What are the time expectations when working with Tempesta Media?

As your content marketing vendor, we understand that you are looking to save time and wish to receive high quality blog article and content marketing assets. We feel the exact same way.
Great content doesn’t happen without a bit of work. The partnership requires your input and feedback, especially at the beginning. Here is some insight into how much time you should expect to spend when working with us.

Participation in the onboarding process

When you begin working with us the first thing we ask you to do is complete an online Voice Profile Questionnaire. Your answers are used as the starting point for your Voice Profile style guide. The questionnaire includes four pages and should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.
Once the questionnaire is completed, we will ask you to schedule a kick off call. The kick off call dives deeper into your target audience, combs through topics you’d like to discuss within your content marketing, and walks through how our partnership will operate. The kick off call will take one hour.
Key components of the onboarding process include development of your editorial calendar and your writer audition.
The writer audition allows you to analyze multiple different versions of the same article. Your feedback is imperative to fully optimizing your writer team. The better your feedback is, the better we will be able to optimize your writers. The feedback will take you no more than 30 minutes to provide. Keep in mind, each article will be relatively short.
How to provide feedback for your writer audition
Once you receive the editorial calendar, we ask for your approval so that we can begin scheduling out your content. Your calendar will include ten topics and outlines for you to review. Most people spend no more than 30 minutes reviewing and providing feedback on your editorial calendar.
The total amount of time during the onboarding process can be estimated at two and half hours. Hang tight, because the amount of time you will invest will continue to decrease dramatically.

Your first content orders

The magical moment arrives when you receive your first article. The article is typically ready about two weeks after your kick off call.
Keep in mind that it is very normal to request revisions for your first handful of articles with us. Your revisions help us optimize both your Voice Profile and your writing team. We learn what you like and don’t like about the content to improve the writing moving forward.
The time you invest at this point will involve reviewing the content (assume between 15-30 minutes per article).

Ongoing content marketing partnership

The partnership will continue to optimize as we write more articles on your behalf. You should expect to spend at least 15 minutes reviewing every article. When an article is ready for you to review, you will have seven days. After seven days, the article is auto-completed and you will be unable to request any revisions.
It is helpful to hop on a call with your account manager at least every 90 days to keep them informed about your content marketing goals and strategy. During this time we can provide recommendations to improve your content marketing. These calls typically last around 30 minutes.
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We want to start, what are the next steps?

A content marketing service that makes it easy to get started

  1. Pick a content subscription
  2. Answer an online questionnaire to establish your voice
  3. We then conduct an interview to gain more knowledge about your company and voice.
  4. We use the insights gathered from the questionnaire and the interview to provide an editorial calendar with topics that will perform well for your company. At this point we help you order content on our platform.

Once you participate in the onboarding, we scale up your content marketing program

  • We create a team of writers for you based upon writers who have expertise in your industry and have a good culture fit with your company. Your account manager optimizes this team for you and because these writers continue to write for you on an ongoing basis the quality continues to improve.
  • We also optimize your voice profile, which is a writing style guide that captures your voice, personality and all of the other nuances to ensure that the writing matches your brand. The voice profile will also include details about your target audience and answer questions like “how much selling is required” and “how formal the writing should be”.
  • All content is written by your writing team, edited by our in-house editors and turned around in 5 business days.
  • Our editors review every single piece of content to make sure it is well written, matches your voice, and fulfills any guidelines that you have.

Our solution is designed to save you time and deliver high quality content that matches your voice.

How many words will the articles be? Is there a minimum word count?

Each content subscription is associated with a number of words that can be used in whatever way is best for your business. The number of articles listed with each content subscription is just one example of how you can use this subscription.

Examples of how you can use the Monthly Enterprise Content Plan

  • 7 shorter blog articles OR
  • 1 white paper OR
  • 1 case study and 1 blog article OR
  • another combination of content to match your business needs

Examples of how you can use the Annual Essentials Content Plan

  • 34 shorter blog articles OR
  • 8-9 white papers OR
  • 2 case studies, 2 white papers, and 21 blog articles OR
  • another combination of content to match your business needs

What is the revision process at Tempesta Media?

For most forms of content, turnaround time is 5 business days. This amount of time gives our writers the time they need to provide quality, well-researched work, but it also allows our expert editorial team the opportunity to revise and edit articles before sending them on to you.

