FAQ about the latest upgrade to your outsourced content marketing platform

We are so excited about the platform update which will make your lives easier and improve your overall content marketing experience with Tempesta Media.
Is the price of my subscription changing?
No. You will still enjoy the same pricing as part of your existing Tempesta Media subscription, prior to the platform update.
What happens to all my content?
All the content from your previous account has been moved over with the platform upgrade and remains in tact.
Will my user name and password change?
You will still use the same username and password.
Can I go back to my old platform?
You won’t be able to go back to the old interface.
Will someone help me learn the new platform?
While we are happy to answer any questions, we have also provided you with several resources and videos to make the process even easier.
I forgot my username/password, how do I reset it using the new platform?
Video Tutorials:

For more questions about our state of the art content marketing service and platform, schedule time to chat.

Brand new WordPress plugin allows customers to easily publish content

We are thrilled to officially announce our very first WordPress Plugin.
Customers will now be able to directly access this plugin within their account in Tempesta Media’s content marketing platform.
Instantly publish approved Tempesta Media content to your website with a single click. The plugin makes it possible to connect to your website easily and quickly.
The video below shows you step by step just how easy it is to begin using the new feature. We’ve also included the written steps below.
How to use Tempesta Media's WordPress Plugin

How to publish content from our content marketing platform to your WordPress website

The easiest way to install this plugin is to use the WordPress Admin interface.

  1. Go to your admin dashboard within your WordPress website
  2. Find the “Plugins” menu
  3. Click on “Add New”
  4. Search for “Tempesta Media”
  5. Click “Install Now”
  6. Go to your “Plugins” menu
  7. Click “Activate” on the Tempesta Media for WordPress plugin
  8. Navigate to the Tempesta Media plugin and click “Settings”
  9. Copy the auto-generated API key
  10. Paste the auto-generated API key into your Tempesta Media WordPress Integration, as found within your account (see

To paste the API key into your account within Tempesta Media’s content marketing platform:

  1. Login to your Account
  2. Click “Account” in the left side menu
  3. Click “Integrations”
  4. Click “Connect” next to the WordPress plugin
  5. Paste the auto-generated API key (copied from your WordPress account within your new Tempesta Media Publishing plugin) into your Tempesta Media WordPress Integration inside your account

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or your account managers with any questions that you have.

New Feature: Estimated reading time improves content marketing results and engagement

Customers are constantly looking for ways to improve their content marketing so they can engage with their target audience more effectively. That’s why we added a brand new feature to our platform called “Estimated Reading Time.”
We now automatically calculate Estimated Reading Time for the following content types:  Blog Posts, SEO Content, News Commentaries, Informative Articles and Thought Leadership.

Content development to improve your SEO and website performance

Based on a research, we found that by adding this feature to content, it dramatically increases engagement, time spent on site and bounce rates.
Learn more by checking out our 3 part series about estimated reading times: Do You Need Estimated Reading Times, Part 1: What Are Estimated Reading Times?

Tempesta Media's New Content Marketing Platform Improves Each Phase of Content Production Cycle

I am pleased to introduce our latest platform upgrade, v10.0, one of the most significant releases in our history. Our next-generation content marketing platform was developed based on your recommendations. We thank all our customers and partners who contributed their ideas. My team and I greatly appreciate it!
V10.0 is rooted in our vision that going forward, it is not enough to merely create high-quality content. Companies will need to efficiently scale their content marketing programs while driving towards bottom line results.
The improvements in v10.0 will make it even easier and more convenient for you to create better content faster and more efficiently, as well as manage your subscription more easily.

Quality content marketing

Content drives the best results when the quality is high. Our upgraded content marketing solution provides significant improvements to each stage of the content production cycle:

  • Voice Profile™ development
  • Topic ideation
  • Enhanced, two-stage writer team vetting selection
  • Industry-specialized editorial review
  • Improved content optimization

Today, I am happy to announce the launch of our specialized editorial capability.  Like your writing teams, industry-specialized editors will be assigned to you.  Your assigned editors will master your company’s unique style, voice and personality more deeply and quickly.
To further enhance the quality of the content we provide, we have instituted an industry-first, four-phase quality check process that starts with our technology platform, goes through two levels of editor checks, and, lastly, makes its way through Customer Success for a final review.

Efficient scaling for content development

Time is money, and your time is precious.  For many of you, saving time is one of the reasons you chose Tempesta Media as your managed content marketing solution provider.
To help you get an even better return on your time (ROT), we rolled out our new WordPress™ publishing capability.  Now, you can easily and quickly publish content from Article Document straight to your website with a single push of a button.
On deck are integrations with HubSpot™ and Google Drive™.  If you are interested in participating in either the HubSpot or Google Drive beta access, please click here.
Also, to help you scale better, you can now access your content anytime on-the-go with our new mobile-friendly interface available on Android™ and IOS™ enabled devices.

Enhanced convenience to save time writing original content

We are empowering customers to have more visibility and control of their content marketing programs through the following platform enhancements:

  • User-friendly user interface (UI)
  • Simple ordering for content and editorial calendars
  • Manage and download all your content from a single dashboard
  • Real-time calendar view of all your content
  • Easily accessible content templates to streamline content ordering

Going forward, your partner for outsourced content marketing

While these collective improvements represent a new wave of innovation, they are just the beginning.  Our team will continue to roll out more features and capabilities.
On behalf of the Tempesta Media team, thank you for your continued support and faith in us as your trusted content marketing partner.
Michael Marchese
Founder and CEO

Standalone editorial now available

With the rollout of our standalone editorial feature, customers can now consolidate all their digital editing needs within the Tempesta Media platform. This feature will save customers additional time and money while maintaining consistent quality.
Scaling content marketing programs, without sacrificing quality, has been a cornerstone of Tempesta Media’s solution. Over the past year, many of our customers have requested the ability to submit their own internally produced content for editing. We are happy to announce the rollout of our standalone editing service. This new capability is now available across all content subscription levels. Here are a few highlights:


Proofreading ensures your existing content is error-free. This option lies within our editing only services and offers you the most basic level of professional editing. After you provide us with your content, we will edit for any grammar errors, typos, and formatting inconsistencies to ensure overall copy cleanliness.

Deep Dive Editing

Deep dive editing is our more advanced editing option. You receive full editing for your content. On the most basic level, we will edit the copy for any grammar errors, typos, and formatting inconsistencies. Additionally, we will ask that you fill out our Voice Profile® questionnaire, which describes your brand. With this Voice Profile, we will ensure your content accurately aligns with your company’s vision. We will edit for components such as tone, style, and overall message.

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