Speed up content marketing approval when multiple people are involved – Part 2

Our last article in the series, Multiple phases of approving content slows down companies – Part 1, explained why companies struggle to get content approved within their organization. This article provides some recommendations to improve your internal processes.

Assigning ownership for a streamlined approach to scaling content

Designating ownership of who is responsible for each task is a great way to clear up confusion so that you can execute on the plan.
Pinpoint one person who will be required to review and approve content before it goes out the door. This person does not have to be a C-Suite executive, it can be someone at a director level or even a manager level, they just need to be able make those decisions about the communications that get published on behalf of the company.

Standing meetings to ensure content development is a priority:

Have a regular meeting scheduled each week or each month depending on how frequently you are updating and creating new content. Both the approval person and the content marketing manager should be at the meeting. This standing meeting will serve to approve any future topics for the editorial calendar and approve the written content. During this meeting you can also change any existing plans of content topics based on current events within your market.
Second, if your organization is large enough, you may want to consider including the subject matter expert in this meeting. This expert will likely have insight about the actual creation of the content and the substance within the article.
Many smaller companies under 2 million dollars in revenue find that their executive plays multiple roles – including the subject matter expert and the final sign off.

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