MSP will use this initial assessment to recommend digital marketing service packages with content, channels, and strategies that make sense for your organization.

This approach ensures that you don’t pay for things you don’t need. You can also expect fast results and an optimized ROI.

The benefits of MSP marketing services

Why outsource marketing to an MSP? Let’s recap the main benefits of working with these highly flexible and result-oriented partners:

  • An MSP helps you save valuable time by taking over a wide range of marketing-related tasks. Your in-house team can focus on other important things.
  • Managing costs is easy. Most MSPs have a monthly subscription model. Costs are transparent and you can plan future spending. Plus, you can adjust your personalized package if your budget fluctuates.
  • MSPs have employees with years of experience when it comes to working on content creation, SEO, paid ad campaigns, and more. You’ll benefit from this extensive expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house experts.
  • Thanks to their highly personalized approach, MSPs are able to offer customized digital marketing services packages that reflect your needs and goals without having to pay for things you don’t need.
  • The MSP model values transparency and is result-oriented. You can expect regular reports to track how your marketing campaigns are performing, constant optimization, and recommendations for taking your marketing efforts to the next level.
  • Besides being comfortable with the latest marketing software, MSP employees keep up with the latest trends and best practices.

marketing idea


The MSP model is on the rise as more businesses decide to outsource marketing. It’s also emerging as an ideal solution for small and medium organizations due to the highly personalized nature of this model.

From saving time to reducing costs and getting measurable results, there are many benefits associated with MSPs. The capabilities can vary from one vendor to another, but you’ll typically build a customized service package with elements like SEO, content creation, email marketing, paid ads, remarketing, and more.

Does the MSP model sound like a good fit for your organization? Tempesta Media has over a decade of experience in helping clients achieve their marketing goals.

Our first step is to complete a thorough 90-point digital marketing assessment to get to know our new clients better. We can then work together to build a customized service package with our Performica framework that includes modules for content marketing, email marketing, social media, influencer marketing, SEO, and much more.

Learn more about our Prova digital assessment to get started, find out more about our Performica framework, or take a closer look at our pricing options.

Your 11-Step Result-Oriented MSP Digital Marketing Strategy That’ll Boom Business

This eGuide will show the benefits of an MSP digital marketing strategy vs in-house marketing teams.

Digital marketing is growing every day, and it’s a full-time job for more than one person to work all of these avenues every week. This is where an MSP digital marketing strategy comes in handy.

You already know digital marketing matters, and you might be actively working on several social media apps already. What you might not know is just how much time it takes to really market your business to the many platforms available to consumers these days.

What is an effective digital marketing strategy?

With just 11 steps, you can optimize your digital marketing strategy with measurable results. The goal is to see results in a competitive market where profits are lower than they were before Covid-19 shook the world.

Here are just a few of the ideas covered in this eGuide:

  • Assessing your market
  • Website improvement areas
  • Mobile device optimization
  • Current SEO optimization tips
  • How to better connect with your audience
  • Social media marketing ideas
  • Email marketing improvement
  • PPC and analytics
  • Building a scalable model

Why an outsourced MSP is your new best friend?

Keeping up with constantly changing digital marketing applications is exhausting, to say the least. Even the most social media-savvy employees will find themselves lost in a sea of trending platforms they’ve never even used. An MSP provider will assess your business, create a personalized marketing plan, recommend new strategy elements, and measure results along the way.

Tempesta Media guides you through a performance marketing-based program resulting in a turn-key solution to achieving your marketing goals. You can take the pressure off your own employees and let trained experts offer a transparent campaign full of the latest digital marketing ideas and tips.

Finding a Path Forward Post-COVID. Part 2: Adapting Your Marketing to a Stagflationary Environment

Shrinking ROIs and inflation are coming together to create a challenging environment for businesses. Finding a path forward entails realigning marketing spending, starting with taking a hard look at the different assets and channels in your marketing mix.

As many businesses still struggle to recover from the pandemic, high levels of inflation and stagnating markets are creating an even more challenging environment.

In part one of our series on finding a path forward post-COVID, we discussed the changes in marketing post-COVID and how businesses are switching to a digital-first approach. We also addressed marketing challenges like higher costs or the need to adapt to a changing marketing environment.

In part two of our series, we’ll take a closer look at stagflation, shrinking ROIs, and simple tools businesses can use to realign marketing spending strategically.

Stagflation and the bullseye approach

The current economic situation isn’t favourable. Prices keep going up, but economic growth is lacking. For businesses, this translates into a decrease in ROI and ROA rates. 65% of small businesses are considering closing if things don’t improve soon.

CMOS need to be reactive and realign their marketing approach, starting with where marketing dollars go.

The bullseye approach is a simple tool marketers can adopt to understand their marketing environment better and identify the channels and assets with the highest potential ROI.

The bullseye model uses a series of circles that represent different channels. The inner circle represents the core of your marketing assets, with your website, content, and SEO. As we get farther away from the centre, each new ring represents a channel that widens your outreach.

