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Requesting content revisions from your content provider

As you and your writing team begin working together, the initial content you receive likely will need a round or two of revisions before it is exactly what you want. This revision process enables you to identify things you want to change. Below are recommendations on making the content revision process both effective and clear for all parties:

Using Microsoft Word’s track changes feature

When you review content, you can download a .doc or .pdf version that can be shared with other people in your company. Using Word’s Track Changes and Comment features in documents is a great way to provide feedback for revisions. After you’ve added your comments to the document, you can quickly and easily upload it to your platform interface.

Recommendations for making your writer collaboration productive and effective

  • Be as specific as possible about what you want changed. Instead of saying “I don’t like the beginning of the article,” say specifically what you don’t like. Example: “The first paragraph
    should include statistics about how common this problem is,” “Start off with an example of the problem that we are trying to solve,” or “Make the first paragraph more active.”
  • Be constructive in your criticism. If you think there is a better way to say something in the content, offer a suggestion or an example that will help the writer understand what you want.
  • If you feel the writer has missed the point of the content, take a look at your assignment. Were the instructions clear and did they include enough detail to put the writer on the right path? If not, be conscious of this in providing your feedback.
  • If the general tone of the content is the issue, say so. For example: If you feel the writer is attempting to be too humorous throughout the article, just say that. Don’t point out every example of the humorous content. A couple of examples will get your point across and save you time.
  • Remember that you are working with professional writers and editors who are trying to give you what you want. Show them the same respect and courtesy you would show your coworkers. Comments that come off as overly judgmental, nitpicking, insulting or even abusive can diminish a writer’s enthusiasm for writing for you and likely lead them to quit your team.

Blog writing service where everyone wins

Remember, there are only a finite number of writers qualified to write in your industry, and they are paid based on their performance. By providing courteous and specific feedback, you will be able to get the quality and quantity of content that you want and build a loyal content team.

Michael Marchese is the founder and CEO of Tempesta Media. He is responsible for corporate strategy, executive team leadership and overall business operations across all the company’s segments.

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