How do we work with your account manager?

Think of your Tempesta Media account manager as the quarterback of your content marketing team. Instead of going back and forth with writers, communicate with one designated person. Your account manager will optimize your writing team, your voice profile, and make sure that you are happy with the content.
Have questions about your content marketing program? No problem. Instead of submitting support requests, you are always welcome to give your account manager a phone call or send them an email.
You can interact with your account manager through our platform, email, and phone calls.
At Tempesta Media, your account manager is included in all our content subscriptions.

FAQ about the latest upgrade to your outsourced content marketing platform

We are so excited about the platform update which will make your lives easier and improve your overall content marketing experience with Tempesta Media.
Is the price of my subscription changing?
No. You will still enjoy the same pricing as part of your existing Tempesta Media subscription, prior to the platform update.
What happens to all my content?
All the content from your previous account has been moved over with the platform upgrade and remains in tact.
Will my user name and password change?
You will still use the same username and password.
Can I go back to my old platform?
You won’t be able to go back to the old interface.
Will someone help me learn the new platform?
While we are happy to answer any questions, we have also provided you with several resources and videos to make the process even easier.
I forgot my username/password, how do I reset it using the new platform?
Video Tutorials:

For more questions about our state of the art content marketing service and platform, schedule time to chat.

What are the time expectations when working with Tempesta Media?

As your content marketing vendor, we understand that you are looking to save time and wish to receive high quality blog article and content marketing assets. We feel the exact same way.
Great content doesn’t happen without a bit of work. The partnership requires your input and feedback, especially at the beginning. Here is some insight into how much time you should expect to spend when working with us.

Participation in the onboarding process

When you begin working with us the first thing we ask you to do is complete an online Voice Profile Questionnaire. Your answers are used as the starting point for your Voice Profile style guide. The questionnaire includes four pages and should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.
Once the questionnaire is completed, we will ask you to schedule a kick off call. The kick off call dives deeper into your target audience, combs through topics you’d like to discuss within your content marketing, and walks through how our partnership will operate. The kick off call will take one hour.
Key components of the onboarding process include development of your editorial calendar and your writer audition.
The writer audition allows you to analyze multiple different versions of the same article. Your feedback is imperative to fully optimizing your writer team. The better your feedback is, the better we will be able to optimize your writers. The feedback will take you no more than 30 minutes to provide. Keep in mind, each article will be relatively short.
How to provide feedback for your writer audition
Once you receive the editorial calendar, we ask for your approval so that we can begin scheduling out your content. Your calendar will include ten topics and outlines for you to review. Most people spend no more than 30 minutes reviewing and providing feedback on your editorial calendar.
The total amount of time during the onboarding process can be estimated at two and half hours. Hang tight, because the amount of time you will invest will continue to decrease dramatically.

Your first content orders

The magical moment arrives when you receive your first article. The article is typically ready about two weeks after your kick off call.
Keep in mind that it is very normal to request revisions for your first handful of articles with us. Your revisions help us optimize both your Voice Profile and your writing team. We learn what you like and don’t like about the content to improve the writing moving forward.
The time you invest at this point will involve reviewing the content (assume between 15-30 minutes per article).

Ongoing content marketing partnership

The partnership will continue to optimize as we write more articles on your behalf. You should expect to spend at least 15 minutes reviewing every article. When an article is ready for you to review, you will have seven days. After seven days, the article is auto-completed and you will be unable to request any revisions.
It is helpful to hop on a call with your account manager at least every 90 days to keep them informed about your content marketing goals and strategy. During this time we can provide recommendations to improve your content marketing. These calls typically last around 30 minutes.
Considering an outsourced content marketing company to scale high quality articles? Learn how to effectively outsource content creation.

9 helpful ways to evaluate a marketing vendor

There are so many different marketing technologies and vendors in the market, making a decision can be really daunting. The time it takes to evaluate each option can also be time consuming. Marketing technology or your marketing stack is important to ensure your marketing campaigns can execute effectively.
Start with these questions to evaluate a potential vendor for your marketing initiatives:

What do you wish to achieve with this new marketing solution?

It is critical to identify a problem before it can be solved. Knowing your specific problem will help you narrow your search for a marketing vendor. Select the vendor with core capabilities that can address the problem you’d like to solve.

What is the timeframe for the setup?

Time is money. It is important that you’re fully aware of how much time will be spent during the onboarding process. Determine the timeframe for training, kick-off calls, discovery calls and all campaign development.

Who will be involved during the onboarding process?

First, check the credentials of who will be guiding you through the crucial onboarding period of the partnership. Second, have your new partner specify the number of people they need from your organization and the skills these people need to have. Identify point persons from the vendor and your internal team so that you know who to speak with for updates.

How is support handled?

It is essential that you get a guarantee of quick and complete support and resources even after the initial training process is done. Getting used to the new system is still part of the onboarding process.

Will there be someone to help you get on boarded properly? Is there effective support and resources to answer your questions quickly?

What do the case studies say?

Take some time to learn about specific use cases. Online marketing services are still relatively new. Experience or the number of years that a company has been in business should not be the only consideration.

How much are the initial fees?

