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Customer Testimonials

Jack Chemtob
Founder and CEO of Accident.com

The addition of Simple Social Share is a game-changer for us.

James Ashford
Oklahoma & Arkansas Sales Director at Vision Care Direct

It took me a while to decide to use the services at Tempesta Media. I can say without a doubt one of the best services we contract out.  Their content, ease of business, and patience of their staff are top-notch.  We have continued to add other services provided by Tempesta Media as they have earned our trust. I would recommend them to any business who is looking to add meaningful content to their website and social media.

Jennifer Ratcliff
Communications Manager of Manufacturers’ News, Inc.

Our partnership with Tempesta Media allowed us to produce large volumes of insightful content across industry verticals – allowing us to focus on other areas of our business. Tempesta Media writers possess the industry knowledge required to produce content that is helpful to our customers and the writers have the skills necessary to make even the dullest subject matter interesting.

Brett Knox
CEO of Raiven

We no longer need to have two systems. As an executive, being able to quickly see everything we are doing from one screen saves us time and helps us better coordinate our content marketing and social media programs.

Gunter G. Fuchs, Dr. HSc, MPH
Founder and Senior Partner of THE FOX GROUP, LLC

We have been working with Tempesta Media for about two years. They have been providing two blogs each month, based on SEO driven keywords/phrases. They consistently follow our directions and guidelines, have consistently met deadlines, and even with some changes in authors, we have been very happy with their work.

The blogs were professionally composed, well-written, and well edited. I was particularly impressed with the reliability and follow-through of their staff, whenever I had a question, or was looking for assistance in developing blog related SEO keywords. I certainly recommend Tempesta Media highly and invite personal contact to confirm my positive experience.

Gary Kreissman
Group PRM

My clients need content that is highly technical, but intuitive. This helps them cut through the clutter and be seen as thought leaders. By partnering with Tempesta Media, we are able to scale content creation while maintaining the client’s unique voice. I am impressed with Tempesta Media’s ability to deliver quality content that simplifies the complexity of each client’s industry. I know that Tempesta Media will keep my clients happy!

Writer Testimonials

Mary Beth E.

Not only do I truly enjoy most of my assignments, but I appreciate the fact that I can work from home during hours that are convenient for me. You do indeed make my life less stressful.

William L.

The people at Tempesta Media are great. Communications are clear and quick. These are the best folks I have worked with. The editors provide exceptional feedback.

Pauline B.

I highly recommend Tempesta Media! Writing for TM has helped me improve a lot and given me the opportunity to build my portfolio with articles for a wide range of clients. The editors are really helpful, and I’ve always received the support I need to write quality content. Overall, it’s been a great experience and a reliable source of freelance work.

Brianna J.

I’m enjoying writing with Tempesta Media – I can see how the workflow improvements helped.

Kenney B.

Everything that I’ve mentioned in previous surveys has been added, so you guys are doing great.