Content Marketing Requires More Project Management Time Than People Realize

To reap the rewards of content marketing, companies must invest serious time, often without seeing significant return on investment (ROI) until the next fiscal year. Still, the payoff is worth the wait, whether a company seeks to acquire new customers, increase brand awareness, improve its reputation, increase traffic to its website or achieve some combination of those goals.
A quality content marketing program requires time, resources and someone to manage it efficiently. Statistics are improving, but still only 42% of marketers say their company does content marketing well. Pushing content marketing management onto an employee who’s already got other full-time responsibilities won’t do.
A successful content marketing program requires talent and organization at every phase of creation and implementation. The tasks involved include:

Determining how you’ll create a content strategy

In order to be most prepared, figure out an estimated time and the positions that may be needed to successfully implement your content strategy. This includes what will be incorporated in the strategy, how much time the strategy will take to develop and who will need to be involved in the strategy development.
Positions that may be needed include content strategist, managing editor and data analyst.
Great content marketing programs aim to:

  • Give the audience information that helps accomplish their goals.
  • Help their audience solve problems.
  • Contribute meaningfully to the conversation.
  • Demonstrate they care about the audience.

Essentially, the company is creating the “why” behind its content. That requires good customer data about what they want, what makes them tick and what motivates them. The research required to answer those questions is ongoing, so the strategy can and should change quickly to accommodate audience needs. That requires at least one person consistently focused on strategy.

Implementing the strategy

Estimated time: At least two FTEs
Positions that may be needed: content writers/producers, SEO/SEM specialists, social media specialists, email marketing specialists and bloggers.
Implementing a content strategy involves:

  • Selecting the types of content to create.
  • Developing content.
  • Evaluating content for relevance and timeliness.
  • Reviewing and editing content for accuracy.
  • Distributing content via a website, social media, email, etc.

The average blog post takes about one to two hours to write. Every minute of video footage can take up to two hours to edit. Keyword research also takes significant time. Add in time for reviews, approvals and distribution, and the time for those tasks quickly adds up.

Coordinating creation and implementation of a content strategy requires stellar project management

With the right tools and people, a great content marketing program is within reach. But, it doesn’t require a big brand to make it happen. Follow these tips to make your content marketing strategy as successful as possible:
Automate as much as possible. Use a social media scheduling tool or content marketing platform that integrates with WordPress to save time and energy.
Develop a content marketing calendar. This serves as a home base for all content marketing efforts and helps the company distribute content more effectively.
Consider hiring a full-time content marketing position. At least one person dedicated to the cause full-time can help drive the strategy forward and get what’s needed from the team.
Consider outsourcing. Another economical choice is to outsource the job to a capable company that can help create and implement a content marketing strategy from start to finish. TempestaMedia provides an all-inclusive managed service that delivers quality content while helping customers save time. Call today to learn more.

What are the time expectations when working with Tempesta Media?

As your content marketing vendor, we understand that you are looking to save time and wish to receive high quality blog article and content marketing assets. We feel the exact same way.
Great content doesn’t happen without a bit of work. The partnership requires your input and feedback, especially at the beginning. Here is some insight into how much time you should expect to spend when working with us.

Participation in the onboarding process

When you begin working with us the first thing we ask you to do is complete an online Voice Profile Questionnaire. Your answers are used as the starting point for your Voice Profile style guide. The questionnaire includes four pages and should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.
Once the questionnaire is completed, we will ask you to schedule a kick off call. The kick off call dives deeper into your target audience, combs through topics you’d like to discuss within your content marketing, and walks through how our partnership will operate. The kick off call will take one hour.
Key components of the onboarding process include development of your editorial calendar and your writer audition.
The writer audition allows you to analyze multiple different versions of the same article. Your feedback is imperative to fully optimizing your writer team. The better your feedback is, the better we will be able to optimize your writers. The feedback will take you no more than 30 minutes to provide. Keep in mind, each article will be relatively short.
How to provide feedback for your writer audition
Once you receive the editorial calendar, we ask for your approval so that we can begin scheduling out your content. Your calendar will include ten topics and outlines for you to review. Most people spend no more than 30 minutes reviewing and providing feedback on your editorial calendar.
The total amount of time during the onboarding process can be estimated at two and half hours. Hang tight, because the amount of time you will invest will continue to decrease dramatically.

Your first content orders

The magical moment arrives when you receive your first article. The article is typically ready about two weeks after your kick off call.
Keep in mind that it is very normal to request revisions for your first handful of articles with us. Your revisions help us optimize both your Voice Profile and your writing team. We learn what you like and don’t like about the content to improve the writing moving forward.
The time you invest at this point will involve reviewing the content (assume between 15-30 minutes per article).

Ongoing content marketing partnership

The partnership will continue to optimize as we write more articles on your behalf. You should expect to spend at least 15 minutes reviewing every article. When an article is ready for you to review, you will have seven days. After seven days, the article is auto-completed and you will be unable to request any revisions.
It is helpful to hop on a call with your account manager at least every 90 days to keep them informed about your content marketing goals and strategy. During this time we can provide recommendations to improve your content marketing. These calls typically last around 30 minutes.
Considering an outsourced content marketing company to scale high quality articles? Learn how to effectively outsource content creation.

Billable hours versus writing legal blog content

As the experts in their fields, lawyers understand that it is imperative to generate relevant content on a blog or legal forum. However, they might succumb to the notion that they must pen said content rather than turn to outsourcing.
After all, they are the authority figures. They know their practices the best, stay on top of legal news and are in and out of the courtroom on a regular basis.
There is a simple reason why lawyers should not write their legal blog content, however: money.
Just because lawyers can write it does not mean they should. Great entrepreneurs often have to learn the same hard lesson: their time is valuable, and sometimes it is better to give the ten-dollar or one-hundred-dollar tasks to someone else while they focus on the thousand-dollar tasks.
Another way to look at it is this: just because a lawyer can spend two hours per day cleaning their office does not mean they should. Rather, they, or someone on their behalf, typically hire someone else to tend to their cleaning needs. For the same reason, lawyers should hire someone else to tend to their blog writing needs.
It all comes down to math, and at the end of the day, the numbers do not lie. If a lawyer charges, for example, $600 per hour, their time is never worth less than that. Even if it takes them just 30 minutes to whip up a blog post, that is $300 worth of time. There are much more cost-effective options that can – and should – be considered.
Paying a skilled legal ghostwriter to produce weekly blog content might only cost $75. Assume for a moment that it takes that ghostwriter 30 minutes, too. All in, a lawyer can spend that 30 minutes making $300, pay the ghostwriter $75, and come out with positive earnings of $225 instead of a loss of $300. By comparison, reviewing the work produced before it is published takes only a matter of minutes, a financial loss of small dollars that can easily be shouldered when compared to the potential loss of $300.
Being able to bill clients for the time that would have otherwise gone toward writing blog content increases profitability. Having more time for billable hours makes the best use of a lawyer’s legal skills, knowledge and expertise.
To learn more about the benefits of sticking with billable hours while outsourcing blog content, or to find a legal ghostwriter to help, contact Tempesta Media.

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