Content marketing continues to be a critical component for corporate growth, so education is key to making sure that you are using the best practices. Listed below are several industry resources. They provide great insight on everything you need to know about competitive content marketing industries, as well as how to beat the competition.

Industry blogs to follow:

Chief Martech
This company provides new content every week or two, and they focus on the broader Martech industry, such as trends, data, software and insights for industry leaders. You can subscribe to have it delivered to your inbox.

HubSpot blog
HubSpot does an excellent job of talking about inbound marketing. For inbound marketing to be successful, exquisite original content needs to be created to support it. Here, you will find tips, tricks and research. They have different blogs that cater specifically to sales, marketing and customer success. You can subscribe to learn more.

Content Marketing Institute
This website is hard core content marketing 24/7. If you want to go deep into the world of content marketing, this is the place you want to be. Select “email updates” from the top of the menu to have the latest research, suggestions and industry trends sent to your inbox.

Tempesta Media’s blog
We are always sharing the most cutting-edge trends to ensure success for our customers. We have numerous pieces that target different aspects of content marketing such as strategy, development, promotion and analytics.

EMarketer puts out a steady stream of research and industry statistics, including content marketing. When signing up for their newsletter, we recommend selecting eMarketer Daily.

More industry blogs to follow:

The articles you’ll find here are broader than just content marketing. They cover digital marketing. However, they have a strong following, and they frequently feature very relevant and salient content marketing insight. If you would like to get a broader understanding of how content marketing fits into the broader digital marketing space, look no further.

Content Marketing Land
Again, this is another broader website that covers content marketing within the context of digital marketing. You can also sign up for their newsletter to focus just on content marketing content (no pun intended).

This venerable publication has an entire section of their website focused solely on content marketing. The content featured here is really geared toward the SMB executive – our target audience.

The Drum

The name is thought by some to be an agency joke, but the content is serious and valuable. Keep in mind that the content written here is focused on ad agency executives. In terms of customer success, content found that supports recommendations you provided to the agency customers will resonate well. This site has name recognition for that audience.

Michael Marchese is the founder and CEO of Tempesta Media. He is responsible for corporate strategy, executive team leadership and overall business operations across all the company’s segments.

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