Marketers now see B2B content, which markets a business to other businesses, as the generator of qualified leads and the way to increase sales. However, this B2B content strategy is not a one-size-fits-all model.

While B2B content marketing may have changed, the importance of using it to persuade remains important. Fortunately, the following tips will help you get the attention you need to positively impact your audience.

Tell stories

Some companies focus on telling it like it is. Others try to convince you with technical talk. These may seem like good ways to highlight your service or product, but they often fall flat.

A recent blog highlighted the importance of telling a good story when selling. While avoiding technical talk, your content should be clear and engaging. Provide a situation or challenge that people can relate to. Audiences will perk up when they hear “This happened to Company X and this is how they solved it” more than they will at a simpler statement like “My company is capable of solving your problem.”

Connect with real people, not just “buyers”

You’re not selling to robots. You’re pitching your service or product to a person. And people like to purchase from a company that they can trust. By telling a good story, your content should connect with your B2B customers and inspire them to trust your company.

content personalizationCustomize your content

Amid junk emails and other insignificant content, your contacts will appreciate personalized B2B messaging. Whether you include their name, mention their company, or tailor the content to their industry, customers like when you get to know them.

Of course, you can’t personalize every piece of content. If customers visit your website, the landing page probably won’t have their name or talk about their company, but it could highlight their industry, or you could mention various industries on your service or product pages.

Emails are much easier to personalize. You can autofill names and companies, highlight specific industries, and send emails to your contacts in those industries. Your clients will appreciate seeing their names and relevant content rather than information for a random industry that they aren’t involved with.

Another way to personalize your B2B content is by selling to the customer’s stage in the sales process. Are they a prospect? Have they closed a new deal with you? Is the project nearly completed?

For example, an email to ready-to-convert prospects could highlight the way you work with clients once the deal closes. For new customers, website content could emphasize your company’s guarantees and the services you provide once the project has been completed.

Remember to keep it simple

B2B content doesn’t have to be difficult. Telling great stories, relating to real people and customizing what you write will set you apart from the competition. For tips on content marketing, check out these articles on revenue from content marketing and 2021 content marketing trends.

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