This visualization tool echoes the buyer’s journey. The outer rings will typically initiate the first contact via a campaign designed to increase awareness, and prospects will gradually move closer to the centre of the bullseye as they connect with your brand and consume more content.

sky rock building

Core assets: Build a strong foundation with content marketing and SEO

At the centre of the bullseye, you’ll find marketing assets that include your website, official app, blog posts, onsite and offsite SEO, and more.

These are assets that you own. You have developed this content and own the platform where you publish it. It’s important to establish the distinction between owned, earned, and paid content:

  • Owned content is the result of your content-creation efforts. Focusing on owned content allows you to build a repository of resources.
  • Earned content comes from users. It’s organic, but you don’t have control over creating it. Earned content is great for social proof.
  • Paid content refers to your paid outreach efforts, including PPC, partnerships with influencers, promotions, and more.

In a marketing environment where stagflation prevails, owned assets become more important than ever. A library of owned assets provides you with resources you can use to keep generating leads with little additional investments required. It supports a scalable model, and the more you invest in content and SEO, the more you’ll get back over time.

A marketing mix that prioritizes spending on owned assets can insulate your business. It will result in a strong online presence that protects you from new competitors. Plus, you’ll have existing assets to fall back on if you need to cut your marketing budget in the future.

Many businesses are adopting this strategy, with 42% of organizations increasing their content marketing budget. It’s a significant trend, with businesses increasing their spending on marketing by more than 10% on average. SEO is also a priority for 34% of businesses.

First ring: Reach out and nurture with email marketing

Email is a publication channel for your owned assets. It’s also a channel you can use to funnel traffic to your website and nurture leads as well as existing customers.

Email is the first ring in the bullseye model since you can reach out to recipients at any time once you establish initial contact.

For 47% of marketers, email remains the most effective channel for conversions. Focusing on emails is also an opportunity to deliver the kind of personalized experience that 71% of consumers expect with strategies like segmentation.

Second ring: Connect on social media

As you get farther away from the centre of the bullseye, you’ll find a ring for social media. Social media can include a mix of owned, earned, and paid content.

It’s a publication platform to share your content with fans or followers, but it’s also an opportunity to reach out to new users via shares, hashtags, and other features.

While B2C brands focus on trends like influencer marketing or exploring rising platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn remains a staple for B2B marketers. This platform plays a part in 47% of buying decisions and provides you with opportunities to conduct targeted outreach thanks to the data users share on their profiles.

Third ring: Increase awareness with paid ads

Paid ads represent the last ring in the bullseye model. PPC and other forms of paid advertising have the largest potential outreach, with close to 90 billion monthly visits on Google or 2.9 billion active monthly users on Facebook.

However, ROI is generally lower compared to other channels. CMOs can expect to get $2 back for every dollar spent on PPC campaigns, while channels like email marketing typically have an ROI of x42.

Plus, paid ad strategies need to adapt to recent changes regarding the end of third-party cookies. Transitioning to a model that focuses on contextual and interest-based ads leaves many marketers in the dark without any actionable data.

email marketing campaign

Aligning your marketing spending strategy with the bullseye approach

There are two ways to invest your marketing dollars:

  • You can build assets by investing in owned content. This approach unlocks long-term growth and resilience through a repository of resources you can leverage to generate leads in a scalable manner.
  • You can opt for buy over build and prioritize paid ads. This strategy can make sense for newcomers in a competitive market who need to increase awareness quickly, but ROI is lower, and you’re taking more risks.

Due to the current climate of stagflation, shifting toward a build strategy and consolidating the core of the bullseye with content marketing and SEO makes sense.

How managed marketing services can help

A managed marketing service can strengthen the core of your marketing mix by identifying opportunities for content creation, developing quality content, implementing SEO strategies, and more. Tempesta Media’s Performics solution is an option to consider if you’d like to realign your marketing mix to improve resilience and boost ROI in the face of stagflation.

Learn more about this service, or stay tuned for part three of our series, in which we will discuss the role of collaboration at the C-level in the context of realigning your marketing mix.

Tempesta Media Is Cited as an Example of a Preferred Digital Marketing Approach

Howard Tullman explained well in Inc. Magazine the reasons why CEOs consider themselves great specialists in each business field, and waste their time and energy to showcase that and its consequences. Most importantly, he highlights the ways to overcome it, including an excellent case for outsourcing, including content marketing. This article named the benefits of Tempesta Media as a marketing managed service solution for businesses that deliver high ROI and ROT.

This blog post provided actionable recommendations on how founders easily can:

  • Have a greater focus on managing their core business tasks;
  • Stop attempting to do everything themselves; 
  • Refrain from wasting time and resources trying to produce effective content marketing programs that they could never do well in-house.

Learn this article to get more insights from Howard Tullman in Inc. Magazine.

Digital Marketing Strategy: What Will We Face in 2023, and How Will We Manage It?

To get customers to your company, you need to do marketing.

