Content marketing is all about attracting more customers, so creating an excellent blog post means keeping your audience in mind at all times.

How can you create an exceptional blog post that strongly appeals to your target audience? Let’s discuss six key traits that make for a truly excellent blog post.

1. A catchy title and introduction

A well-written title and introduction should immediately capture the reader’s interest. Titles that include words indicating actionable advice (“How to,” “X tips for,” etc.) are usually more effective than flat statements. An above-average introduction should “hook” the reader, outline the scope of the article and lead into the main body of the post.

2. A logical flow

One of the biggest mistakes writers make is neglecting logical transitions from one paragraph to the next. In contrast, exceptional blog writers always present their information logically.

This may involve using transitional phrases like “consequently,” “as a result,” “similarly” and the like. The writer may also use transitional sentences to connect main points.

Actionable insights and recommendations3. Actionable insights/recommendations

Many (if not most) blog readers seek practical wisdom or advice they can apply to help them solve their problems, and an excellent blog post provides it. For example, how-to articles provide step-by-step instructions for accomplishing a task. By providing specific recommendations, readers find more immediate value in the information and therefore view the company as a contender to solve their future issues.

4. No fluff

The internet is swamped with blog posts that are heavy on fluff and light on substance. The best blog posts don’t contain filler words just to meet word count requirements. (For instance, “when all’s said and done” is a classic filler phrase.)

They also don’t make sweeping (and useless) generalizations. Exceptional writers are brief, to the point and specific.

5. Relevant and trustworthy sources

The best blog writers are willing to back up their assertions with solid data. This is especially important when they present controversial or counterintuitive ideas to their audience.

Some authoritative sources may include peer-reviewed journals, online encyclopedias, news outlets and research firms. Interestingly, 30% of marketers rate quality content as the top factor that enhances a blog’s credibility.

Exceptional blog writers are skilled at crafting brief and to-the-point conclusions6. A brief summary and a compelling call to action

The twofold purpose of a post’s conclusion is to (1) concisely summarize the article and (2) motivate the reader to action. Exceptional blog writers are skilled at crafting brief and to-the-point conclusions. They also add a compelling call to action (CTA) at the end of each post.

Bloggers should never assume readers already know what to do after they’ve finished the article. Great writers make the next step clear with straightforward CTAs like “Download the e-book now,” “Sign up for your free trial” or “Contact us today.”

In summary

When a blog post manifests the six traits discussed above, it attracts a high volume of visitors, motivates readers to take action and ultimately helps the business grow by converting customers.

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Anastasiia Lavrinenko is an enthusiastic team member of Tempesta Media. She brings extensive operations knowledge and experience. Certified in both HubSpot and Google Analytics, Anastasiia leads the company's corporate content marketing program.

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