Why Tempesta Media?

Tempesta Media was designed to deliver great content, written by experts, with a fast turnaround time. It’s just that simple. The combination of our writer vetting process, Voice Profile and all-inclusive service will give you the tools to grow your business.

Writer Vetting

Tempesta Media’s writer vetting process is unparalleled in the industry, which drastically saves our partners time and reduces their overhead costs. Both Tempesta Media’s platform and human editors use multiple criteria to vet writers for writing quality and industry expertise. Our real-time, continuous editing ensures consistent content quality.

In fact, our writer vetting process is so effective that content revisions average less than 0.5 revisions per content piece across our entire network. With the combination our patented Voice Profile technology and advanced writer selection process, our writers are guaranteed to capture the voice of your brand, and deliver content that meets all of your company’s needs.

Voice Profile®

Tempesta Media’s Voice Profile® introduces the writer to your client’s voice by encapsulating all the nuances that make your client unique. Before the writer begins creating content, the Voice Profile® explains your client’s objective and vision. Writers use a Voice Profile® to learn how to write for your client quickly, which means you can get your hands on great content right away. 

All-inclusive service

We give agencies the complete capabilities of an in-house content marketing division, saving you up to 80 percent over alternatives. Our pricing model is straightforward and simple – which means the price per word includes: 

Our real-time, continuous editing ensures your content is turned around quickly, meets high-quality standards and matches your brand’s voice and identity. Content is turned around within 5-7 business days, giving you the chance to plan and scale your business. Order content, and our team takes care of the rest.