Many people talk about digital marketing, but they don’t provide the content or the context behind what it means. Generally, it is the concept of raising awareness about your company’s brand, getting people to be educated about what you provide, and ultimately inducing them to take action (purchase or get a lead form).

Digital marketing changes all the time

When Covid 19 hit, it forced a major change in how people communicate with their prospects and their customers. Traditionally, most companies did some or most of their marketing offline. With the emergence of Covid 19, every company rushed into digital marketing, whether they had the skills, experience, and budget or not. Resultingly, there was a great deal of inflation in the cost of advertising online.

Now, we’ve gotten to a point where certain forms of digital marketing have become too expensive, such as digital advertising.

marketing team

Сompanies are moving away from some forms of digital marketing

Companies are shifting to such forms of marketing as:

However, they’re also starting to go back to offline marketing because things have started to open up around the world as well. So, it’s been very turbulent for marketers over the last couple of years. It’s not just where but also how they advertise.

Three causes of digital marketing strategy changes

The underlying factors for the changing digital marketing strategy are the following:

  • There has been a move to omnichannel marketing, which means that marketers can sell both online and offline.
  • Marketing has transitioned from centralization to decentralization. About ten years ago, marketing buying was centralized among a few television stations, a few radio stations, and a few newspapers. However, with the growth of the internet, everything is becoming very decentralized and diffuse. That requires marketers to change how they make purchases.
  • There has been a general shift from offline consumption by users to online media consumption.

readability improving

“Must-haves” in marketing strategy creation

The creation of each and every marketing strategy starts with defining the target audience. Many marketers rely on past data or experience to accurately determine who their target audiences are. But prospective buyers are changing, and, if you’re not constantly reviewing who’s buying your solution or product, you’re likely to put forth a strategy that targets the wrong audience, and it will fail as a result.

There are a couple of common tools every CMO should use when they’re trying to put together a digital marketing strategy, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Google Analytics does an excellent job of analyzing who’s coming to your site and who’s converting. It also has demographic and location-based information, as well as other intent data, that’s very important for you to help identify those pockets of new customer opportunity to fit for your company today. Google Search Console, meanwhile, gives you a good viewpoint into types of content or searches.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console illustrate how well you are performing in terms of your site. For example, customers can use content and social media analysis tools to understand very clearly what their competitors are doing to align their services to fit with their target market much better and, at the same time, present the better.

Creating a great strategy in 2023

2023 will be a rough year for customers. We see already that the US and the global economy have officially slipped into recession.

This means it’s a dangerous environment for marketers. They have to rationalize and determine which programs to keep for 2023 and which to cut. CMOs and business owners should expect layoffs in the marketing industry within the next 12 months.

If you are a CMO, you should avoid adding staff that you can’t keep and explore outsourcing. This will give you the maximum flexibility to survive and keep your jobs.

Regarding all these future hard times, you probably still wonder what that important magic tool is to create a new digital marketing strategy. With Tempesta Media, your digital marketing strategy is safe. Contact us today if you would like to accelerate your success with managed content marketing.

How to Win With a Strong B2B Content Marketing Strategy in 2022

Powerful content equals powerful results.

Do you want to build your company’s brand, attract and retain customers, earn backlinks, and improve rankings? Then you are going to need great content. But creating content without a solid B2B content marketing strategy is a waste of time. To win in the B2B marketing space next year, you need tailored strategies and tactics that help your business succeed.

When businesses cannot effectively communicate with potential customers, it creates a pain point. When potential customers cannot find what they need, it also makes a pain point. Every successful B2B content marketing strategy targets and cures pain points by delivering results that your prospects and clients need. There are many ways of accomplishing this:

Answer all your audience’s questions

With B2B interactions, your focus is on informing the audience without them having to ask. Focusing on specific topics they will be interested in can help you quickly create high-quality, authoritative content.

Include testimonials and reviews of the service or product

Testimonials turn into perfect word-of-mouth promotion that is beneficial to being organic. Studies show that audiences respond much more favorably to testimonials than traditional advertising.

Leverage artificial intelligence

AI can utilize machine learning to help reduce the time it takes to create and optimize content. Where traditional methods used teams of marketers to edit and perfect content, AI makes it possible with 90% less need for human intervention.

Go beyond video and articles

Use more specialized content like white papers, case studies, and market analysis. These are highly effective in more technical industries such as chemicals, oil, and gas, aerospace, and electronics.

When you attack pain points with the above B2B content marketing strategies, winning the B2B space becomes much faster, easier, and more effective. But there’s more to consider beyond these four concepts. You have to take on the mindset of a managed content professional and change your workflow to reflect this.

meeting in office

Know who you’re talking to

Knowing your client’s needs can help you maintain a rapid pace when creating content. Learn all you can about your target audience so that the message is custom-tailored for their unique perspective. Research what content is most prevalent in those demographics. It’s not about what they need to hear but how they’ll listen to it. Use keywords that are relevant to the topic and SEO friendly. Ensure that the voice and presentation align with what they expect and are looking for.