Make sure all the vendor’s fees are stipulated in your contract and the included services specified. It is not unheard of for companies to suddenly spring fees after the initial payment has been discussed. Be meticulous at this point.

If you are looking into larger packages or subscriptions, these setup fees can often times be negotiated.

How is pricing structured?

Ask about pricing structures, payment schedules and how payment should be submitted. Negotiate according to these aspects and according to your budget.

Is there a trial period?

A vendor that offers a trial period or monthly plans is confident in their services. During this time, review and play around with the technology to find out if it is user-friendly and efficient.

How will you evaluate the success of the new vendor?

Finally, make sure you identify beforehand the criteria to determine if the new marketing vendor is what you need to step up your business. These are unique components that only you can determine. It would be best that these factors be time-bound and be based on other tangible factors. This will make the results easy to interpret.

To learn more about what Tempesta Media’s content marketing solution can provide, schedule a call with our team.

What functionality does the content marketing platform offer?

Overall, the platform is designed to be very easy to use. The main areas of functionality include ordering content, downloading content, and requesting any revisions (if you chose to do so). The platform also can hookup to your website so that completed content automatically posts to your site as well as convert content into HTML format (making it easy to copy into your website).

Order custom content from your content marketing agency

  • Blog articles
  • White papers
  • eGuides
  • Case studies
  • Deep dive articles
  • Social media

Manage your content marketing effectively

  • Real time status of when the content will be ready
  • Queue – what content is going to be ordered next
  • Download content in Microsoft Word, PDF, Rich Text, or HTML

Request revisions to ensure your content creation firm has the right message

We’d be happy to conduct a demo of the platform. Contact us to participate in a demo today.

How much information is required when ordering content?

When placing an order, your writers are already experts in your industry so they won’t require a great deal of hand holding. However, we recommend you include the topic and the key points you want included within the article. For white papers, a general outline including the subsections and key points is recommended. 
If you utilize the editorial calendar that we provide for you, the editorial calendar will include topics and outlines of each topic so that they can be ordered once we receive your approval.
For more information – check out this great guide: How to provide your writers with a clear direction

How we educate writers about your product offerings and capabilities

When you begin working with Tempesta Media, we want to make the transition easy so you can begin receiving high quality content quickly. Here are some ways that we can educate the writers about your product offerings and unique capabilities:

  • Your Voice Profile Style Guide: Your Voice Profile will capture all the unique nuances of your business and your target audience. The Voice Profile will contain details about what your key differentiators are and more. Your account manager will be continuously optimizing your Voice Profile to ensure that the writing matches your perspective and brand.
  • Kick Off Call: When you begin working with us, we conduct an interview and kick off call to gain additional insights, optimize your Voice Profile, and educate your writing team accordingly.
  • Upload resources for your writers to review: The platform allows you to upload PowerPoint, pdfs, and other documents. Already have a one sheet or a case study PowerPoint – upload it so that the writers can refer to it when creating your content.
  • Expert Writers: Because your writers are experts in the industry and have real world experience, you won’t to hand hold them. They have real world experience and will conduct research as part your content order.

This system is all put in place to ensure that you will save time while receiving the type of quality content you need.

Who are the Tempesta Media writers?

Tempesta Media writers are experienced industry experts and journalists who pass our extensive vetting process. They must pass our vetting and be based in the US to be qualified to write for our customers. People are often curious about who these writers are so we provided some details about who makes up our network of writers.

  • Retired executives – Many executives within the industry look to stay involved and keep busy after retiring. By writing for Tempesta Media, these writers are able to utilize their expertise. They enjoy the technical nature of the content they write and working with the same company on an ongoing basis.
  • Stay at home spouses – Some people decide to stay at home and put their full-time career on pause. During this time, they write for Tempesta Media so they can utilize their expertise while also earning an income. These paid writing opportunities keep them busy and provide flexibility to stay at home.
  • Professional writers and journalists – There are writers who have journalism degrees and write professionally for their full time job. These writers particularly value the editing feedback on every content assignment that they submit.

Have questions about writers who have expertise in your industry? Request writing samples today.

What is the vetting process for our writers?

Our writers are all based in the United States and have to go through an extensive writer vetting process. They must pass each phase in order to move on to the next round of the vetting process.

  1. Resume to determine real world experience: They must submit a resume to demonstrate real industry experience in the field they wish to write about. The resume must showcase substantial experience in the industry and proper education.
  2. Writing samples: We review writing samples to see the quality of the work they’ve done for other companies. The samples are helpful to identify writing quality and expertise, however, because it can be tough to verify who wrote the samples, we have another vetting layer following this stage.
  3. Audition and qualification: The writer must write for Tempesta Media in the industry they wish to qualify for several times about a specific topic within the industry. Think of this as a writing audition.

When you begin working with us, your account manager optimizes your writing team based on who is a good cultural fit for your company and the necessary industry expertise that is required to provide insightful content. Because the same writers write for your company, they truly learn your nuances and the quality continues to improve.

Is the content ghostwritten?

You own the rights to the content we create for you

The content is written from scratch specifically for you, and it is yours to do whatever you’d like with.
Anyone at your organization can byline the content. You wholly own the rights to the content.
Some executives will post articles that we create on their personal LinkedIn to engage with their network and stay top of mind.

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