  • Unhappy with a piece of content? No problem! You are entitled to unlimited revisions. We won’t stop until you’re satisfied.
  • When we send you a piece of content for review, you have 7 days to either approve it or send it back for revisions. At the end of that 7 day period, our system will automatically approve the article.
  • During the initial onboarding process, expect 2-3 rounds of revisions for each content piece, while we work to optimize your writing team.
  • Once we have your optimal writing team in place and your Voice Profile fine-tuned, your revision rate will steadily drop. Post pilot, we have an average of <0.3 revisions per article.

How much information is required when ordering content?

When placing an order, your writers are already experts in your industry so they won’t require a great deal of hand holding. However, we recommend you include the topic and the key points you want included within the article. For white papers, a general outline including the subsections and key points is recommended. 
If you utilize the editorial calendar that we provide for you, the editorial calendar will include topics and outlines of each topic so that they can be ordered once we receive your approval.
For more information – check out this great guide: How to provide your writers with a clear direction

How we educate writers about your product offerings and capabilities

When you begin working with Tempesta Media, we want to make the transition easy so you can begin receiving high quality content quickly. Here are some ways that we can educate the writers about your product offerings and unique capabilities:

  • Your Voice Profile Style Guide: Your Voice Profile will capture all the unique nuances of your business and your target audience. The Voice Profile will contain details about what your key differentiators are and more. Your account manager will be continuously optimizing your Voice Profile to ensure that the writing matches your perspective and brand.
  • Kick Off Call: When you begin working with us, we conduct an interview and kick off call to gain additional insights, optimize your Voice Profile, and educate your writing team accordingly.
  • Upload resources for your writers to review: The platform allows you to upload PowerPoint, pdfs, and other documents. Already have a one sheet or a case study PowerPoint – upload it so that the writers can refer to it when creating your content.
  • Expert Writers: Because your writers are experts in the industry and have real world experience, you won’t to hand hold them. They have real world experience and will conduct research as part your content order.

This system is all put in place to ensure that you will save time while receiving the type of quality content you need.

How to provide your writers with a clear direction

Already know what you want to write about? Perfect. Tempesta Media provides you with a writing team of experts in your industry, making it easy to order content.

Goal: What should the content accomplish?

Common goals for content pieces include attracting new prospects, converting leads, educating customers, etc.
Example: This blog article should educate C-Suite executives about why content marketing is the most cost effective method for lead generation and encourage them to write their first blog article.

Format: How would you like this article to be written?

Example: Listicle? How to? 5 reasons why..?
Example: This should be a problem-solution layout.

Overview: What is the topic of the content?

Example: The blog article should introduce at least 3 different methods for analyzing content marketing performance. Then provide tactical steps to accomplish each method.

Key Points: A list of the key points the writer should address.

Example: Different channels to incorporate content marketing within your business
  • Sales Enablement
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Success
  • Branding and to Establish Credibility

Sources: Any relevant links or resources you wish to provide.

Example: Please use a similar format and style to this article, but provide your own unique take.
Example: Or, please incorporate research from this article.

Can the same content writer write for my competitors?

All Tempesta Media customers get the benefit of working with an optimized team of writers who are able to capture your company’s cultural style and have the necessary industry expertise.
Your writing team will not be writing for any of your competitors. We create a unique writing team for your company. Any competitors will have a completely separate writing team and a separate Tempesta Media account manager.

Do we choose the topic or do you choose the topic?

You can either choose a topic or you can use your editorial calendar. If you choose your own topics your writers are already experts in your industry so they won’t require a great deal of hand holding. However, we recommend you include the topic and the key points you want included within the article. For white papers, a general outline including the subsections and key points are recommended.
If you are not sure what you want to write about our platform supplies you with an in depth editorial calendar. Our content strategists research what is trending in your industry, what content topics you’ve already covered, as well as gaps in your competitor’s content strategy that you can take advantage of.
Your account manager will go ahead and schedule your editorial content topics in advance so you will simply be notified once the content is ready.

How would we start working with Tempesta Media?

At the beginning of our partnership we ask you to answer an online questionnaire to begin establishing your Voice Profile. The Voice Profile is a style guide for content to capture your unique voice, personality, and many other nuances to ensure the writing matches your brand.
Then we will ask you to participate in an interview call with your Tempesta Media account manager and content strategy team. During the interview we dive deeper into your target audience, discuss your content marketing goals, and walk through any of the key themes you’d like to highlight within your content.
We use the insights gathered from the questionnaire and the interview, coupled with additional research about what is trending in your industry, to provide an editorial calendar with topics that will perform well for your business.
Once the editorial calendar is approved, we schedule the assignments for you within our platform and you are simply notified when they are ready for review.

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