You most likely have heard of a site called if you’re looking to develop a marketing strategy centered around content and SEO. It’s a platform designed for bloggers, newcomers and experienced. The site’s simplicity is one of its major attractions for individuals and companies. You can open an account, and then start writing and publish right away. It’s that easy to use. Therefore, how Medium effects your SEO and content marketing must be addressed.

Medium allows companies to get their content out there, but the way it affects your SEO and content strategy leaves something to be desired. By default, it adds a rel=”nofollow” to every HTML, telling the search engine the source exists, but it’s not identified.

Even with that concern, Medium still has something to offer businesses. In the following segments, we’ll break down pros and cons to determine how valuable a marketing tool the site is.

Breaking down Medium was founded by Ev Williams, best known for Twitter. The site is set up is as a hybrid of social media platform/CMS/online community. As it grew, an increasing number of businesses have used it for their blogs and other content. But, just because other businesses use it doesn’t mean you should.

Advantages of blogging with Medium

  • Medium has a beautiful and professionally designed site, making it practical for businesses to use.
  • It has high credibility thanks to its structure and growth, meaning content on the site is trusted.
  • You can import from anywhere on the web where you have blog content.
  • Your audience can come from your other social media platforms, allowing for built-in followers.
  • Engagement is real and measurable thanks to the focus on reading time plus how many readers read to the end..

Disadvantages to blogging with Medium

  • To make it work for you, you must put in much time that could be spent elsewhere.
  • Keyword cannibalization can occur even with the rel=canonical tag applied.
  • Building an email list is difficult, and your only options are call-to-actions or in-line forms, a no-go for those focused on SEO.
  • Medium isn’t owned by you, so your company is subject to rule, site or terms of use changes can affect your strategy.
  • Lack of available backlinks, ability to expand an email list and other concerns means Medium offers no immediate SEO value.
  • Full use of the site requires a membership fee that is reasonable, but you’re still paying for something you don’t own.
  • You can’t post to your own site because all content must be original.

How Medium effects your SEO and content marketing

It is a big deal how Medium effects your SEO and content marketing. No doubt Medium has plenty of use for many businesses, especially if want to increase their audience quickly or need a content-heavy site with minimal web development. Medium may be right for you if you are just starting and need help.

If SEO mastery or full ownership of your entire content marketing distribution is your goal, Medium is not the right fit. When possible, it’s always better to keep ownership in your hands, not another company’s.

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