Become an expert

Likewise, understand the business values and goals in-depth. Nothing is more deadly to B2B content marketing than incorrect information. If people cannot believe the information they are given, it will be tough to get them to trust the product or service. Remember, you often speak to a highly skilled audience in a given field and will immediately notice any inaccuracies. Therefore, you must be able to present your client’s business content as a trusted resource. It should be accurate, relevant, actionable, and realistic. It should also include a tactically placed Call To Action.

Establish yourself as an authority in the field

The easiest way to do this is to reference subject matter experts (SMEs) in the field of interest. A solid B2B content marketing strategy requires accurate information, so why not take advantage of the tens of thousands of hours of completed research? You can bolster your content with quotes, statistics, and properly cited media. This tactic adds authority to your voice by showing that the leaders in the field support and can back up what your content is saying.

Relevant SEO matters

staggering 93% of your audience will not look past the first search page when looking for information. Your content will never be found if your SEO strategy is not up to par. Powerful SEO and content marketing work together to increase traffic, boost brand recognition and improve customer retention. Make sure you aren’t making common mistakes that negatively affect your search ranking.

content marketing tips

Distributing the content

Select delivery platforms that synchronize with your audience’s preferences. Placing the content type where it is most likely to be seen gets the highest return on your marketing spending. For example, around 80% of B2B leads come from Linkedin compared with just under 7% for Facebook. Therefore, using Linkedin, even with a smaller user base, will net a higher percentage of potential customers.

Track the costs

Knowing how much it costs to gain a customer is extremely important for growing a business. ROI is thus critical information that you’ll want to be familiar with daily. In one survey, while 80% of marketers measure performance somehow, only 43% track ROI consistently. Tracking this data point and other KPIs will give other companies a substantial economic and performance advantage.

Account-based marketing

Finally, you can use traditional funnels or opt for account-based marketing strategies when working with clients. This strategy treats each account as a single market, with personalized content and a solid personal relationship. Account-based marketing makes it easier to track ROI and offers higher revenue growth, and sales win rates. Usually, account-based marketing is used with larger businesses. However, it can be used in smaller firms with the right automation technologies.


While every B2B content marketing strategy listed here is beneficial, there is one that you should never forget: Above all else, realize that your audience is made of humans. Yes, you can quantify them as clicks, views, or read-throughs. You can also identify them as buyers, accounts, or brands. But all of those metrics represent an individual you are trying to reach. Humanize your content.

As a managed content professional, you shouldn’t just think outside the box. Forget that there is a box in the first place: brainstorm uncommon ideas and ways to translate them into engaging content. Tempesta Media offers advanced automation to help you create the content you need while giving you the creativity to leave the box behind.

How to Understand the Importance of MSP Marketing Services

Attract more customers with MSP marketing than an in-house team.

Managed service provider (MSP) marketing is on the rise, with expected growth reaching approximately $492.15 billion by 2027. According to Statista, projections suggest it could be a $356 billion market by 2025.

With the above in mind, you have only seven seconds to make a good impression and capture the attention of your prospects and clients. You should use standard MSP marketing services as well as creative solutions to make the best possible impression on your audience.

Your constant and ongoing goal is to use that good impression, along with trust and your compelling content, to inspire your audience to become your clients. Then you can rely on that relationship for referral generation to inspire new buyers.

It’s an ongoing role that continues to grow as you build your broadening network base, reinforce those relationships, and keep your long-term clients both now and in the future.

What is MSP marketing?

MSP marketing is about generating interest and leads for your business. You might already use some of the same marketing strategies that an MSP uses, but an MSP takes these to another level. In short, MSP marketing does the following:

  • Combines the best in email marketing, inbound marketing, and outbound marketing.
  • Allows you to take full advantage of social media sites.
  • Streamlines your marketing efforts to save you time and money.
  • Helps you develop and tell your story, which inspires greater trust and reinforces buy-in.

benefits of content marketing

Benefits of MSP marketing services

MSP marketing services allow you to develop comprehensive growth plans and then proceed through the steps predictably. There are so many great benefits of MSP marketing:

  • Content marketing. You can build a relationship with your clients via the content you create and distribute. You also build ongoing trust.
  • Email marketing. You can generate more leads via high-quality and consistent emails. It’s still one of the most appealing channels to many consumers.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). You can target your ideal audience and use SEO to make your marketing campaigns more visible.
  • Social media marketing. You can generate new leads and build relationships with your clients and prospects.

A full-service marketing agency approaches your audience from all fronts so you can build a comprehensive and effective marketing campaign that reaches and converts them.

But it goes further. It continues to reinforce the buy-in of those leads and generate new clients from the wealth of data you gather from your inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

What about the cost?

Although many marketing methods can lead to some success, MSP marketing services are the best, most cost-effective method to generate leads and convert your prospects into clients. When you compare the cost of hiring an in-house marketing team with the cost of MSP marketing services, you’ll see that you can save time and money by outsourcing those essential tasks. While the in-house solution may offer more on-site availability, you’re faced with higher personnel costs, lack of support during sick or vacation times, lots of downtime, and generally lower levels of expertise.

