What is the content ordering process like? How to order custom content at Tempesta Media

Editorial calendar at the beginning of your content marketing partnership

When you begin working with Tempesta Media we have a simple onboarding process. You will receive an editorial calendar with topics and outlines of topics that have been created for your company. Once we receive your approval, we will pre-schedule those topics for you within our platform and you will simply be notified when the content is ready.

Order content about a topic of your choosing

If you’d like to order content about a topic of your choosing, that option is always available to you. You can go ahead and log into the platform and order a brand new piece. Simply provide your writing team with a topic and key points that should be included within the content. You are welcome to include any calls to action, research pieces, or materials that should be referred to when creating the content. Once you click order, the funds are deducted from your account and your writing team gets busy writing!
The article is written and researched by your expert writing team, edited by our in-house editors, and returned to you within 5 business days. 
Now isn’t that better than hiring a new employee or going back and forth with freelancers in your inbox?

Learn exactly how to order custom content by watching here:

How to order content at Tempesta Media

How to provide your writers with a clear direction

Already know what you want to write about? Perfect. Tempesta Media provides you with a writing team of experts in your industry, making it easy to order content.

Goal: What should the content accomplish?

Common goals for content pieces include attracting new prospects, converting leads, educating customers, etc.
Example: This blog article should educate C-Suite executives about why content marketing is the most cost effective method for lead generation and encourage them to write their first blog article.

Format: How would you like this article to be written?

Example: Listicle? How to? 5 reasons why..?
Example: This should be a problem-solution layout.

Overview: What is the topic of the content?

Example: The blog article should introduce at least 3 different methods for analyzing content marketing performance. Then provide tactical steps to accomplish each method.

Key Points: A list of the key points the writer should address.

Example: Different channels to incorporate content marketing within your business
  • Sales Enablement
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Success
  • Branding and to Establish Credibility

Sources: Any relevant links or resources you wish to provide.

Example: Please use a similar format and style to this article, but provide your own unique take.
Example: Or, please incorporate research from this article.
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