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Here are our picks for the 12 best plugins available right now in the WordPress plugin marketplace.

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Google likes to see that you’re updating your content. Updating content is also an excellent way to increase traffic to the post because readers like to make sure the content is relevant. This is especially important if you’re writing content about a topic that changes frequently (such as Google’s search algorithms).

What we like about this plugin: It’s easy to add customization in terms of the date, style, post type and placement.

User rating: 5 stars, 268 reviews

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Capture more leads for your newsletters and email campaigns

Newsletters are a fantastic way to engage your audience and grow your sales leads. The Newsletter Sign-Up plugin gives you a variety of ways to sign up for your newsletter. It also integrates with a variety of email marketing services, such as Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor, ConstantContact and more!

What we like: The sign-up configuration is easy for both users and admins.

User rating: 5 stars, 29 reviews

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Optimize your content for SEO to increase content performance


Good SEO can mean the difference between showing up on the web for browsers and being buried on the 25th page. With Yoast SEO, you can customize your search engine optimization and rank higher in search results.

What we like: Yoast is a very user-friendly plugin with a variety of seamless integrations.

User rating: 5 star, 27,058 reviews

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Tell the reader how much time it will take to read your post

Estimated reading time will help to improve your content results and engagement, and the Reading Time WP plugin lets you do that easily. A relatively new addition to the plugin marketplace, this simple plugin automatically adds the estimated time it takes to read your blog post.

What we like: The Reading Time WP plugin is an easy way to add a reading time line without having to add extra code.

User rating: 5 stars, 11 reviews

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Ensure valid sources by avoiding broken links

Never let another broken link ruin your visitor’s user experience with Broken Link Checker. This plugin monitors your blog and site for broken links and alerts you whenever it detects any.

What we like: With a premium subscription, you can set broken links to display or redirect to a predetermined page.

User rating: 4 stars, 375 reviews

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Use optimized images to engage your readers

Make sure your website is ADA-compliant and using the best SEO practices with the SEO Optimized Images plugin. This plugin dynamically inserts alt and title tags to your images.

What we like: This plugin is GDPR-compliant, and if you deactivate it, everything goes back to normal.

User rating: 4.5 stars, 23 reviews

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Easily create relevant CTAs within your content


We have a three-way-tie for how to create relevant CTAs for your content and boost traffic.

With Inline Related Posts, you can boost your onsite traffic and leads with related content. 

User rating: 4.5 stars, 45 reviews

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Blog2Social creates an integrated way to schedule and automatically share your posts to your social media platforms.

User rating: 4.5 stars, 786 reviews 

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Get new life from old or evergreen content with Revive Old Posts, a plugin that helps you to boost your onsite traffic and grow your social media following.

User rating: 4 stars, 390 reviews

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Prevent spam on your site

Reduce or eliminate the spam in your comment section and contact form submissions with Akismet Anti-Spam. This automated system helps to get rid of all the unwanted posts in your comments.

What we like: This plugin automatically filters messages it deems as spam and hides them, but you can still moderate them and reshow them if you think it isn’t spam content.

User rating: 4.5 stars, 849 reviews

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Protect your site from hacking while accelerating its speed

Jetpack is a two-fold plugin: Not only does it help guard against unauthorized logins, but it also creates site backups and helps to accelerate the load-time of your content for your users.

What we like: Jetpack creates automatic backups of your entire site, and in the event the site goes down, it will automatically revert to a backup so you stay live at all times.

User rating: 4 stars, 1,448

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Have a super secure site the easy way

The Really Simple SSL plugin configures your website so that it runs over https, keeping your site automatically as the safest option.

What we like: It’s a one-step process to switch your site from unsecured to secure.

User rating: 5 stars, 3,387 reviews

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