With an MSP, you can determine your level of preferred service and scale with a broader skill set. You also have access to 24/7 support for your IT systems, so you should never experience downtime.

Besides showing you greater value with an MSP, your cost-benefit analysis will also show how you save money in nearly every aspect of your organization. Relying on a trusted team of experts means getting it right the first time, lowering the amount of time and money you waste. The result is that you not only beat the competition but also succeed and thrive no matter what challenges you face.

man typing

Where do you start with MSP marketing?

After considering the points above, maybe you like the idea of working with an MSP. But you won’t know what steps to take unless you first consider where you’re going, what you’re selling, and how you can tap into your new and developing network.

Once you’ve settled those questions, you’ll need to move forward by asking other essential questions that will allow you to better develop content and target your audiences. Here are some examples:

  • What are you selling? What is the product or service you’re offering?
  • What do potential clients want or need? Why do they come to you for your products or services?
  • Why are you better? How do you stand out in a competitive analysis? What makes you different?

These questions can help you take a thorough inventory of your value proposition. Then, a full-service marketing agency can help you develop a content marketing strategy that interacts with and responds to your clients’ needs and interests.

Which industries does MSP marketing serve?

Armed with a clear value proposition, you’ll want to find MSP marketing services that specialize in your field. MSP marketing spans a broad range of industry verticals, such as:

But MSP marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why it’s so important to find a full-service marketing agency offering custom solutions that will meet your needs, no matter what industry you work in. Your industry has its own specialized knowledge and its own audience, so you need consulting services and advice that will improve your chances of speaking to your target audience, then inspire them to move forward with you.

The takeaway

You can discover the spectacular results that MSP marketing can bring to your industry and your company, and they will inspire you to keep coming back for guaranteed outstanding services and support. You’ll never want to spend big dollars on in-house marketing when you have so much success with MSP marketing.

As a full-service marketing agency, Tempesta Media can help you launch, optimize, and scale your content marketing programs. Our MSP marketing services extend far beyond content production to provide the most comprehensive and reliable content marketing services available.

If your program isn’t performing or delivering the results you need, contact us. We offer several services and content marketing packages to fit your company’s needs.

What Social Media Optimization Can Do for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media optimization is a strategic and purposeful approach to growing your presence on this channel. Read on for some of the top strategies you can use to optimize your social media accounts.

Social media marketing allows you to connect with your audience like few other channels can. It’s also a significant investment of time and resources. Focusing on social media optimization will help you get more out of what you invest in this channel.

What is social media optimization?

Why is your brand present on social media? If you joined Facebook because your competitors use this platform or if you share tweets because your audience expects it, you’re not optimizing your social media presence.

Instead of simply existing on social media and posting occasionally, optimization is about taking a strategic approach and turning this channel into a powerful agent for growth. It’s the difference between being proactive and reactive.

Your business has goals. Social media can support these goals by helping with brand awareness, outreach, sales, and other aspects of your mission. With optimization, you’re adopting the strategies that make the most sense for achieving these goals.

social media like

The basics of social media optimization

There are four key areas to focus on to optimize your presence on social media.

Adopt a strategic approach

Social media optimization begins with goals. These goals need to be measurable and aligned with your broader business objectives. If applicable, you should also think about these goals in relation to the other channels you use and to your paid social campaigns.

Everything you do on social media should support your goals. A common mistake is to focus on vanity metrics such as the number of followers your Twitter account gets. With optimization, your focus shifts to metrics and actions that translate into results.

Establishing clear goals will inform the way you grow your social media presence. It can help you identify the platforms to join. For instance, LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing platforms for B2B marketing, but Facebook is the best social network for reaching out to men between the ages of 25 and 34.

If you want to schedule your publications to get as many impressions as possible from your target audience, your goals can also inform your post-development strategy and help you with automated social media marketing.

You can go further by using social media analytics. Tracking things like which platform results in the most sales, which network brings in leads that spend the most, or what type of content generates the most engagement will help you fine-tune your efforts.

Achieving continuous improvement through goal-setting and analytics can be technical. It’s something a social media management partner can help you with, and social media management pricing is justified by the results you’ll get.

Build a strong profile

The purpose of a social media profile is to tell users at a glance what you do and what differentiates you from other businesses.

A strong profile should be immediately recognizable, which is why it’s important to integrate your social media marketing efforts with your other campaigns. Consistent branding with your copy and graphics will increase brand recognition and awareness.

You’ll also need a compelling description of your business with some strong keywords to capture traffic from social searches. Don’t forget to add a link to your website, your contact information, and a name, address, and phone number (NAP) mention to support your local SEO goals if applicable.

Optimize your activity

Posting content is at the heart of your social media presence. You can write posts specifically for a social network, curate posts with links to third-party sources, or integrate your social media presence with your content marketing efforts to share links to your own blog posts or news stories.

Just like with every other platform, content quality matters. Write content that solves problems and delivers value. Use strong calls to action to get conversions and craft eye-catching headlines that will make users want to click. Then optimize the copy, keywords, hashtags, and visual components of each post.

However, your activity shouldn’t be limited to written content. There are other avenues to explore:

  • A growing number of brands are using social media as a customer service channel thanks to chat features.
  • You can also interact with your audience by liking their comments or responding to them.
  • Visual content, like photos and infographics, can grab the attention of your audience and generate engagement.
  • Video is another interesting format to use. There were 2 billion video views on Twitter this year, a number that increased by 67% compared to the previous year.

social media engagement

Boost audience engagement

Social media optimization should extend to your follower outreach efforts. The more you know about your audience, the easier it will become to engage them on social media and inspire loyalty.

The first step is to get your content noticed. Brevity is important since users often scroll and skim on social media. Eye-catching visuals, clear formatting, strong headlines, emojis, and hashtags are things that can make a difference.

Speaking of hashtags, they’re important for three reasons:

  • They make your content discoverable for users who explore hashtags related to topics they’re interested in.
  • They allow you to spark conversations related to your brand and products by creating branded hashtags.
  • The existence of branded hashtags will encourage more people to create user-generated content (UGC), which can act as social proof for your online reputation. You can extend the scope of UGC by launching an employee advocacy program and having employees join the conversation on social media.

Hashtags will also help you get a feel for the trending topics your followers care about. Being timely is crucial on social media since there are plenty of opportunities to join existing conversations and bring something new to the table. Examples of trending topics on Facebook for 2021 include conversations about education, racial inequalities, sustainable living and gardening, banking, and self-care.

Audience engagement is often about small things that people will remember, whether it’s responding to a comment, creating shareable content, posting regularly, or adopting a voice that is human and relatable. You should also leverage word of mouth from your top fans and look into establishing partnerships with influencers.

The takeaway

Social media optimization makes your presence on this channel more purposeful. A social media management price is an expense you’re going to incur whether you decide to outsource or invest in in-house resources.

With optimization, you can get a better ROI thanks to the following benefits:

  • Increasing your outreach and brand awareness.
  • Building a community of loyal fans.
  • Getting more traffic for your blog or site.
  • Contributing to existing conversations and positioning yourself as a thought leader.
  • Supporting your SEO and content marketing efforts.
  • Having the resources in place to mitigate potential PR issues.

Do you need help with social media optimization?

Social media is one of the areas Tempesta Media can help you with as part of our managed service. From post-development to follower outreach, we can ensure you get better results with this channel. Contact us to learn more!

How a Marketing Managed Service Provider can Maximize Your ROI

As a business owner, you know there are plenty of ways you could be spending your time to develop and boost your business strategy. A marketing managed service provider can help you do your job effectively by ensuring the processes you outsource run smoothly. 

For business owners, it’s important to remember that having a strong marketing strategy in place and running is what drives business success. This is where the decision to consider a marketing managed service provider (MSP) comes in. 

Many companies don’t have an in-house marketing team at all. Or they entrust their marketing management to employees from various departments — employees who lack the time and experience to make it work properly. Among the many things your employees are responsible for, they might also be in charge of social media postings, email marketing, blog writing, SEO optimization and other tasks related to content production for the business. 

If you’re still trying to manage marketing on your own, spending hours at a time to keep your company up to date with continuously changing trends and stay ahead of the competition, but not achieving success, this is where managed service providers come in handy. Marketing MSPs provide all of the services listed above, plus more to help free up time for you to focus. And their expertise gives your business significant results.

What is a marketing managed service provider?

A marketing managed service provider (MMSP) is a company that provides marketing services to other businesses. These companies offer complete marketing solutions that include the development and execution of marketing programs, and analytics to assess their effectiveness. 

The demand for MSPs has increased in recent years as business owners have recognized the value and results they bring. Here’s a brief explanation of why MSPs gain business owners’ trust:

  1. MSPs standardize processes. Simply put, these companies use proven techniques, so they are able to increase performance and reduce costs.
  2. MSPs provide “as-a-service” capabilities. You can choose to go with a standard package of services or order a specific service.
  3. MSPs have specialized knowledge and experience. They have already done the recruiting for you by selecting top professionals who know how to scale your business.

The managed services market forecast confirms all of the above: the global managed services market is expected to expand to around $274 billion by 2026.

marketing idea

Managed service providers in marketing

You might think about looking for an MMSP for several reasons. For example, if you are an entrepreneur running your own business and you are hiring people to market your products or services, the last thing you need is to deal with employment issues like training, workload monitoring and general management. What if there was a way to outsource these and other responsibilities to someone who already does them better than you can? Or, if you are an established company looking to get better results from your marketing, what if you could do it without having to hire more people or train them? Who wouldn’t want more reliable results with less effort?

MMSPs can provide you with external help that equips you to beat the competition. You can authorize the development of an entirely new digital marketing strategy or optimize the existing one. Your MMSP will apply the newest and most reliable digital marketing techniques, depending on whether you are a B2B or B2C company. The following are a few examples. 

Content marketing 

Content marketing helps to build trust with your target market and convert prospects into customers. It’s not only about creating web pages or videos. Content marketing is engaging with audiences on various platforms to build awareness of your products. This is done through social media posts that are specifically created to be shared, blog posts that answer questions or solve problems facing your clients, and email newsletters that are sent out on a regular basis.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

After you write your content, you need to optimize it for search engines. This is called search engine optimization (SEO). When search engines visit your website, they look at several factors, called ranking signals, to determine the overall quality of your website. If the ranking signals are strong enough, then your website is considered high quality and it gets listed on the first page of search results. The most notable ranking signals are backlinks, content and keywords on the page.

Facebook like

Social media marketing

You can use social media marketing effectively by setting up a company page on popular social media networks. The most common networks for B2B companies are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The company pages you create must have the potential to attract new customers. It is vital to use social media marketing to show that your company is committed to being present online.  By maintaining a high level of activity on all of your social media pages, you demonstrate to potential customers that you are engaged in the world of marketing.

Influencer marketing

Think about it: How many times have you personally made a purchase based on an influencer’s recommendation? This is precisely why so many businesses are using influencer marketing to reach out to potential customers. The fact is that people listen to their favorite bloggers, celebrities, and social media stars because they trust them. Chances are, if they recommend a product or service, you will be willing to purchase it too.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a simple yet powerful way to stay connected with customers and prospects. It gives you the opportunity to share your story and engage your audience. It’s a simple tool that can help you create brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, and ultimately generate more leads and close more deals.

Paid media

When a customer searches for a product or service online, the search engine displays a list of sites that have published content on that subject. These sites have paid search engine optimization companies to ensure they appear at the top of the search results. 

The company that has earned the highest ranking is called the “organic” website because it is the most relevant. In addition to these search results, you will see a section labeled “sponsored links.” This is a great way to draw more traffic to your site and more attention to your brand.

Video marketing

Video marketing is the new buzzword on the block. Various new types of videos are popping up on your screens, be it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or a specific website’s pages. These are custom-made videos that advertise products or services. 

The video features you, highlighting or promoting certain aspects of your company or product. Video marketing is an effective form of digital marketing. It not only informs potential customers but also helps build a strong brand image. A business needs to carefully design a video to showcase its product or service in the best possible way.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is the technique of delivering a direct message to the consumer by offering a premium service. This can be done via various media. Direct marketing is also known as one-to-one marketing. It allows advertisers to communicate directly with prospective customers (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B).

Direct marketing is more focused on results, inspiring immediate action by the targeted consumer, customer or business. It relies strictly on high-quality data to execute its aims.

Who benefits most from having an MSP?

A managed service provider can help both small and mid-sized businesses. In fact, most businesses in the post-COVID-19 environment don’t have the budget to create their own in-house marketing team. A survey conducted by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences shows that since January 2020, firms have reported a 39% reduction in active employment on average.

Although small and medium-sized businesses usually can’t afford to set up a marketing department, that doesn’t mean they don’t need marketing. They simply outsource it to a managed service provider, which is a great way to save money 

A good marketing MSP will be able to take care of your:

  • Content development and production
  • SEO
  • Paid search
  • Display advertising
  • Social media 
  • Email marketing needs

If all of this seems overwhelming, you can outsource just one process to a marketing managed service provider company and still benefit from its expertise. For example, if you’re worried about spending too much on SEO or don’t have enough resources to pursue SEO, but you know it’s important to get on the first page of search results, you can choose to outsource this specific service to an MMSP.

Let’s compare the costs of hiring an in-house marketing team vs. working with a managed service provider. For instance, the average salary for a marketing manager in the U.S. is $148,783 as of August 2021. Keep in mind additional expenses, such as benefits, training, insurance, etc. In contrast, you can hire a marketing managed service provider with an existing team of experts at prices starting from $2,000 per month

The Value of a Lede Oriented to Your Target Audience

Advantages of working with a marketing managed service provider

Why should you consider outsourcing to an MSP? 

  • You will have more time to concentrate on your core competencies.
  • Your marketing efforts will be scaled up.
  • You will gain access to a comprehensive set of marketing services.
  • You will be able to increase your focus on brand-building and brand performance.
  • You will gain access to the expertise and experience of a team of experts.

Moreover, there are a few proven advantages of using a Marketing Managed Service Provider for your business. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Increasing ROI while lowering costs

Many organizations fail to hire marketers because of the costs involved. A marketing managed service provider can help you maximize your marketing ROI by implementing solutions that effectively drive the business forward and, in the meantime, save you money

Not surprisingly, most companies spend a lot on labor, salaries, benefits, insurance and other employee-related costs. For example,it takes six to 10 hours each month for 17% of small firms to process payroll related tasks, and 11% spend more than 10 hours per month. An MSP can handle all your employee-related issues so you don’t need to hire more administrative employees. Companies that want to improve their ROI and save money must discover ways to reduce the number of full-time and part-time employees on their payroll. 

Getting access to the newest technologies 

As a business owner, you need to follow technology trends to keep up with the times. You may be able to leverage an MSP’s services to not only keep up with the competition, but stand out with the help of a marketing managed service provider.

MMSPs have invested in solutions that allow them to create and disseminate high-quality content. This empowers you to target your marketing and advertising efforts more precisely. Businesses can enjoy the following benefits by working with the right marketing managed service providers:

  • Superior content creation that combines human expert writing and AI technology.
  • Content management that is both robust and dependable and generation of fresh resources.
  • Optimization for specific B2B customer profiles, each with its own distinct perspective.
  • Marketing project management software and CRM connections.
  • Accurate reports and data analysis of all campaign segments.

You can see a real example of how all these advantages work by looking at the managed services thatTempesta Media offers . Our team ensures that your content drives maximum results at a lower cost. By partnering with us, you can take a proactive approach with a team of professionals and see better outcomes than you thought possible. Further, our managed service solution is not limited to content creation. Our broad capabilities include all of the most important aspects of digital marketing. 

readability improving

The nature of content marketing is rapidly evolving. In 2021, 82% of marketers plan to use content marketing actively, up 70% over the previous year. 

Gone are the days when we could rely on advertising and SEO to drive traffic and conversions. Instead, we’re in a content-driven world where people want and expect to find the answers to their questions in a quick and easy format. This world demands useful, actionable information, and content marketing is the answer. Here we list several facets of content marketing that a marketing managed service provider will help you with.

Content creation and marketing

Content marketing incorporates elements of all the different marketing strategies and focuses on creating valuable content that attracts new customers to your business. Content marketing involves writing and producing informative content such as blog posts, infographics, videos and images. You can then promote this content on your website and on social media to bring new customers to your business. 

An MMSP covers all the areas of content marketing and partners with you throughout the process. Managed service providers can develop all your content marketing strategies from scratch, including creating, promoting and analyzing. 

social media

Social media

A professional marketing managed service provider will take care of all your social media work and assist you in setting up and managing your social media accounts as well as keeping them current and relevant. Professionals who help you create a custom social media marketing strategy are up to date on the latest trends and statistics, so you can rely on them to help you make informed decisions.

On-page and off-page SEO

On-page SEO includes the best practices for writing titles, meta descriptions, alt text, hyperlink anchors, hyperlinks, website structure and keywords. Conversely, off-page optimization includes link-building, social presence and online reputation management. Your

MMSP will review your website to see how well it is optimized for SEO and identify the pain points to work on. 

The most critical aspect of the SEO strategy is the choice of keywords. In fact, the whole purpose of the SEO strategy is to optimize a web page so that prospects find it quickly on Google and other search engines when they search for a particular keyword. 

For this reason, your managed service provider company will choose the best keywords for your business. To boost your SEO success, you need a list of top-ranking keywords in your industry so the team of professionals can update your website and create new content following the keyword analysis.

Furthermore, marketing managed service providers offer email outreach for link-building to boost your off-site SEO strategy. The objective of link-building is to find relevant websites, blogs and social media pages that have high authority in the eyes of Google. Once a link has been gained from a high-ranking website, it is passed to other sites; these sites in return promote you and your site.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to build trust with your existing and potential audience, as well as to share news and updates. It also costs less and gives higher returns than other marketing methods, such as direct mail. B2B marketers say email is one of the top free organic distribution methods

It’s easy to track the results of your email marketing effort. An email campaign can be designed to suit any niche industry, business size and budget requirement. You can use email marketing to both attract new customers and retain existing customers. 

Influencer marketing

By working with influencers, marketing managed service providers can design and implement an influence campaign to promote your company’s products and services. Influencer marketing value more than doubled between 2019 and 2021, rising from $6.5 billion to $13.8 billion in just three years.

Marketing managed service providers collaborate with influencers to develop content that is both relevant to your company and strategically tailored to engage your target audience. They also assist you in developing a more targeted influencer marketing approach that aligns with your financial and strategic goals.

MMSPs have their own technology platforms, unlike influencer marketing agencies, which may push you toward expensive mega-influencers and may not have the sophisticated software tools to track ROI on your campaigns.

In summary

Partnering with a marketing managed service provider is an essential step for any business pursuing success. 

Managed service providers allow you to narrow your focus and concentrate on other important business development areas. Once you hire a managed service provider to handle your marketing for you, you’ll be able to spend your time doing what you do best: focusing on the business.
Tempesta Media is a managed service provider that helps businesses rise above the competition. We use innovative digital marketing strategies and an unparalleled content marketing platform to get impressive results from our content marketing programs. Our managed solution combines pioneering technology with world-class expertise and industry experience to help B2B firms generate leads and revenue.